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An article directory is a very popular method for finding backlinks. But unfortunately most of the great moderation article directory requires to be able to mempublish the article there, so You also have to write a quality article anyway. Huh … the tired dech

Four of the above article directories are great for your blog’s SERP position sharply since has quite aged, content and has the trust of Search engines. There are still many articles directory, so clever-clever searching only.

Press Releases

Press Releses are in fact not much different from the Article Directory. Here are a few lists of press releases that you can try.


If you feel the list above is still lacking, okay I’ll share a list of press releases that I have. Please download it here

PDF Direktori

Make a few of your articles into a document, add a table of contents, and added a few links in it. Then save the document in the format of PDF files using or Office 2007. Submit it to various PDF Directory.

Video Website

By uploading your video to the video directory, this can be exploited to insert a link to your site and get a backlink from there. You can create videos using the software already exists on your computer or use an online service like Animoto. Upload your videos in the video directory as follows:















Livestock Backlink

Hm, maybe some of its name tau udah on this technique. The technique could indeed be said to be the cattle because the plug 1 link, then we will get backlinks as many times as the number of pages of the site. Okay, get on with it. web to find < </blog on the site. web to find < </blog on the site.

Once you open the link above, then there will be an awful lot of sites found. Open one by one those sites then search Shoutbox widget in the sidebar. Install link and your comment there. If there is no such widget, it means that the admin did not set it up and instantly switch to another site. Lack of this trick is, when our littlest toe shoutbox comments newer comments, then our position may be lost and automatic backlinks will also disappear. I suggest looking for blogs that are deserted and seldom commented upon.

Actually there is still one this nice model site because our comments will be stored even though already buried by new comments. PHP based Blog Fussion is the answer. But unfortunately I forgot how to find it with Google and hopefully in the future I’ve remember back how to seek it.

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