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May 22, 2017

Here are 3 Steps to Producing Content that Interests Your Customers

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Proweb365 just release new value aricle about 3 Steps to Producing Content that Interests Your Customers. As we are more and more internet-connected than ever before, anyone with a computer and content can become a publisher for a large audience. Since we now have many people publishing on a multitude of topics, the web’s content has grown exponentially over the years, making it harder for marketers to get their messages through to their intended audiences. Therefore, to stand out, one needs to approach content creation and marketing differently. In this article, I will explain 3 key steps to producing the type of content that will interest your audience, which in turn will increase your number of conversions.
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April 7, 2017

Here is 4 Ways that Magento can satisfy all your e-Commerce needs

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Hi There,

Developing an e-commerce business is a complex process for entrepreneurs. The platform you choose for your website is more than just a virtual dashboard to manage your online store. It’s also the visual presentation of your online business and the experience you provide to customers as they shop on your site. In this article, we’ll point out an open-source e-commerce platform that has been benefiting over 250,000 businesses to date and what made it the most popular platform for e-commerce stores.

The popular e-commerce platform we’re talking about here is Magento, first released in March 2008. Magento’s creators were sadly disappointed with existing e-commerce platforms which were way too technical and rigid for marketers. The two editions of Magento Community and Magento Enterprise allow the platform to serve businesses regardless of size and industry. By May 2015, Magento had solidly become the leading e-commerce platform with a total market share of 29.8% (25.3% for their Community Edition and 4.5% for the Enterprise Edition).

Though sharing the same base code with their free Community Edition, the Enterprise Edition sells for around $15,550 per year. This price surely comes with extra features, scalability and direct support from the Magento team. That’s how Burger King, Nestlé, Coca-Cola and many other multinational firms spend their money. But the amazing thing about Magento is that it also offers the Community Edition for free with thousands of extensions, thereby enabling most e-commerce websites to reach their full potential.

In the following commentary, we will explain the four major benefits you will receive with the free Magento Community Edition

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August 19, 2015

ProWeb365: 5 Clues For Finding An Exceptional Web Designer

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Today, there are many providers offering all kinds of cheap website designs to attract buyers. Those providers rely on volume to make up for the low quality products and lower prices, and their primary focus is on the number of transactions. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product or the end results of your website design, and you bring it up to them, you might receive any of these responses: “That’s only what we provide,” or “Our design program does not include those things,” or “If you want those features, there is an additional fee.” You get the point. In short, these providers are indirectly saying: “You get what you paid for,” and “Good luck with that!”

We can’t blame business owners for choosing such providers because most of them don’t understand the difference between professional website designs and the more sketchy designs. Plus, the low prices and technical promo jargons sound attractive and beneficial to an average consumer. That said, to help customers avoid this common mistake, here are the things you should look for in a qualified web design provider:

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June 26, 2015

ProWeb365: A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make

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Hey There,

As you may see, making a website mobile-friendly (or friendly for Google’s search engine) is extremely high on the priority list of businesses and organizations as they have their new websites designed. Google’s recent announcement strongly encourages all websites to become mobile-friendly, in order to maintain a strong position in Google search results. This sets a new standard for websites going forward. Why did Google do this? And what does this mean for business owners, and organization leaders, going forward? ProWeb365 just published an article that will explain why A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make.

The key factor to Google’s success is it delivers the highest relevancy in its search engine results. Since the beginning, high relevancy has been why people choose Google over other search engines. Over the years Google has updated their algorithm to continue to improve the relevancy of its search results.

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January 15, 2015

Mobile Web: How A Mobile-Responsive Website Can Lead to More Sales

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Today having a dedicated web presence is essential for nearly all organizations. Consumers are connected to the internet almost constantly (via smartphones, tablets, and laptops) and they expect instant access to information they want via search engines. People’s tendency to stay connected and get their information from mobile devices allows them to learn about products and services faster than ever before. This creates an opportunity for YOU.

What opportunity does this create for me?

We all know Google is the primary search tool people use online to find information about things they want to learn, and products and services they want to purchase. What’s becoming clearer over time though, is the fact that more and more people are using their mobile devices to get their information prior to making purchases. In order for your website to display properly on mobile devices – it must be built to be “mobile responsive” which means it will adjust to whatever device it’s being viewed on. Websites that are not yet mobile responsive will lose viewers as people give up on websites that are not user-friendly on their devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets.) A recent report by web analysis firm Netbiscuits, which took the opinions of 6,000 people in the US, UK, Brazil, China, and India, revealed that 96% of viewers abandoned websites due to poor experiences on their mobile devices. This statistic points out the big difference (and lost opportunity) between standard websites and mobile responsive ones, which some organizations are unaware of. As of today a large percentage of websites still run as standard websites (or non-mobile responsive). This means once you revamp your organization’s website to be mobile responsive, you are more likely to set yourself apart from your competitors, and give yourself an opportunity to gain market share.

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November 18, 2014

Five Ways Investing In Online Marketing Will Benefit Your Business

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Creating and running a business is never a simple operation, but one certain factor in ensuring a business’ success is making sure your target audience is aware of and understands who you are and what you do. Marketing is an important part of conveying this information. While marketing is traditionally thought of as a process that takes place through printed materials like newspaper advertisements or spots in a magazine spread, online marketing is quickly becoming both the most efficient and effective way to market a business today.

Though you might be hesitant to redirect your business’ marketing budget towards online endeavors, we’ve compiled a list of five reasons why investing in online marketing will benefit your business.

1. Convenience: Channeling your business resources towards a professional website creates a convenient experience for you and customer alike. Materials that are accessible online means your customer can access your business’ information and products at anytime and any location. Online resources allow your business to overcome the barriers created by physical distance from customers and the time restrictions of traditional business hours. Additional operating hours present an opportunity to boost your business’ revenue as well.

2. Flexibility: As opposed to marketing via print materials, Internet marketing allows you to analyze and adjust your marketing strategies in real time. By monitoring the successes or failures of certain approaches, you can adjust them instantaneously, without losing the money that would have been spent on reprinting physical materials. You also have increased autonomy over the schedule and use of your online marketing materials, unliked those that are printed in newspapers, magazines or that appear on television.

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September 23, 2014

ProWeb365: The Hazard You Hope Never Happens: Being Hacked. Here’s How To Avoid It

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In the last couple years many big companies’ and organizations’ systems have been hacked. Sometimes the companies don’t discover they’ve been hacked until months later. This shows that many companies and organizations do not have the systems-in-place and skill-sets to combat cyber criminals, which are always changing their techniques through new, quickly changing technologies. A CNNMoney analysis in May of this year reported that about half of all American adults’ personal information was compromised in the last twelve months due to data breaches at large companies and organizations. In August of 2014 alone, we’ve seen three more hacking victims; Community Health System, UPS, and J.P. Morgan. These ongoing events worry many people. To help you better protect yourself from being hacked personally, here are some things you should do when using the internet.

Always install anti-virus software on your computer. I recommend using a paid version instead of a free one. This investment is a fraction of the cost and time of having to clean your infected computer. Generally, free versions have less-frequent malware-signature updates than the paid versions do, which can open a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to hack you. Also, a paid version means you won’t have to deal with the constant and annoying pop-up offers for upgrades. There are number of quality anti-virus software options to choose from: Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, VIPRE, etc.

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July 24, 2014

5 Key Reasons Why E-Commerce is a Win-Win For Businesses and Consumers

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E-commerce may not replace physical stores any time soon, but there is no question that it is an increasingly popular trend for businesses to extend their offerings to stay visible and competitive. Online store improves the process of commercial transaction for both businesses and consumers in ways that cannot be matched by the physical shopping experience.

Below are just several of the key reasons why you should feel confident that investing in quality e-commerce web design is sure to pay off:

The most obvious benefit of e-commerce is geographic flexibility. E-commerce allows you to do business with customers from another country just as easily as with local customers. With a physical store, your clientele is limited to those within driving distance. And often, even when customers do live within driving distance, e-commerce will still be more attractive to those who would prefer not to spend the time or money required to make the trip. Also, your potential clientele is much larger on the Internet. The only barrier is attracting customers to your website. Hiring a good e-commerce web builder who can help you enhance your search engine visibility is the first step to removing this barrier.

Cost is another significant benefit of e-commerce. Not only is e-commerce less expensive than a physical store, but it’s cheaper for your customers, too. Saving money that would otherwise be spent on rent, utilities, employees, and other costs associated with maintaining a physical store means that you can afford to sell your products at a greater discount online than you ever could in a store. Your initial investment in designing an online store will soon be recovered by the money you will save and the increased sales you will earn from your larger clientele and 24/7 promotions. E-commerce is a win-win: Both more affordable and flexible for you and your customers.

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December 17, 2013

Proweb365: Why Custom Website Design Is a Wise Business Investment?

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Have you ever tailored your own suit to save a quick buck? No? That’s because you would be crazy to stitch up an article of clothing worth hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, not using a tailor at all would be just as irresponsible of a decision; that department store jacket with too-long arms and a saggy back will never look as sharp as one that is custom-fit. Just as that suit is how you present yourself in meetings with possible investors; your website is how you present your company and brand to the public. Designing a website without any experience or using a cookie-cutter template will never suffice for representing your business on the internet.

Professionals lay the foundation for your home, represent your business in legal matters, repair your car, and provide childcare for your family. Perhaps you have the ability to do these services for yourself, but you are simply too busy. Or maybe you lack the necessary skills, and you hire professionals to compensate for that. Either way, you rely on professional services to provide skills and expertise in the matters most important to you. Web design is no different from these services because only the professionals can provide the quality service necessary to properly brand your website.

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December 4, 2013

Why Website Marketing is a Better Investment than a Listing in Yellow pages

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The Yellow pages are often perceived as a classic method of marketing for businesses. The reference source for business listings seems easily accessible to customers and simple to use. This mindset has not ceased with the introduction of the Internet into business practices; various websites, such as and, function as

The Yellow pages are often perceived as a classic method of marketing for businesses. The reference source for business listings seems easily accessible to customers and simple to use. This mindset has not ceased with the introduction of the Internet into business practices; various websites, such as and, function as a digital version of the Yellow pages. However, it is naive to think that just listing your business there is enough to successfully market your business. It is equally important to focus on creating a strong online presence that successfully represents your business. By creating a customized, professional website for your business, you will have greater control over your business’ appearance and can create a much more informative and efficient experience for your customers.

If you are still having doubts about relocating your investments from yellow page marketing to your own website marketing, below are five more reasons to do so:

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