Affiliate Marketer’s Lifestyle Plan.


It’s funny, but I had a slight hesitation using the word ‘free’ in my title above. Why?


I suppose because I am aware of SEO, aware of email delivery and the filtering of SPAM, and so on….

To the point where, it sometimes feels like technology is teaching us to be less and less human. After all, who doesn’t like a little something for free.




Affiliate Marketer’s Lifestyle – Free Download

Speaking of free, that’s just what you’ll get here, a bunch of free tools and resource for your online marketing, starting with your very own copy of Affiliate Marketer’s Lifestyle [subject to availability], a free report that briefly touches on an affiliate marketers typical day, and then goes on to provide some using tips you can action right away.

Now, the second bunch of free items consist of 3 tools, all of which you’ll find at the long time standing marketers choice for alternative advertising and revenue sharing – LeadsLeap!

Here’s how these tools will help you:

    1. PopupXpert: create your own popup opt-in forms and call to action cards, which you can assign to appear at different moments during a users visit.
    2. One-Time-Offer List Builder Script: this is an powerful tool, better than some paid for alternatives, it even has an autoresponder attached. Use OTO ListBuilder Script to create your own mini-marketing system. Where you can give away a free item, such as an ebook or report to visitors, in exchange for their email address. Meanwhile you can also offer them a one-time deal for signing up.
    3. The Real Tracker: here’s a question – Are you receiving real visitors to your website? Probably not? truth is, you don’t really know. Need I say more….

Okay Affiliate, that’s it for now – enjoy! comments disabled due to abuse