Got a blog that incur regular visitors have many advantages. One of the obvious advantage is the ease of online businesses to market their products. Any sale would likely be successful. Why? Because there is already a specific market niche that suits you tekuni. May be at the beginning of their initial visit-just say hello and then run it. But if they’ve been fed every day by your thoughts, then the process of hypnoarticle (hypnotize minds someone through blog posts) more easily eclipsed their minds.

Indeed, it can hypnotize minds through the article. In my own experience it. While new to the blogging world, I was bewitched by the magical power of a Joko Susilo so subconsciously I’ve dabble into the world of blogging until this very second. And many other newbie who suffered like this. Just most of them dare not admit it. Hehehe. Okay, back to the subject. Community building blog may sound as the most severe actions for a newbie. I initially thought so. To have “fans remain ‟ should be so successful bloggers first. Must have a product that has been marketed to thousands of affiliate. Plus have proof in the form of a few authentic accounts of leading banks. If it needs to be shown also a screen shoot of earning online. Wuihh, it looks really too high.

Ideally the heck did so. So the online businesses have automated systems that are able to siphon money into a bank account even in our time sleeping slumbering. But the fact is, you don’t have to become a successful person to have a community blog.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why visitors return faithfully read your article. Some of them are:

1. Have a uniqueness that is not owned by another blog
The uniqueness can be presentation of articles with slang, crisp and easy to understand. There is also unique because it uses an unusual themes. Anyway, everything was successfully captured by the five senses of visitors and causing a deep impression in their hearts, that is the unique value that You have. This uniqueness is not necessarily positive now. Even blogs are able to stir up anger, annoyance and cranky in the hearts of readers, it is also typical that side should be taken into account.

2. Present a consistently helpful articles
Two of the above keywords are “benefits ‟ and” consistent ‟ many blogs that race-race offer articles but not continuous aka sometimes sane sometimes kumat. Hahaha. Not easy indeed. Remember there is always an attraction to get out of writing standards that you have.

Then, when is the right time to build a blog community?
If there are any questions, when his good start building a blog community? Then I j awab: faster is better. The development of the world information increasingly unstoppable. At any time the current info is always available on the one topic of conversation. If you wait until the mood comes then I assure you it will never happen. The information age has almost negate keajegan, the eternal is precisely the change itself. If You start doing a lackluster, it’s almost certain you’ll terlindas the progress of other bloggers. Uniquely, until a few days ago, I still hear complaints one fella blogger who found difficulty in bringing in visitors and want to leave a comment on his blog.

Duh, I am so sad for themselves. Internet users in Indonesia (I don’t call in the world) would amount to millions of people and continues to grow along with the growth of mobile broadband access. Cook of the many humans there is no nyanthol in your blog. If it is so, you ought to be misgivings. It could be there is that needs to be corrected for ya …

1. Content content writing alias
Idiom in the blogging world is that Content is The King. And it’s still relevant to be practiced to this day. In this case noteworthy is the authenticity of the writing, the uniqueness and benefits gained. As much as any sentences that You would not invite comment sets the visitor if the origin of the paper only. Moreover, as this is the information age. They are responsive to news updates are very likely to become leader in the related article with timeline news portals and social networking sites. How to build a content blog right? Please follow the progression of my article on the blog of Note Blogging Motivation Indonesia.

2. Activity Blogwalking
The basic rationale is simple. How other people will visit your blog if you yourself don’t try get acquainted. If you are a newcomer, there is no effective way that can be done other than diligent commented on the blog popular. In fact, those who have had regular visitors still avidly blogwalking. This was done to continue to double the flow of blog traffic. And also to attract new members, of course.

3. A bit of a buzz in the early Emergence
Still remember my article titled “waiting for Joko Susilo Nge-Game on Facebook”? This secret, Sssst lho … That’s just one example of the practice of soap bubbles that I use to lure curious visitors. But the name soap bubbles that would not last long. Will be exhausted within a few minutes. Need further steps to preserve the moment this little revival.

Virtual Community Building Stage
According to Romi Satria regional strength in his personal blog, community building in cyberspace is unique and challenging. Why say so? Community on the internet is a collection of people who easily fused at once easy to separate. The adhesive between the members of the community are very thin.

He referred to it as ISeSoSBI. An abbreviation for Identification-Segmentation-Solution-Selling-Branding-Innovation.

1. Identification
Identify all your potential and kempetensi that we have is the first step. You should be able to tell the difference between the potential and competence. Potential refers to the ability that you have, and the more competencies to the competitiveness that you have in one area. Could be your potential in the field of writing. But who would have thought Your competence is thus became a world celebrity entertainment and seleblogger. Who knows!

In addition, You should also identify the potential of Your blogging friends. What is its purpose? Who knows one day you could join him in a 50/50 joint venture. If from the beginning You have been able to identify the key points, it becomes necessarily a plus in the JV.

2. Segmentation
You have to understand segmentation that you are dealing with. Certainly You don’t want a leveler between soccer-mad community blog with blog marketing. Each theme blog requires a unique and different way to prevailed. This is where You are required to analyze the character of jelly each blog.

3. Solution
After successfully mapping the segmentation of the blog, of course you will find the fact that each community had unique problems. Try being a trend setter by giving alternative solutions that are able to respond to the various problems that exist.

4. Selling
Selling disini tidak berarti menjual sebuah barang atau jasa lalu mendapatkan imbal balik
sejumlah uang. Selling yang dimaksud adalah kemampuan menjual solusi atas permasalahan
yang sedang dihadapi. Harus dijelaskan pula manfaat dan fitur solusi yang anda tawarkan.

5. Branding
As I have described above, selling power problem solving you offer will be higher when you have a good branding. In contrast, weak branding that someone will be affected to a greater effort in convincing the public.

6. Innovation
After You successfully create solutions, branding has also been obtained, then the one thing that you must do is to continuously innovate. Innovation can be done with various methods. From moderate to radical.

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