“Do You Know The Importance Of Gear Oil?”

Today’s differentials are subject to severe operating
conditions, encountering more stress and heat than ever
before. Most pickup trucks, SUVs and vans operate in
severe service conditions including towing, hauling, steep hill
driving and frequent stop-and-go driving environments.
Gear oils are challenged to provide adequate wear while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Approximately 22 components make up the average high-quality, clean gear oil, yet differential maintenance gets over looked by motorists. While the first gear oil change should be done after the first few thousand mile break-in, most do not think to change the gear oil until failure occurs.
AMSOIL gear lubes are multi-functional and formulated for the
applications customers use every day.
Follow the vehicle owner’s manual recommendations for
initial (break-in) gear oil change. Thereafter, consult the
AMSOIL Product Recommendation and Drain Interval
Chart (G1490) for AMSOIL synthetic gear lube service life
in differentials.” For an account, place the order, product options and technical support and literature, use www.lubedealer.com/hiebert

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