Some People Need Their Head Given A Shake

When I mention and respond to the topic of ethanol in gasoline and how it affects engine performance they can only resort to short of calling me names and telling me how stupid my source is. The go so far as to refer to ethanol as what some informed vehicle owners us it to prevent gasoline from freezing. That in itself shows me that they do not know and are proud of it that the do not believe ethanol in the gasoline creates water and that is precisely why it freezes. I will not stop to show how to get the AMSOIL product options: P.I. and QuickShot at

Talk About Protection

When you see this video you will know why I do what I do & why –

Hot Weather Hard On Your Car

If you could see inside your car’s engine on a hot drive you would be surprised to see how petroleum oil boils off. Have a look at for information about synthetic automotive lubricants and why they are superior to petroleum based oils.

New & Improved

My “old” AMSOIL Dealer web site will be gone by the end of the year so here’s my new and improved URl – Here’s were you can initiate a U.S. or Canadian account and place your order that will be shipped to your address from the closest distribution center.

Free Shipping For U.S. Catalog Orders Over $100

FreeShipping_728x90When you go to you’ll see the AMSOIL Online Catalog to place pre-paid U.S. orders that are more than $100 that will shipped to your address w/ free shipping – this may change without notice.

Did You Know…

Did you know there’s an Amsoil distribution center in Anchorage Alaska? See to get your account and place your order. If you’re close to Anchorage you can pick up your order to save you shipping.

“Why Now?”

“Why Now?
Automakers are moving up to synthetics
Helps vehicles last longer
Saves time & money

Automakers are moving up to synthetics.

Modern engine technology is placing more burden on motor oils. Vehicle manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to provide fuel-efficient vehicles that produce fewer emissions than their predecessors. They employ a variety of techniques to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, and nearly all of them negatively impact motor oil. Engines are smaller, yet produce more power. They often rely on turbos or unique fuel injection systems that can increase the amount of contaminants introduced into the oil. Synthetic lubricants contend with these additional stresses better than conventional lubricants. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver the robust film strength, extreme-temperature protection and maximum fuel efficiency automakers are looking for.
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants help vehicles last longer.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils help engines run at peak efficiency. Their pure, uniform molecular structure results in maximum friction reduction and outstanding wear protection. Lubricated components move more freely and remain closer to like-new condition, longer.
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants save time and money.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants deliver outstanding protection and extended service life. Fewer oil changes to perform, less oil to buy and reduced overall maintenance costs.
Using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can help the environment.

Consider the savings on the environment if, for example, the 243 million cars (excluding trucks, buses and taxis) in the United States were equipped with AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil. If each vehicle has an oil capacity of five quarts, accumulates 15,000 miles annually and has the oil drained every 5,000 miles, practicing extended drain intervals with AMSOIL Signature Series would reduce the amount of oil used in the U.S. annually by over 2.4 billion quarts.

In addition, each year millions of gallons of motor oil are burned and exit through the tailpipes of cars and trucks, creating emissions pollution. Petroleum oils volatilize (burn off) more readily than AMSOIL synthetic oils and create more emissions pollution. The thicker oil left behind after volatilization contributes to damaging deposits, sticky piston rings and oil blow-by, all of which cause reduced engine life, reduced fuel economy and increased air pollution.”
For seeing more information to place an order and initiate an account, use for Canadian and U.S. prepaid orders.


“Setting high ethical standards
is key in business.
A lack of personal accountability can hurt you
personally and professionally.” How true!

This is at the top of an article from the Amsoil Magazine that arrives online just days ago.

and in my postal mail box once a month. Not that I need reminding but then maybe I do.  Such standards make sense when one realizes the reputation of forty years of science applied to synthetic automotive lubrication that is envied and copied to a degree by a host of petroleum based  engine oil manufacturers.  Information on synthetics for all types and sizes of vehicles and equipment can be seen at

New Amsoil Product

The latest addition to the Amsoil list products is Motorcycle Octane Boost. See for an account and placing the order.

“Do You Know The Importance Of Gear Oil?”

Today’s differentials are subject to severe operating
conditions, encountering more stress and heat than ever
before. Most pickup trucks, SUVs and vans operate in
severe service conditions including towing, hauling, steep hill
driving and frequent stop-and-go driving environments.
Gear oils are challenged to provide adequate wear while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Approximately 22 components make up the average high-quality, clean gear oil, yet differential maintenance gets over looked by motorists. While the first gear oil change should be done after the first few thousand mile break-in, most do not think to change the gear oil until failure occurs.
AMSOIL gear lubes are multi-functional and formulated for the
applications customers use every day.
Follow the vehicle owner’s manual recommendations for
initial (break-in) gear oil change. Thereafter, consult the
AMSOIL Product Recommendation and Drain Interval
Chart (G1490) for AMSOIL synthetic gear lube service life
in differentials.” For an account, place the order, product options and technical support and literature, use