Marketing Tools and Tips

Marketing Tools are an essential part of being successful on the internet. The bottom line of making money online is that you will need these specific tools to run and manage your business more successfully.

Just What Are Marketing Tools?
Tools like a built-in auto-responder system, ad and link trackers, capture pages, url rotators, email campaigns, contact manager. This is just a short list of what is available.

How Do You Use Or Apply Them?
Capture Pages purpose is to get the name and email address of someone who is interested in what you have to sale or offer. You then can use this information in your auto-responder program.

In this, the capture page will have the product or service that you are offering along with the opt-in form. On this form you can request what information that you think that you will need. Such as, email address, name, phone number, etc.

Auto-responders purpose is to send out your email messages. First you will need to determine what kind of information you want to promote. This could be done by finding your niche or use an affiliate program, just as a few examples. Then you will need to go into your auto-responder program and enter your email messages. Of course, in the messages, you will have your offer and a link. Add as much information as needed, but not recommended to over do it.

As you enter your messages, you can then go ahead and set up what frequency you want to have the messages sent out. Usually you will set them up to go out a day or so apart or whatever time frame you feel that you want your subscribers to receive them.

Ad and Link Trackers are used to track your links or URLs. In this program you will just simply enter your original link and then the system will generate another link for you. This program usually will give you an option of either generating the new link for you or you can select it yourself. This is done by adding a keyword, as such, that will be placed at the end of the link.

This will be the link then that you will promote. You will then be able to go back into your ad tracker system and see how many hits that link has had.

URL Rotators are used to rotate two or more links. If you are advertising and you want to see which link is the most effective, getting the most hits, then this will be where you can use a rotator.

This will simply be done by going into your rotator program and entering however many links you want to promote. Of course the rotator may have a limit and usually about three will be enough.

Contact Manager will help you in keeping your subscribers information on file. Information, such as: name, email address and phone number. Of course, this will depend on how much information that they gave you at the time that they subscribed, via, your capture page. This will allow you to stay in touch with your subscribers and learn more about what they are interested in. You can also set this program up so you can be advised when someone is added to your list.

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