One Year No Beer

it’s created and presented by two guys who couldn’t have had a bigger challenge with those cultural beliefs, as they both work a busy world, where like many, they do a lot of entertaining and that usually involved alcohol.
What they discovered began as a personal goal, has transformed into an entire new area of study for one of the team and lead to a new challenge that’s sweeping across the globe.
10,000 people in 80 countries have now joined the One Year No Beer community and don’t let the name fool you. The ladies who drank wine love it too!
Both of the guys turned the new found free time into action. Both took on physical challenges and lost weight, got fit and added muscle.
Some of the OYNB community join for the 30 day challenge and carry on to 60 days or more …
Andy is now 2 years into his AF (alcohol free) journey and 3 stone lighter!
It’s a fun, vibrant, non judgemental world and the download offers a bunch of proven hacks to help you set and succeed in your own goal to put alcohol in it’s place. Jump over and download the guide, you’ll find it makes a lot of difference to how you feel about getting your new year fitness routine started with confidence!

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