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June 26, 2015

ProWeb365: A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make

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Hey There,

As you may see, making a website mobile-friendly (or friendly for Google’s search engine) is extremely high on the priority list of businesses and organizations as they have their new websites designed. Google’s recent announcement strongly encourages all websites to become mobile-friendly, in order to maintain a strong position in Google search results. This sets a new standard for websites going forward. Why did Google do this? And what does this mean for business owners, and organization leaders, going forward? ProWeb365 just published an article that will explain why A Mobile-Friendly Website May Be The Smartest Marketing Investment You Can Make.

The key factor to Google’s success is it delivers the highest relevancy in its search engine results. Since the beginning, high relevancy has been why people choose Google over other search engines. Over the years Google has updated their algorithm to continue to improve the relevancy of its search results.

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January 15, 2015

Mobile Web: How A Mobile-Responsive Website Can Lead to More Sales

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Today having a dedicated web presence is essential for nearly all organizations. Consumers are connected to the internet almost constantly (via smartphones, tablets, and laptops) and they expect instant access to information they want via search engines. People’s tendency to stay connected and get their information from mobile devices allows them to learn about products and services faster than ever before. This creates an opportunity for YOU.

What opportunity does this create for me?

We all know Google is the primary search tool people use online to find information about things they want to learn, and products and services they want to purchase. What’s becoming clearer over time though, is the fact that more and more people are using their mobile devices to get their information prior to making purchases. In order for your website to display properly on mobile devices – it must be built to be “mobile responsive” which means it will adjust to whatever device it’s being viewed on. Websites that are not yet mobile responsive will lose viewers as people give up on websites that are not user-friendly on their devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets.) A recent report by web analysis firm Netbiscuits, which took the opinions of 6,000 people in the US, UK, Brazil, China, and India, revealed that 96% of viewers abandoned websites due to poor experiences on their mobile devices. This statistic points out the big difference (and lost opportunity) between standard websites and mobile responsive ones, which some organizations are unaware of. As of today a large percentage of websites still run as standard websites (or non-mobile responsive). This means once you revamp your organization’s website to be mobile responsive, you are more likely to set yourself apart from your competitors, and give yourself an opportunity to gain market share.

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September 23, 2014

ProWeb365: The Hazard You Hope Never Happens: Being Hacked. Here’s How To Avoid It

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In the last couple years many big companies’ and organizations’ systems have been hacked. Sometimes the companies don’t discover they’ve been hacked until months later. This shows that many companies and organizations do not have the systems-in-place and skill-sets to combat cyber criminals, which are always changing their techniques through new, quickly changing technologies. A CNNMoney analysis in May of this year reported that about half of all American adults’ personal information was compromised in the last twelve months due to data breaches at large companies and organizations. In August of 2014 alone, we’ve seen three more hacking victims; Community Health System, UPS, and J.P. Morgan. These ongoing events worry many people. To help you better protect yourself from being hacked personally, here are some things you should do when using the internet.

Always install anti-virus software on your computer. I recommend using a paid version instead of a free one. This investment is a fraction of the cost and time of having to clean your infected computer. Generally, free versions have less-frequent malware-signature updates than the paid versions do, which can open a window of opportunity for cyber criminals to hack you. Also, a paid version means you won’t have to deal with the constant and annoying pop-up offers for upgrades. There are number of quality anti-virus software options to choose from: Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, VIPRE, etc.

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July 15, 2013

Why We Need Great Web Design Website

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Having a professionally designed website is only one of many factors that will have an impact on someone choosing to work with you rather than someone else, but it is without doubt one of the easiest that you can control in both the short and long term.

When it comes to having a website, great design matters. It matters for a number of reasons including the initial experience that a customer has when they discover you for the first time, but it also heavily impacts on your ability to convert visitors into customers when they first arrive on your site.

If you think about the most successful online businesses, two things that they all have in common are an intuitive website where using the site is simple and straightforward, and a strong identity. The moment you arrive on a website like Apple or Facebook, it’s immediately clear that you are on their site, and also exactly what you have to do in order to get what you want.

This is not an accident, it is just the fact that these companies have invested heavily in delivering an experience that their customers understand. A challenge for people entering the online world for the first time is recognising what customers expect and transforming that expectation into an experience.

This is where an experienced web designer can help your business more than anyone else. If you try and design your site yourself, then you will always assume too many things – you think you know your business and what it stands for, and you think you understand ideas like usability and the purchase journey for your customers, but actually, you only really understand your own interpretation of those things. A designer is able to think about your business more objectively, and be able to bring their own knowledge of how customers interact to you.

An external designer who can take an outside look at your business will ask the same questions about what to do next that a customer will, and this will inevitably lead to the right user interactions being considered as part of the design process.

When you first start working with a designer, you should be able to articulate exactly what you want customers to do on your site, and then they will be able to bring their thoughts to play and consult with you about what these objectives need in terms of site functionality.

The best web design is one which is so simple and straightforward that anyone can instantly understand it.


June 19, 2013

Important Features For Ecommerce Website Design

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The right ecommerce website design is essential to the success of your venture because this is your primary medium for communicating with your clients. This is still a relatively new field and you might not know what features your site ought to have. Your objective should be to get users to come back regularly and do a transaction most of the times. The following ecommerce website design tips will help you ensure that you are successful:

1. Filtering: Customers don’t like having to go through pages that list out all your products. If you offer them the ability to filter out specific product categories then they can narrow down their search easily and complete the transaction quickly. Customers generally prefer to sort products according to price, size, popularity etc. Search feature, preferably with auto-complete, will make it easier for customers to use your site.

2. Product details: Customers get very irritated when they can’t find sufficient information on products. Detailed product information gives customers the confidence to buy from your website since they feel that they won’t make a mistake this way.

3. Simple checkout: Ask only the information that you really need. If you ask people too much information as part of the checkout process then they might just press the back button. People using hand held devices to access your site will find it particularly difficult to fill out lots of forms. Also, the form should be easy to understand. You should also place a shopping cart on every page in a very prominent location.

4. Contact details: Customers like to know that they can contact you in case they ever need it. The need to contact a company rarely arises but you will benefit by giving your customers what they want. Also, your website will look very trustworthy if you give a phone number and a postal address.

5. Complete security: Customers need to know that their financial data will not be stolen if they make a transaction on your site. If your site is secure then you should display the necessary trust signs on your site. Be sure that your customers will be looking for them.

Make sure that your website is made with a great deal of care so that it enables you to do plenty of business. Apart from having the best possible ecommerce website design, you also should ensure that your site is hosted on a reliable server and is easily available at all times.


May 28, 2013

The Right Approaches to Sell Mobile Website

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Creative mobile websites is a best way to make money.  With more than 220 million US people using mobile devices, businesses need a mobile friendly site to stay competitive. It has made the approaches for firms to reach potential audience and generate traffic. Aside from building a platform where people are able to discover services and products they want, some marketers are searching into the feasibility of selling mobile friendly websites to customers. The mobile website reseller programs offered by lots of companies make it easy to sell mobile website services, expand your customer’s base and generate revenue today.

There are many Mobile Website Builder Companies in the market, providing mobile website development services. They offer the most mobile website design flexibility because it is a real Mobile Content Management System (CMS) solution.  It is simple to use like the other firms but with good control for web developers.  They also have the most ductility in working with mobile website builder resellers because multiple program offerings.  With each option you can sell mobile website services and impress audiences with highly navigational and functional sites.

Although you are new to mobile technology, you will not have a hard time convincing people to get handset device. Handset is such a hot topic today that gets the interest of all. With the dispersion of the latest I-phones models and the growth in mobile internet usage, companies set their views on mobile as an efficient medium to communicate to mobile users and promote services and products. Here are techniques to get the confabulation going:

Be knowledgeable and apprised position yourself as a professional in mobile web solutions by discussing products like mobile sites to prospects. Educate your audiences with the avails of having a mobile online portal. Explain its difference to a conventional website and the entire schemes in terms of mobile user experience. Being apprised in this point creates a need for firms to turn to you for their mobile web solutions. You can talk about it on social networking websites to avail more followers. Aside from this, you can send marketing messages to a list of customers through SMS or email.
One method to sell mobile websites is to have one of your customers to look at. It’ll help you show to interested parties the significance of going mobile device and how they can reach the boosting mobile users. For those companies that have yet to get a mobile web platform, your mobile friendly online portal is the best instance of one that looks perfect on a handset device.

Provide a service of creating mobile websites to customers. Not everyone has the time to build mobile friendly website and knows the insides and outsides of the operation. Present your skills in website development as another service offering. The mobile world has indeed provided infinite opportunities. It has given more opportunity to boost their revenues and generate traffic while paving the way for the success of other people on the internet. It all starts with creating a single mobile site to building more for other firms.


For Minneapolis mobile web design, please call: 612-590-8080

March 18, 2013

6 Mistakes People Often Make When Choosing a Web Designer

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Many web design service providers have popped up in the last five years. In some ways, this has made it tougher for people to find high-quality, experienced web designers. You’ll find many different styles, skills, prices, and abilities among web designers. In order to get a professional website developed and designed for your organization, you should seek one with a solid, proven track record to take on your project. Here are 6 things you should avoid when selecting a web design firm for your project:

  1. Choosing a web designer who is still using old HTML code to build websites: Today, in order for your website show up uniformly on newer versions of internet browsers, computer operating systems, and mobile devices; your website needs to be built with the most up-to-date coding; HTML5 or newer. It would be a major pain in the neck (and wallet) to have to re-design your website after you’ve worked hard to develop a new site with a designer who uses outdated code.
  2. Choosing a web designer who suggests using a lot of flash content on your site: Since Apple computers and mobile devices do not support Flash, your Flash website will not display fully when Apple users pull up your website on their devices. It is un-wise for any web designers to suggest using significant amounts of Flash on client’s websites.
  3. Using a template for your website: Most of us have tried our best to come up with a unique name for our organization to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. So it makes sense to do the same, and create a unique website to establish your online web presence. It is not a wise move to choose a website template, which has been duplicated and re-sold thousands of times online, as your organization’s online identity.
  4. Use your cousin’s friend, or your friend’s cousin, to design your site: I have encountered a number of clients who started out their web design project with someone they knew personally or through family. Usually the idea is that working with someone you know will save you money. This situation often ends up with a half-baked website that doesn’t meet the client’s expectations, or the project drags on for way too long. I am a big believer in the power of referrals, but you should research carefully to make sure you hire a web designer who can handle your project. Research includes viewing the designer’s work portfolio, reading their past clients’ testimonials, and reviewing their web design prices. Referrals are great, but you need to do your homework to pick out a qualified website designer.
  5. Choose the cheapest web designer to design your site: If you are looking for website designers that can meet your expectations, do not let price be the only criteria in your selection process, no matter how tight your budget is. It’d be better for you to work out some kind of re-payment plan with a qualified web designer or wait until you can save up enough money to design your site. Paying money for a poorly designed and developed site will cost you more time, and money, in the long run. When a designer says that he will take on your project for 1/5 the price of other web design quotes from other web design companies, you should question whether that designer really knows what kind of project they are getting into.
  6. Choose a web designer who does not have a service agreement contract in place: Quite often new clients come to me frustrated because their previous designer told them that they do not own the domain and/or the website which they had paid for a number of years ago when they hired their previous web designer to set everything up for them. When that designer built the website and registered the domain for the client in the beginning, there was no service agreement contract in place that stated that the client owns these properties. Now, when the client decides to leave, the designer claims that the client merely rented everything from the designer, and that client does not own anything. You can avoid this by always asking whether your prospective web designer has a service agreement contract in place for you, as a client. Most importantly, ask him/her if anywhere in the contract states that you own a copyright of your website design and your selected website domain name. Only when you have a copy of the signed contract in your hands should you go forward with the project.

There are other “red flags” you should watch out for when choosing a web designer, but above are 6 major and common mistakes to avoid. For more information on what makes a website a “professional grade” website, please go to

March 11, 2013

How to Customize and Manage Your E-commerce Website for Maximum Results

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Since your E-commerce website is the first way customers will learn about your business, you should customize it intelligently to capture viewers’ attention, and persuade them to buy or refer your products to their family and friends (either through email or social media). When “potential customers” land on your website, within 60 seconds they should know what you sell, and why they should buy it from you. To achieve this, you’ll definitely want a professional web design firm to custom build your E-commerce website based on both your products and services, and your business’ needs, at every level. From the look of your site to how it functions, your website should provide a positive, user-friendly experience. No one likes websites that are unattractive or are hard to use, and not only that; people’s attention spans and patience are short as they browse websites.

Besides people, search engine spiders are also a key audience for you online. In order to crawl and index your website (periodically), search engine spiders need to be able to read your website easily. This is one more reason why it’s very important that you have a professional web designer custom build your website, with clean code that allows spiders to crawl your site thoroughly. A poorly designed and coded website can be a revenue killer for an E-commerce business.

Even if “potential customers” are impressed with your website the first time they visit, your job does not end there. You have to create a smart navigation structure, (especially on your HOME page) to entice customers to delve deeply into your product’s detail pages. This means your product’s detail pages should be set up to both showcase your products attractively, and to position related or complementary products nearby as well. This allows you to easily up-sell your products. It’s important to make your potential sales pages both very easy to navigate, and information-rich, so they provide any information customers might want to know about your products, quickly.

Today, many E-commerce businesses often mistake “leads” for “sales” which leads to lost potential revenue. Your site should be designed to take your “potential leads” all the way to your product-detail-pages and keep them there. Smart marketing messages and promotions can entice your “potential leads” to purchase, and prominent “call-to-action” buttons (“buy now” buttons) can help you convert sales more quickly. Most importantly, make it as simple and painless as possible for potential customers to pay you online. Your end goal is, of course, to turn as many leads, into direct sales, and these details are all important to reach that goal.

To provide a better experience on your E-Commerce website and to increase revenue, you should learn as much as you can about your customers. From their demographics, to where they were just prior to landing on your site, to how they behave on your site. This information will provide insightful feedback to help you tailor your website layout, functions and products to your customers’ needs. Here are two tools you can use to gain insightful knowledge about your customers:

1) Google Analytics:  This is a powerful tool that not only allows you to measure your site’s traffic, it also lets you know where each of your visitors came from. This will help you to better market your business to customers based on their location, culture, or even language. Google Analytics is a free tool and provides many insightful reports.

2) CrazyEgg. This tool allows you to see how customers behave on your website. CrazyEgg’s “Heat-Map” reports show which page or section of a page customers visited and where they clicked on your site. It also shows which sites your visitors came from such as Facebook, Twitter,,,, etc. These reports can help inform your decisions on how to layout your webpages to best meet your customers’ needs. It also helps you decide which websites you may want to invest more in, based on who brings the most referral traffic to your site. CrazyEgg is a paid tool, but for only about $9 per month, it is well worth all the feedback you’ll get on how customers behave on your site.

To effectively market your business to customers online, and to successfully convert new leads to sales, these are critical steps to take while developing and establishing your E-commerce website. If you need professional assistance to get started or want to learn more about our E-commerce web design prices, contact our Minneapolis web design firm at: (612) 590-8080.

January 2, 2013

Mobile Web Design

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More and more people are beginning to use the internet from their mobile phone, and it is estimated by trade analysts that if smartphone transactions linger at their existing speed, then the number of users logging on to the internet from a phone will surpass the desktop internet users by 2015.

What is a Mobile Website?

It is a version of your website that fits nicely on any smart phone or tablet computer screen. It allows viewers to have a better experience with your website from anywhere, using their mobile devices. They can access your mobile website through the use of browser-based Internet services, or from their handheld mobile devices, connecting to a mobile network or other wireless network.

Though most smartphones can access the internet but the understanding they get is less than impeccable, as most websites just aren’t intended for mobile phones. By building a mobile-friendly site, you won’t just get entrée to more users; you’ll also get an enormous hike on your challengers.
Before you generate a mobile sites development website from a web development company it’s worth observing, as to why most websites are difficult to enter and use on a mobile.

Here are a few pointers that are worth noting-

Website size matters

There are some websites where the front page has lots and lots of posts of facts, which can be demanding to grasp and navigate, even on the best iPhone Apple. It’s huge in size, which, on a high speed broadband takes less than a second, but on a mobile, in a space with a deprived connection it can take minutes to transfer.

Preferably, you’ll want your mobile sites development website to be fast to access, be simple to navigate and be planned in a more mobile-friendly way.

Mobile site form plans

There are different plans that you can implement for building a mobile website from a web development company; start anew and build a totally new website, or familiarize your existing site for the mobile users. For most industries the previous option is best, it consents you to swim in the water, and if it works then you can travel to a site that has a mobile policy at its core.

The swiftest way to build a mobile site is to look at one of the many online mobile portal tools. These facilities permit you to form mobile sites in just a few minutes or a few hours.

The sites you shape are either generated from a collection of pre-defined mobile models, or they permit you to form new mobile models by using drag and drop functions.

Through most of the mobile portal building sites, you make a plain mobile site either by identifying the functions you want or, in some circumstances; you drag and drop the features you want on to a fake mobile screen.

The variety of functions accessible can be restricted – even though the Web Development Company designers are introducing new functions every time. But most consent you to build numerous pages and divisions, enhance feedback forms, generate links to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and have some kind of analytics to communicate to you as to where your consumers arose from.

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December 24, 2012

Twin Cities Web Design

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ProWeb365 provides custom web design at reasonable prices and is always up-front about our affordable web design services. We list our web design costs right on our website, so you can do price comparisons Online. Our Minnesota web design firm custom builds professional websites – including Ecommerce, Blog, and Mobile Websites – that are easy to self-update and manage, with integrated content management systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and WordPress.

We can help place your business website on the most important real estate on the Internet: Google’s page-one. Contact our Minneapolis internet marketing company at 612-590-8080 and let us prepare your website for Online marketing success. ProWeb365 is a results & relationship-driven company. We only bill you for results that we successfully deliver. Our Minneapolis web design firm provides the most reliable and professional web services, and strives to go above and beyond your expectations.

As leading Minnesota web designers and Online marketers, we take a different approach in the web development process to transform your business vision into an effective online marketing website. We focus first on your needs by listening and learning about your business and targeted customers before recommending any ideas for your website designs.

Once our team clearly understands your business needs, we will identify key strategies to present your products and services most effectively to Online visitors. Many clients find our approach helpful because the more we understand about their businesses and targeted customers, the better we can create effective websites tailored to their specific types of services and customers. Overall, our Minneapolis web design team can create a unique website to help your business stands out professionally Online.

Today, consumers move quickly between tasks; anything that runs slowly, loads slowly or works slowly will lose their interest in seconds. Thus, a great website design is one that looks professional, loads fast, displays consistently on different web browsers (Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari), and communicates effectively and efficiently. Within 60 seconds of landing on your website, any visitor should be able to understand what products/services you are providing; otherwise, they may lose interest and leave your site. If your current website doesn’t have the attributes mentioned above, you should give our Twin Cities web design company a call at 612-590-8080; we will re-vamp your website to help you gain, retain, and convert new visitors into customers.

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