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Building Community Through Social Networking

You love to surf on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Well, there is no harm in Your profile that you cite on Google Profile Search. The aim is none other that the name You makin nganjuk in search engine terpopular by making your profile in Google Profile, then when you type your name in the search engines, then your profile will be easy to find. Of course this will help the indexing process Google did. It’s not easy in the index profile or search, Google has its own techniques and algorithms that are not easily understood so that capable of displaying any page that will be the upper part of the page keyword which is filled by the user.

According to Joe Kraus, Director of Product Management for Google Apps Group, Google tried to better accomodate the profile searches more relevant and appropriate to the content of the required users. To be able to illustrate the usefulness of this feature, Kraus gave an example on behalf of Brian Jones, guitarist of the Rolling Stone, usually when we search for profiles in the usual way, would so many results appear, but in terms of its relevance, yes we have to check that. But when you create Your profile here, certainly the results are what you make them as Your profile in Google Search. Hmm, you’re interested in making Your profile with this feature, to be able to enjoy this service, you must have an account. Well, ready in nganjuk, come try this one feature!

The Benefits Of Offline Meetings
In the last article I have alluded the offline meetings at a glance. Why is it necessary to follow the meeting offline (more commonly called ground coffee or kopdar)? This question is not appropriate if given to beginner bloggers who have never kopdar. Thus You have never met face to face will agree to say that lots of the benefits offered by the gatherings of the blogger. Among them are:

1. The exchange of knowledge and experience related to blogging
If during this you rely on Google and many printed books as references to studies about blogging, the unique thing you’ll get from kopdar. Maybe not in the form of written text with structure of the raw words often dizzying head. But a small tips and tricks yet to be solving the problem you are experiencing.

2. A means of demonstrating the existence of the self
Remember science “every Blogger is Artist ‟. Kopdar became evidence of you. For example, You post a photo session together into a blog post. Without being asked, the picture seems to speak of “this is why most bloggers face Sukabumi saucy in the world and the hereafter”. Does the narcissist? Indeed Yes. But it doesn’t matter how. Even bloggers who dare not nampang in front of the camera that is usually hard and narrow the bernyali moving on from her limitations.

3. Open up opportunities for the process of brainstorming is an effective
I have often experienced a surge of ideas when writing follow kopdar with fellow bloggers. It is certain I always carry a small notebook as a reminder of the key points that was thrown out of my mind. It is not surprising that until my home is going to be writing a blog article possessed. Ranging from simply telling the details of the event, up to the remaining veiled wisdom in my brain.

4. The effective promotion of Media for your business
The difference between friendship and business is thin indeed. That’s what I experienced in the work offline. No exception in online business. From light conversation with fellow participants kopdar I often find little questions about article writing service that I get into. Though I have yet to begin talks about it. The courage of telling Your business tekuni will at least open up opportunities for the arrival of an order from the nearest blogger friend.

5. Increase the motivation of blogging
Even though you’ve often back and forth visiting some blogs with a motivational theme, but I’m sure you haven’t fully got a shot of motivation that is able to move the step you into real action. Unlike if you were face to face with fellow bloggers. Almost all of the five senses is involved in this interaction. Plus the use of a sixth sense when you realize.

6. Open opportunities for other online business potential
Came home and got the project order kopdar online business? Is it possible? He said: it is very likely. There are times when he told the webmaster from the mall to the mall to get a talented blogger who was able to become a reliable freelancers for handling big consumer service.

Well, that’s just some of the benefits seen from my observations. There are still other benefits is personal and it is optional. For example: stress-busting event as kopdar, both looking for a soul mate, spiritual enlightenment, discussing hobbies and interests and others. How to know if there’s any event kopdar? This is where the ability to get along You tested. The role of social media such as Facebook and Twitter become important in terms of the ease of dissemination of information. So, if you open a Facebook account do not just use create ngegame. Also note the information written on the timeline.

Not funny dong reasoned, if you dont ever come into just for the reason “kopdar Wah, there are already kopdar huh? I missed the info ya … ” When hearing a comment like that, I prefer to answer “where aja loe, dinosaur hunting up huh?” Obstacles that commonly occurs to the beginner blogger to take part in the activities of kopdar is a minder, dont pede, nervous met master bloggers and the like. From now on waste away the poison the mind. They are also human just like you who need reciprocal interaction and mutual interest. Believe deh, so your success following the first kopdar, I bet you’ll be hooked to follow kopdar-kopdar next. This would be a good start to complement your status as seleblogger who do not just rely on popularity, but also capable of menilngkatkan value added (added value) and bring benefits to visitors of your blog.

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