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June 26, 2015

ProWeb365: A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make

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Hey There,

As you may see, making a website mobile-friendly (or friendly for Google’s search engine) is extremely high on the priority list of businesses and organizations as they have their new websites designed. Google’s recent announcement strongly encourages all websites to become mobile-friendly, in order to maintain a strong position in Google search results. This sets a new standard for websites going forward. Why did Google do this? And what does this mean for business owners, and organization leaders, going forward? ProWeb365 just published an article that will explain why A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make.

The key factor to Google’s success is it delivers the highest relevancy in its search engine results. Since the beginning, high relevancy has been why people choose Google over other search engines. Over the years Google has updated their algorithm to continue to improve the relevancy of its search results.

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January 15, 2015

Mobile Web: How A Mobile-Responsive Website Can Lead to More Sales

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Today having a dedicated web presence is essential for nearly all organizations. Consumers are connected to the internet almost constantly (via smartphones, tablets, and laptops) and they expect instant access to information they want via search engines. People’s tendency to stay connected and get their information from mobile devices allows them to learn about products and services faster than ever before. This creates an opportunity for YOU.

What opportunity does this create for me?

We all know Google is the primary search tool people use online to find information about things they want to learn, and products and services they want to purchase. What’s becoming clearer over time though, is the fact that more and more people are using their mobile devices to get their information prior to making purchases. In order for your website to display properly on mobile devices – it must be built to be “mobile responsive” which means it will adjust to whatever device it’s being viewed on. Websites that are not yet mobile responsive will lose viewers as people give up on websites that are not user-friendly on their devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets.) A recent report by web analysis firm Netbiscuits, which took the opinions of 6,000 people in the US, UK, Brazil, China, and India, revealed that 96% of viewers abandoned websites due to poor experiences on their mobile devices. This statistic points out the big difference (and lost opportunity) between standard websites and mobile responsive ones, which some organizations are unaware of. As of today a large percentage of websites still run as standard websites (or non-mobile responsive). This means once you revamp your organization’s website to be mobile responsive, you are more likely to set yourself apart from your competitors, and give yourself an opportunity to gain market share.

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January 2, 2013

Mobile Web Design

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More and more people are beginning to use the internet from their mobile phone, and it is estimated by trade analysts that if smartphone transactions linger at their existing speed, then the number of users logging on to the internet from a phone will surpass the desktop internet users by 2015.

What is a Mobile Website?

It is a version of your website that fits nicely on any smart phone or tablet computer screen. It allows viewers to have a better experience with your website from anywhere, using their mobile devices. They can access your mobile website through the use of browser-based Internet services, or from their handheld mobile devices, connecting to a mobile network or other wireless network.

Though most smartphones can access the internet but the understanding they get is less than impeccable, as most websites just aren’t intended for mobile phones. By building a mobile-friendly site, you won’t just get entrée to more users; you’ll also get an enormous hike on your challengers.
Before you generate a mobile sites development website from a web development company it’s worth observing, as to why most websites are difficult to enter and use on a mobile.

Here are a few pointers that are worth noting-

Website size matters

There are some websites where the front page has lots and lots of posts of facts, which can be demanding to grasp and navigate, even on the best iPhone Apple. It’s huge in size, which, on a high speed broadband takes less than a second, but on a mobile, in a space with a deprived connection it can take minutes to transfer.

Preferably, you’ll want your mobile sites development website to be fast to access, be simple to navigate and be planned in a more mobile-friendly way.

Mobile site form plans

There are different plans that you can implement for building a mobile website from a web development company; start anew and build a totally new website, or familiarize your existing site for the mobile users. For most industries the previous option is best, it consents you to swim in the water, and if it works then you can travel to a site that has a mobile policy at its core.

The swiftest way to build a mobile site is to look at one of the many online mobile portal tools. These facilities permit you to form mobile sites in just a few minutes or a few hours.

The sites you shape are either generated from a collection of pre-defined mobile models, or they permit you to form new mobile models by using drag and drop functions.

Through most of the mobile portal building sites, you make a plain mobile site either by identifying the functions you want or, in some circumstances; you drag and drop the features you want on to a fake mobile screen.

The variety of functions accessible can be restricted – even though the Web Development Company designers are introducing new functions every time. But most consent you to build numerous pages and divisions, enhance feedback forms, generate links to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and have some kind of analytics to communicate to you as to where your consumers arose from.

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