Understanding The Mambo

  1. What is Mambo? 

Mambo Open Source (MOS) or often referred to as Mambo is a Content Management System (CMS) that is created using the language PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor). Mambo Open Source CMS is the best at the moment and has won the Linux User & Development Award 2004 for “Best Linux or Open Source Software. Recent development of Mambo, there is little “conflict” between develop (developers) and co-founder (the maker of the program). The founder wanted to form a company man named Mambo Foundation, but the developers don’t agree because they reasoned that if Mambo has been handled by a company Mambo automatically will become a commercial piece of software.

The early goal made things on the Mambo is free (free) for everyone and anyone can use, duplicate, or even memoddifikasi. This condition triggers the develop who has responsibility and conscience to the user making them leave the stewardship of Mambo. Ultimately the develop who disagreed were merged and created a software “counterpoint” Mambo. Then with the help of a software that has form and function exactly the same as Joomla.
Almost the entire module or component for Mambo can also be used on Joomla. This book was deliberately aimed at those who want to make the web the instant (ready to use) use Mambo Open Source. So, whether you’re using Mambo or Joomla, not a problem because the whole tool has the same function. Although the program is using the php language, does not mean to understand entirely about php code. For they did not understand the code HTML, Javascript, ASP, CGI, php, and do not be afraid to learn it because even though it did not know about the codes, people can create a website quickly with some very complex features of Mambo can be used to create sites:
1. Portal
2. Commercial use
3. Non-profit
4. Personal

Various applications can be created using Mambo because it has some capabilities, including:

  1. Can update the main page, news page, article page, or archive pages quickly.
  2. Can view files in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF.
  3. Can add the new menu on the main menu, menu, as well as other top menu easily.
  4. Can set a weblink with quick and easy.
  5. Can set banner (advertising).
  6. Can set up a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  7. Can set Newsflashes
  8. Create an archive and display it back
  9. Can print, send an article via email, and reading articles with PDF format.
  10. Can set access level user with different levels.
  11. Can add components, modules, and templates from third parties (such as: forums, calendar, reminder, to-do, guestbook (Guestbook), shopping carts, etc.).

Mambo is different from the design of similar applications like Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver. Mambo is very flexible, easy to use, and simple shape, making this software very user friend because:

  1. Easy to setup/installation.
  2. Have a simple administrator interface to manage the contents of the site (website).
  3. Easy to use to edit (add, modify, and delete) content and images.
  4. Flexible to adjust the look of the front end.
  5. Flexible to add new modules and components from third parties.

As has been previously diijelaskan that you no longer need to know the concept of making the web with HTML, XML or DHTML, simply place the content and images you want to display into the site. The webmaster does not even need to understand FTP program to upload the data because Mambo was able to handle it.

2. Prerequisites
Mambo can function well if supported by the application program, such as: Apache (the web server), PHP (as the interpreter of the code), and MySQL (for database). The third element is mandatory installed in your computer if you want to run Mambo. So, when you create a site offline (localhot) to a server. Each application has different functions.

This article will not discuss about installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Please you install these components yourself. To download Apache please visit at apache.org, at mysql.com, and MysSQL PHP at php.net.

There are several programs that can serve as a mini server (often referred to as a server kit), namely the Uniform Server (Uniserver), PHP Triad, the Jack (Kid Nation), and AppServe. Four such programs able to run Mambo because in it there is the necessary component of Mambo. Of the many server, author of merekomen-that Unform Server (Uniserver) because it can work with stable. But you can also use other programs as you wish.

3. The Uniform Server 2.0 a
3.2. a Uniform Server (Uniserver 2.0 a) is a program that consists of several applications such as Apache, MySQL, php, and Perl. The Program serves as a mini server that can run the code for the web such as php, Perl, CGI, or ASP. As we know, the absolute requirement to be called as the server is able to translate the language made by Client in the us then translates and sends out messages that are delivered to the browser as desired by the maker of the site. And a server, should generally provide some programming language translators as has been mentioned above. The Uniform Server Program is similar to the Jack and PHPTriad.
The installation process is very easy and does not need to be installed into the computer. You can simply cut (duplication) into one of the disk drives (C or D). Then you can just put the Mambo installation files into one folder.

4. Installation of the Uniform Server
You can download it for free from the internet at miniserver.sourceforge.net,

  1. First, double click the file Uniserver3_2a., then click the Run button, then a dialog box will appear informing you to select the drives/folders as Uniserver files (I choose the D drive). Then wait a few moments, the process of extract file is running.
  2. Once in the extract into a folder, click the Start. bat file to enable Uniserver3_2a. Keep in mind, if your computer has installed the application servers such as Apache and MySQL servers, we recommend that you deactivated first, before you run the program the Uniform Server. If not deactivated the Uniform Server can not be running (inactive) because the Server will “clashed” with the other so, we recommend that you disable all the programs the Server so it can run the Uniform Server.
  3. Wait a few moments, if not yet the Uniform Server main page appears, click file redirect .html. And if it does not appear, refresh again.
  4. A menu will appear Then go to main page. Click the menu to go to the main page of the Uniform Server 3.2 a.
  5. The programme is already well underway (active). Now activate the button to Run the MySQL Server.
  6. Wait for a few moments, then will pop up a message that the SySQL Server is already active. Now click the Back button to go to the main page of the Uniform Server.

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