How To Earn Commission From Traffic Exchange Programs

Building downlines in traffic exchange programs is easy but earning commission is another thing. For several years I ‘ve built downlines in the hundreds but getting them to upgrade or buy credits was next to impossible. I just couldn’t figure it out, I mean I was doing almost everything the other guy was doing, ya know? clicking for hours from one traffic exchange to another week after week, buying credits here and there but I was getting absolutely nowhere.

The last three months have been quite an eye opener, seems silly I know, but is it that hard to earn commission from traffic exchange? for me it was anyway. I knew that some people were earning some healthy commission every month from these traffic exchange and I wanted to learn too.

Here are a several tips that I’ve learned during my journey on how to earn commission from traffic exchange programs.

1. Branding
Using those personalized splash page do actually work, not right away but overtime. When you spend time helping other people in forums and what not, your name is recognized and as soon as your face or name appears on splash page next time they surf, they will remember you and over time they will begin to trust you. Promote till they either puke or sign up as Soren would always say.

2. Use Effective Splash Pages or Squeezepage
One of my mistakes was promoting a splashpage with almost next to nothing click to signup ratio. It was bad enough that no one was clicking on my splash page but they were not signing up at all and if no one is signing up, no one is upgrading or buying credits. You need to test a splash page if some one is clicking on them, once you’ve done that you need to find out if prospects are signing up. If the prospects are signing up, you need to promote it on a wide scale. Once the splash page looses it’s effectiveness, go back to the drawing board and start the process over again. Try giving away different ebooks or reports and track your results.

3. Be Everywhere
There is a method to this madness. You can’t expect to get referrals when you are only promoting it in one or two exchange. Remember there are well over 150 traffic exchange programs out there but only several of them are worth mentioning. Promote your splash in the most active exchange as often as possible and as many exchange as possible, if you have to join a traffic co-op, buy credits or surf till it hurts, so be it.

That’s why I just love those TE co-ops because your site will be shown in so many traffic exchange and you don’t have to do anything.

4. Promote A Good Program
What’s the point of spending all that time and money promoting a traffic exchange when the admin don’t return your calls, emails or always late paying commission. Find a program that offers your prospects value for their time or money. People love to hear a program that pays on time, for some people that’s all they care about, but for others it’s all about the reputation. It’s funny how when people hear something that’s good or popular, they want a piece of it, they all come in by the boat load. Also choose a traffic exchange that offers 50% or more commission.

5. Be Thankful
Each and everytime someone signs up under you, send them a thank you note even if they’re not going to upgrade their account right way, thank them anyway and if they upgrade or buy credits later on, thank them again. I have to remind myself to thank all of my team members more often.

6. Stay Focus
It is so easy to get side tract from your goals because of the onslaught of new programs showing up everyday. You can still sign up for them but don’t promote them, instead promote your favorite traffic exchange in them. Some of the new programs have forum where you can join for free and participate and help other people with their problems, in return you will get traffic to your sites then referrals followed by commissions, then Halleluia!. Set a goal as to how long you’re going to promote it, if it’s for 1 year, don’t stop until you have promoted it for one full year. There will be more free members compare to upgraded members, so if you want to increase your commissions you simply have to recruit more, plain and simple.

7. Keep In Touch
I just love it when someone from my upline sends me an email just to say hi, ya know? They tell you how their weekend went and the entire email doesn’t have anything that says ‘ buy this! buy that!’. Share anything that might be of value to your team members or give them freebies.

That’s it !
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with building downlines and earning commission at the same time even though some traffic exchange owners think it’s a dumb idea. If this is your hobby, then go for it don’t let other people slow you down or stop you from doing what you want. There’s so many new traffic exchange programs coming all the time not to mention new mlm programs, or get rich quick programs, or downline building programs, list building programs and these people are prepared to spend some serious cash promoting it so why not tell them about your favorite traffic exchange, you just never know, you might earn some healthy commission for your effort.

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