”Find Keywords Superstar”

Part 4

Link pyramid is indeed very simple, but to make it easier to make, you need a touch of the organization.

As you already know, the primary keyword has a high search rate every month. However, since they are mostly not targeted, as well as top keywords generally have lower conversion rates for sales. However, if we can win this keyword, then the guaranteed traffic there will be in the next few years.

In contrast with the Long-tail keywords. They get a relatively small amount in a ratio of searches each month, but they can be very profitable. Long tail keyword quite meguntungkan because in general visitor that comes with the long tail is the visitor who is ready to buy this type of visitor and very profitable.

Okay, let’s go. As an example we’ll take the keyword “acne” as a main keyword, Let’s imagine that we can link the pyramid with the keyword, “acne”.

Pyramid peak

Obviously, this will be your primary keyword. In this case, the keyword “acne”. Because we will develop the whole pyramid links from keyword “acne”, then the keyword “acne” which will be topped pyramid (Top Level).

The Middle Level of the pyramid

For the Middle Level of the pyramid, we will look for keywords that are related (the derivative) of the keywords on the top of the Pyramid (“acne”). Keywords in this level would be quite competitive.

Now, we are searching for keywords that are more speciffic but not too specific. For example, “acne scars” that its derivatives (acne scar treatments, acne scar treatments, acne cure, acne scar solution, scar back acne scars acne scare, child).

Let’s go to the Wonder Wheel to see the structure of the Wheel which is recommended by Google.

“Acne Scars” looks to have potential, then we will see what are the derivatives of this keyword.

After doing a little research with the Wonder Wheel and the Google Adwords keyword tool, we decided to use the “acne scars” as one of your keywords in the Middle Level of the pyramid. This will be one of the weapons to conquer the main keyword. But keep in mind, we still need some part on the Lower Levels of the pyramid (bottom) to strengthen our weapons.

After searching the keywords for the Middle Level of the pyramid, we will mengumpulkanya to then we use as the basis to search for keywords on the Bottom Level later. We write like this:

Skin resurfacing

Photo acne scaring


Acne scars

Acne treatments

Acne solution

Chid acne

Back acne

Acne creams-(use your imagination here, you can create a web page about Acne creams). On this page, you can write a review for a particular acne cream products. Then you can insert affiliate links products Acne creams from Amazon etc.)

Lower Level of the pyramid

Now we are looking for a very specific niche. Long tail keywords with low competition we can search based on key words in the Middle Level of the pyramid.

Lower Level for the keyword, we’ll take everything we can get though the keyword will only get 5-10 hits per day. Remember, this article will not cease to bring traffic to your website. It will continue to attract unique visitors per day over the years.

Because we look for long tail keyword which is derived from a keyword in the Middle Level of the pyramid, let’s enter “acne scars” to Google Adwords Research Tool

And on the Wonder Wheel

Okay, next we’ll grab one of the keyword from the wheel above such as “acne scars home remedies” on the Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Wheel above has given “eight long tail keyword” potential for:

● Olive oil acne scars

● Acne scar removal home remedies

● Lemon juice acne scars

● Benzoyl peroxide acne scars

● Andalwood acne scars

● Get rid acne scars home remedies

● Cucumber acne scars

● Aloe vera gel acne scars

Let’s start with the “olive oil acne scars”. First, let’s check out the competition by searching “olive oil acne scars” (use quotes “”) on Google.

NB: When this article was created, for a search on Google.com with keyword “olive oil acne scars”, there are about About 2,610 million results (0.42 seconds). The Data can be changed at any time and please check yourself.

After checking on Google search, let’s research with Google Adword keyword tool.

NB: For research in Google Adword keyword tool article when there are about 720 for the Global Monthly Searches and 390 for a Local Monthly Searches. Please check yourself, there may be changes there.

Okay, after the research, the results turned out to be less interesting than the volume of searches. This is however quite a potential keyword. Why? You are trying to view on the Google search results above. THERE are NO RELEVANT CONTENT that fits with the keyword. Actually there is, namely in the numbers 9 and 10 (Please check), this means the keyword competition is VERY MILD and it was not difficult to overrun.

During the next 10 to 20 minutes, continue the process of examination of the search volume and competition examines the list of keyword results Wonder Wheeling to another.

Up here You have to do something with the number of visitors per day provided by keyword-keyword above. Don’t forget to check what price CPC on keyword above so your earning potential will also continue to increase.

As a side note, there are some keywords that are not contained within the Wonder Wheel still exists in Adword Keyword Tools. You dapan take those keywords. A little tip, take a keyword that consists of 3 or more syllables. And take also said the word “Weird” and unusual words like chemicals, latin name etc.

Although the above keyword search has a low ratio (> 100), however the keyword has a slightly so that the competition with a little touch of magic, sala bim bim, liberal clap … the Liberal clap … the Liberal clap … in magic so NO 1 in GOOGLE SERP. Wkwkwkwkkwk … … … ….

At this point, Our pyramid links will look like this:

Note: the keyword on the right is the same keywords with Group 6 (on the picture). I am not meletakanya in because it didn’t fit.

Long tail keyword above only comes from one keyword in the Middle Level of the pyramid which is “acne scar”. Then do the same steps for the other keywords in the Middle Level of the pyramid. From a few cases, there are some keywords that do not appear in the result, but don’t worry because what you take is in compliance with that Google wants. What you do now will be enough to FORCE Google to put your website on top position in SERP.

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