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Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started making money online – or online marketing as we call it; it’s simple, you don’t need a website, hosting, autoresponder or much in the way of technical skills.

But it has a few big disadvantages; ultimately you’re doing more for the program owner than for yourself. You’re building their list, you’re branding them and their program. Of course they pay you – but to them it’s a small price to pay.

We believe you should develop your skills steadily from the time you start online marketing and we wouldn’t disagree with affiliate marketing being a great way to get started.

Ultimately, though you might not believe this yet, you’ll probably create your own product in some shape or form. Don’t believe us? If you stick to the path and become successful making money online, you’ll be way more successful still once you write your own ebook or develop your own course or website. Then you’ll have affiliates promoting for you!

Affiliate Funnel bridges that seemingly vast void between affiliate marketing and having other affiliates promoting your product.

We’ll teach you how to build your own list, not someone else’s – and once you do that, you have your own asset with real value.

We’ll teach you how to brand you more than the products you’re promoting. Yes you’ll still most likely be promoting affiliate products – but you’ll be doing it in a much smarter way than regular affiliate marketing.

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