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Personal branding is the process by which people and their careers are marked as brands. It has been noted that despite previous efforts of individuals in a management technique is about self-improvement, the success of the concept of branding someone not derived from self packaging. Next up is defined as the creation of assets related to a particular person or individual; It is not restricted on the body, clothes, appearance and knowledge contained in it, which causes the indelible impression that unique and distinguishable. The term was allegedly first used and discussed by Tom Peter in 1997.
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Choose The Title Of The Article Blog

The title of the article can be likened to a name that represents a writing system. The title became the representative of the topic that is being discussed at once as a visitor attraction blogs angler that is willing to take the time to read your writing. According to the UNITED STATES in the book Sumadiria Haris wrote an article and Editorial, Bandung, Simbiosa Solusi Rekatama Media, 2004, good article titles must meet the 7 conditions. You can develop the thinking trees according to the character of your blog. 7 it is:
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Source Of Article Ideas

What is the idea? The idea is everything crossed pikirtan. Its shape can be concrete or abstract. Can be pictures, colors, words, sentences, animals, plants, symbol, symbol and others. The name alone, he will not be collected before the form of writing that is able to grasp the reader. The idea is what will bring You to the spirit of the writing. First, we discuss the source of the idea. For a bloggers, there is no story or idea drought out of the subject. The idea there is always around you. In every place that You lived on stored potential ideas that are awaiting execution. Smart living-pintarnya you dig the process of creativity themselves.
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Various Motivations to write Blog articles

While reading the article a couple of blogs, you certainly feel the atmosphere. Language gaulnya the heck there is such an aura so certain.  There is an aura of the contest, the aura of selling, media struggles, the narcissistic and so on.  To be sure, dont have the Aura of love (as he had before pursued fleeing journalists infotainment).  This is a reasonable thing given the motivation of every blogger is different. Even on the same blog one can change motivation at different times.  This is my maklumi as the dynamics of blogging is growing. Anyway, nothing is static in the blogging world. Ergantung changes the situation, conditions and seasons are a growing trend in the visible blogosphere.  What’s the motivation?
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Every Blogger Is An Artist

How are you friend blogger? Introduce my name is Ahmad Sarbudi a private employee resides in the village of Tanjung Beringin Weekend District of Serdang Bedagai North Sumatra. I find You in this article are Just a fad to channel a little bit of knowledge I know about how to be a Seleblogger.  Perhaps the first question arises in our minds is: is there an artist blogger in the universe of the world blogger?

Perhaps the term is still limited to the discourse of some people who want to spot on the internet or it has been present in real life like a soap opera actress who became a public spotlight.  Then, every online activity was under the impression for most people. Even just update inline sentences on Twitter all of a sudden give rise to varied response.
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