countless black and white stylings have left an indelible mark

Black and white tones have been an important part of fashion since then and continued into the elegant 1950s. Through the fashion magazines, Hollywood ICON, and fashion magazines like Vogue, countless black and white stylings equipment shirts sale uk have left an indelible mark on the history of fashion. .
Dior’s classic New Look shape after World War II presents a woman’s S-shape, but the designer chose the classic black and white hit color in the use of color, through the extreme lines in a calm atmosphere, completed the people after World War II The transition to fashion balances the inner demands and the actual conditions.
In the same period of 1961, the era focused on the youthful and bold colors, and people no longer worshiped such pure colors as black. But the hot films at that time saved the development trajectory of black, and among them was the masterpieces of Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy. The classic black-and-white color equipment shirt leopard matching was still a classic.

Don Juan really is an “Oreo” girl, the classic black and white colors often appear in her dress. Black-and-white striped skirt, false visual sense of layering makes simple skirts not simple. The black-and-white suit of the cascading effect stretches the visual beauty in a colliding form. Finally, we see the details of the embellishment is also a common method of black and white, black trousers with a white belt, layering is so clever, there is a black skirt hem black perspective processing, Tang Yan really demonstrated for us with black and white Cleverly dressed.

Dressing advice: Pay attention to the proportion of black and white colors used, different proportions will have different effects.
Liu Shishi’s black and white we saw the dress carefully, the black bow in the white dress, the skirt set off the white skin, and the black bow is dignified but lively.

Dress Tip: Clever accessories may also be a playful and cute item in black and white
Yang Mi demonstrated for us the two wearing modes of black and white, with black piping trims in the skirts, and obvious collisions of black and white, adjusting the proportions in the black and white appearance area, which is also the dress we can get.
Different from Yang Mi, there is also Reba. However, Reba has not only indulged in simple color matching, but has also embellished color flowers in fashion.
Dressing advice: Black and white is also a good choice, if you do not want to be monotonous, do something on the print, avoid using a large area.
In the end, even the classic goddess Zhang Ziyi and Shu Qi are black and white followers.
Ms. Chanel is undoubtedly an important promoter of black and white color in the history of modern fashion to return to the classics, in addition to the birth of a small black dress in 1926, and now the iconic variety of Chanel black and white suit, are also let her at the time of bright and unrestrained Unique iconic design in the background.


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