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The Slight Edge

The Secret Key to Getting Everything You Want In Life!

When you were a tiny, little child, you made your way around the world on your hands and knees crawling. Everyone around you was walking and one day you got it into your head to give that a try.
So, little by little, you worked on developing the skills you needed to walk. You grabbed on to something above you and pulled yourself upright. You stood up, holding on to a table or chair or big stuffed animal. Wobbly and unsure, you let go, fell down, and tried again and again, until you stood up all by yourself.

Then, you took a step.
The older people you watched took one step after another: right foot, left foot, right foot, left …but you managed only one step-and you crashed. After days of side-stepping around the coffee table, awkwardly bringing one little foot
out from behind the other while you held on to Mom’s or Dad’s fingers, you eventually took your first couple of steps… all alone…all by yourself…and (hopefully) to the cheers and applause of your family.
Baby steps. One at a time. And you were WALKING!
IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING HOW TO WALK, you probably spent more time failing than you did succeeding. But did you ever have the thought of quitting? Did you ever tell yourself, “I’m not cut out for walking-guess I’ll crawl for the rest of my life?”

No, of course you didn’t. So, why do you do that now?
What’s different today with any goal you want and desire you have for accomplishing anything? When did you lose the ability to make a goal, go for it, and get it? How come you don’t do what you did when you were one or two years old?

The answer is alarming, yet simple:
Somewhere along the way in your life, you became unwilling to take baby steps. You lost faith in the universal truth that the simple little disciplines done again and again over time would move the mightiest mountains.
Shakespeare said “to climb steep hills requires slow pace at first,” but now you put your trust in achieving breakthroughs…making quantum leaps …instant this, instant that…hitting the lottery. You began a habit of settling for less, just because more was so far out of your reach. You forgot about the most proven, powerful success philosophy on Earth – “The Slight Edge.”

Who can forget that moving moment of triumph in the ’94 Olympics when American speed-skater Dan Jansen at last overcame years of discouragement, disappointment, and frustration to finally win the gold medal in the 1000 meters, setting a world record of one minute, 12.43 seconds?
Do you know by how much of a margin Jansen won? Do you know what the difference was between the winning world record gold medal and the virtual oblivion of second place?

Twenty-nine hundredths of a second! That’s a very Slight Edge!
No matter where you look, no matter in what area of accomplishment, life, work, or playthe difference between winning and losing, between going down in the record books as first and best…or not at all-the gap that separates success and failure is always measured as … THE SLIGHT EDGE.
And the best news of all is that it’s not just the winning goal that’s THE SLIGHT EDGE.

How To Earn Commission From Traffic Exchange Programs

Building downlines in traffic exchange programs is easy but earning commission is another thing. For several years I ‘ve built downlines in the hundreds but getting them to upgrade or buy credits was next to impossible. I just couldn’t figure it out, I mean I was doing almost everything the other guy was doing, ya know? clicking for hours from one traffic exchange to another week after week, buying credits here and there but I was getting absolutely nowhere.

The last three months have been quite an eye opener, seems silly I know, but is it that hard to earn commission from traffic exchange? for me it was anyway. I knew that some people were earning some healthy commission every month from these traffic exchange and I wanted to learn too.

Here are a several tips that I’ve learned during my journey on how to earn commission from traffic exchange programs.

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Business Plan Explained

Step 1: Get something of definite value
Internet domain names are huge business. Good preregistered .COM domains can sell for $1000’s and $100,000’s USD. You think BS? Check this CNN article for example if you don’t believe me.

Yes, it takes lot of experience and some luck to make that kind or profit, you are not going to make this kind of money right away, or probably ever, and it is not promised here.

However, registering new available domain name normally cost $8-$10 depending on the provider (registrar), so there is a intrinsic minimum value of $8-$10 for every new domain name, while good domains are worth much more to prospective buyers. How much depends on how many people would want to have it, i.e. how “generic” (in terms of “can be used for many things”) the domain name is (see “Choosing winning domain names” section of this guide for further details).

From domain flipping for profit perspective, registering domain names at a regular price is a risk, since you have to find buyer to sell it to for at least $8-$10 just to break even. Thus, step 2.

Step 2: Get it for FREE (no investment = no risk, all profit!)
Because we don’t want to take any risk related to preregistering the domain names for sale, we will be registering our domains for free. What is the catch? It is limited per customer offer – you can only get up to 3 (or up to 6 if you reside in US or Canada) domains absolutely free with no any other purchase needed. If it was not limited, I would rather use it thousands of times myself and keep it as secret as possible instead of sharing it here and building competition. But since I can’t use it over and over I see no harm in sharing it.

Step 3: Sell it in the market where the interested buyers are
Once registered, you can advertise your domain for sale (for FREE) either on:

  • Sedo – no listing fees, minimum selling price $60, paying 10% commission on completed sale, no PayPal fees to receive the payment.
  • eBay – no minimum selling price (you can start your auction as low as $0.01 and see how far it will bid up, or list it at fixed price, or with higher starting bid), you can list up to 50 domains per month for free, 10% commission on sale + 3% PayPal fees to receive the payment.

When you park your domains for sale at Sedo, they will also put text advertising on them, so you will receive commission for any clicks generated by visitors. At times these commissions can be so lucrative (for hight traffic domains with good paying keywords), you might want to keep the domain to yourself, purely for parking profits, but usually selling it is the primary goal.

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Search Engine Optimization

For your website to be picked up by Search Engines, it needs to be keyword rich. Your content needs to be unique and related to the subject that your website represents. It will need to contain keywords or the words that someone will use when they do a search to find the products or services you are offering. It is very important that you do proper keyword research that relates to your website and it is also recommended not to use more than 5 keywords in your meta tags.

One good way of getting higher rankings is to write articles about the product or service that your website is promoting. The content of the articles should also be keyword rich and relate to your website. Then you can post these articles in Article Submission sites with a link back to your website.

Sign up for forums and online communities to also increase your traffic for higher rankings. There you can place a link for your website that will promote your product or services.

You can also submit your websites by using SEO submitters. They also have free and ones you will need to pay for. This type of submission usually takes anywhere from 30 to 120 days depending on the service.

Directory Submitters can be used in which websites get listed, so the search engine gives importance to those directories. There are free and paid directories. Free directories are made to exchange links. Remember that too many links on your webpages, may reduce the page rank on search engine results. In paid directory,you have to pay to make link submission in a directory. For this the page rank is high and there is more traffic for that directory.

Marketing Tools and Tips

Marketing Tools are an essential part of being successful on the internet. The bottom line of making money online is that you will need these specific tools to run and manage your business more successfully.

Just What Are Marketing Tools?
Tools like a built-in auto-responder system, ad and link trackers, capture pages, url rotators, email campaigns, contact manager. This is just a short list of what is available.

How Do You Use Or Apply Them?
Capture Pages purpose is to get the name and email address of someone who is interested in what you have to sale or offer. You then can use this information in your auto-responder program.

In this, the capture page will have the product or service that you are offering along with the opt-in form. On this form you can request what information that you think that you will need. Such as, email address, name, phone number, etc.

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New Era In Internet Marketing

I found a new way in internet marketing.

If you want results, you need to go back and see the kinds of advertising from the past, then look at the new way, today’s advertising system, and in turn,you will see something different.

I like many before have had some rough times in trying to market and even advertise in this industry, still today. It was because of the going back and looking forward that I became successful in the marketing business. I have gained the knowledge from seeing my own mistakes that pulled me along the way.

It is not how you market, it is what you market and the way you market. You don’t need to use colorful words or even those words that say, “ATTENTION, WARNING, STOP”, with all those exclamation marks behind them. What you need is to show people something that is real, without all the hype behind what it is you have to offer. It must be real with no BS in the mix.

Honesty is always the best policy in everything you do. By keeping honest with yourself it is easy to be honest with others.

While one may become successful, making money by doing what ever it is that they do, you will become highly successful if you share with others and not keep your success to yourself. You need to show people how you became what you are today. Give others the knowledge that you have to help them become successful.

I have what it takes to help you in all your everyday life’s activities, weather it be personal to what I love to do best, which is advertise and market.

Should you like to know more and wish to trust and follow me into success, you may reply or post a comment to this article.

Upside Down Social Networking

There are many ways to make money from the internet. You can get paid to tweet, promote information, learn PPC & CPA marketing or even learn the finer points of email marketing. And don’t forget you can also work at creating teams of distribution representatives for products that others own. Legitimately if you learn how to market any of these methods, you can make an awesome supplemental income or full time one from the comfort of your home.

I’ve done all of those methods to make a living from my pajamas. Working from home certainly has its perks! However, when you work from home for a long period of time, it can get lonely. I’m the kind of person who needs human interaction. It was okay to chat online with ‘internet friends’ but after awhile I began to feel like a hermit; like I had morphed into a caricature of a nerd. So, I abandoned Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and Flickr for awhile and navigated out into the real world per se.

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