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Make deepfreeze trial becomes full (hacking Deepfreeze)

  1. Download the first trial in Deepfreeze
  2. Install deepfreeze
  3. After the download NTFS4DOS in

  1. Keep it up so ntfsinst.exe install boot disk NTFS4DOS
  2. Continue to open the ctrl alt shift F6 -> make boot thawed in a position
  3. Restart the computer, and boot wear NTFS4DOS
  4. Wait until the entry on Drive C: \ -> then copy persi0.sys to D: \ Persi0.sys.thawed (boot thawed)
  5. Then get into windows again, continue to create a position in the boot Deepfreeze frozen.
  6. Restart the computer, and boot wear NTFS4DOS
  7. Wait until the entry on Drive C: \ -> then copy persi0.sys to D: \ Persi0.sys.frozen (boot frozen)

This step makes backing up

Persi0.sys.thawed to boot thawed

Persi0.sys.frozen to boot frozen

  1. When you want to eliminate it, just copy the aja, do not forget that the original file

C: \ persi0.sys the delete, continued in the locker

D: \ Persi0.sys.thawed copy c: \ # is to align boot thawed -> after the restart

D: \ Persi0.sys.frozen copy c: \ # is to align the boot frozen -> after the restart

  1. Then you try, copy Persi0.sys.frozen to Drive C, then reboot, entering the windows, keep create a file on Drive C: \  then you restart, if the file is missing then you are successful, on the contrary if want to install the file, first delete the C: \ Persi0.sys.frozen, after which a new copy Persi0.sys.thawed.

Good luck, the author is not responsible for damage to the system your computer

rewritten by luckyy_man #awali #indolinux #indoopenbsd DALnet :))

if less obvious, references

How to become part of the team?

It’s no secret … that the world is ruled by money, ambition, political plots and conspiracies silent. One hundred years ago, protesting the state This will be a meaningful and utopian ideas. In this era of high technology, humans are able to radically change the world order criminal, in which the future of the world is pushed to the rear, and in its place the enrichment of a select few individuals and countries stand. The only thing we need to accomplish our goal is consolidation, confidence in the final result, and for community to understand the magnitude and importance of this project.


Take part in projects around the world, and receive the daily income as a bonus! We are a private international organizations. Our main mission is to expand the boundaries of possibility. Our goal is to create the most powerful supercomputer in the world by combining the power of computation of all the computers (the type of computer used in climate modeling, compute satellite orbit, bio-Mechanik and other areas)

What do we need for a super computer?

We support this project very interesting and unusual so it has a chance to make life on our planet more comfortable and safe. Our main goal is to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, development support for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and genius. It is necessary for us now, our children need it in the future, and the entire planet will be profitable in the future!
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Change in the way the article copy and paste into a new article

Software Free Spinner Rival The Best Spinner

Download free software rival spinner The Best Spinner, is there? Spinner software means software that is installed on your PC that works to change your content unique content have become a way of spinning words in the content with synonim (synonyms). The expected outcome of the spinner software is a unique content that is certainly not deviate contents of the original content.

With software spinner, one article that you have can be converted into several new articles by different search engines are free to copy-paste alias. Source of articles that could be used to spin the capital can be obtained from the results of his own writing, take content from article directories, ezine articles, PLR content, public domain, or the most severe pinch other people’s articles.

Articles spin results are usually used to plant dummy backlinks on blogs, article directories, etc. autoblog. Some bloggers sometimes also use a spin article posted on the main blog. While it may be free from inspection copy duplicate content, but sometimes the software spin spinner visitors sometimes not readable because it is less precise choice of words. in addition, usually the result of a spin article also less good in SEO value.

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”Find Keywords Superstar”

Part 4

Link pyramid is indeed very simple, but to make it easier to make, you need a touch of the organization.

As you already know, the primary keyword has a high search rate every month. However, since they are mostly not targeted, as well as top keywords generally have lower conversion rates for sales. However, if we can win this keyword, then the guaranteed traffic there will be in the next few years.

In contrast with the Long-tail keywords. They get a relatively small amount in a ratio of searches each month, but they can be very profitable. Long tail keyword quite meguntungkan because in general visitor that comes with the long tail is the visitor who is ready to buy this type of visitor and very profitable.

Okay, let’s go. As an example we’ll take the keyword “acne” as a main keyword, Let’s imagine that we can link the pyramid with the keyword, “acne”.

Pyramid peak

Obviously, this will be your primary keyword. In this case, the keyword “acne”. Because we will develop the whole pyramid links from keyword “acne”, then the keyword “acne” which will be topped pyramid (Top Level).

The Middle Level of the pyramid

For the Middle Level of the pyramid, we will look for keywords that are related (the derivative) of the keywords on the top of the Pyramid (“acne”). Keywords in this level would be quite competitive.

Now, we are searching for keywords that are more speciffic but not too specific. For example, “acne scars” that its derivatives (acne scar treatments, acne scar treatments, acne cure, acne scar solution, scar back acne scars acne scare, child).

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Top 6 Myths about the Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Rank
A rain dance? Homage to the patron saint of Alexa rankings? While these may be fun, they’re just as ineffective at improving your rank as many commonly held misconceptions about the Alexa Traffic Rank. Our ranking system was first introduced in 1998 and, like many things that have been around for a while, several myths have built up around it. What follows is a bit of myth-busting as well as a few pointers about how you can actually improve your rank.
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Are You A Hacker?

Make a small question for me today. Tell me if you fit the description below. you get a net account a few months ago. you are surfing on the internet, and you are joking in many media that reported the information superhighway. you have to have the red box, you don’t have to pay to call. You have a crackerjack, and you have to run it in a unix password file and you get an account. Everyone in the sekolahmu salute pengetahuanmu about computers, you are the only person who asked your teacher for help. Do you like that? you are not a hacker.

There are hundreds of people like you out there. You buy 2600 and you ask. you read phreack and you ask. you join #hack and you ask. you ask all the questions, and ask what’s wrong with that? The bottom line, to be a hacker is asked about something, right? All you want to know the answer of your question. You are not a hacker.

Hacking is not about answers. Hacking is about the path that you took to look for answers. If you need help, don’t ask for answers, ask about the way you should take to find answers for yourself. Because it is not someone who has an answer called hackers, but the people doing the journey along the way.

Hacker … … a word that is strange … Is it really a hacker? I think every every hacker had its own definition is, we all have a reason …

I was a hacker because I want to know, I want to proceed to the next stage, I would like to know how this works, I want to understand, I don’t want restricted by a security system, I want it all for free, I do not want to undermine the security, I want to take the challenge, to get better every day.

Hackers figured out how to be dangerous …

Our goal is Knowledge, and knowledge is power, we are considered to be dangerous.

But we are not dangerous, we have a code of ethics, we respect the rules. Only the riffraff (I don’t know what it means:P, red) who wants to steal, abuse or memerasmu for material gain. You need not be a daunting thought, we don’t want to menyerangmu without good reason to do so. We are not crazy, we do not cause damage only to the pleasure.

Yes some of the hackers are thieves, they just hack just to steal money or material gain. I don’t like people who are like this, they are a disease.

I think, we are very useful.

We help people to strengthen the security system, we want the administrators to do so. On the other hand, we are a user, just like you.

We are very useful, because we have had the view, the view to see what is invisible to others, where no view of anything for sale.

This view is different from the rest, as they say in thee bottom privacy worth millions of dollars, we say to you that they are selling privasimu for payment in the form of gold, when they tell you that the system is safe, we say no to you.

Listen to us, not the kewajibanmu to believe in us, but keep an open mind, to ask yourself which one is correct. Have you ever thought that all computers come from the same source?

They want you to hate us, for fear of us. don’t trust them, believe it or not, try to understand … So, spend a few minutes with us, take time to learn, to see things from our eyes … … everything will look different.

Welcome to our side, the side where many who wanted to know.

The Slight Edge

The Secret Key to Getting Everything You Want In Life!

When you were a tiny, little child, you made your way around the world on your hands and knees crawling. Everyone around you was walking and one day you got it into your head to give that a try.
So, little by little, you worked on developing the skills you needed to walk. You grabbed on to something above you and pulled yourself upright. You stood up, holding on to a table or chair or big stuffed animal. Wobbly and unsure, you let go, fell down, and tried again and again, until you stood up all by yourself.

Then, you took a step.
The older people you watched took one step after another: right foot, left foot, right foot, left …but you managed only one step-and you crashed. After days of side-stepping around the coffee table, awkwardly bringing one little foot
out from behind the other while you held on to Mom’s or Dad’s fingers, you eventually took your first couple of steps… all alone…all by yourself…and (hopefully) to the cheers and applause of your family.
Baby steps. One at a time. And you were WALKING!
IN THE PROCESS OF LEARNING HOW TO WALK, you probably spent more time failing than you did succeeding. But did you ever have the thought of quitting? Did you ever tell yourself, “I’m not cut out for walking-guess I’ll crawl for the rest of my life?”

No, of course you didn’t. So, why do you do that now?
What’s different today with any goal you want and desire you have for accomplishing anything? When did you lose the ability to make a goal, go for it, and get it? How come you don’t do what you did when you were one or two years old?

The answer is alarming, yet simple:
Somewhere along the way in your life, you became unwilling to take baby steps. You lost faith in the universal truth that the simple little disciplines done again and again over time would move the mightiest mountains.
Shakespeare said “to climb steep hills requires slow pace at first,” but now you put your trust in achieving breakthroughs…making quantum leaps …instant this, instant that…hitting the lottery. You began a habit of settling for less, just because more was so far out of your reach. You forgot about the most proven, powerful success philosophy on Earth – “The Slight Edge.”

Who can forget that moving moment of triumph in the ’94 Olympics when American speed-skater Dan Jansen at last overcame years of discouragement, disappointment, and frustration to finally win the gold medal in the 1000 meters, setting a world record of one minute, 12.43 seconds?
Do you know by how much of a margin Jansen won? Do you know what the difference was between the winning world record gold medal and the virtual oblivion of second place?

Twenty-nine hundredths of a second! That’s a very Slight Edge!
No matter where you look, no matter in what area of accomplishment, life, work, or playthe difference between winning and losing, between going down in the record books as first and best…or not at all-the gap that separates success and failure is always measured as … THE SLIGHT EDGE.
And the best news of all is that it’s not just the winning goal that’s THE SLIGHT EDGE.

How To Earn Commission From Traffic Exchange Programs

Building downlines in traffic exchange programs is easy but earning commission is another thing. For several years I ‘ve built downlines in the hundreds but getting them to upgrade or buy credits was next to impossible. I just couldn’t figure it out, I mean I was doing almost everything the other guy was doing, ya know? clicking for hours from one traffic exchange to another week after week, buying credits here and there but I was getting absolutely nowhere.

The last three months have been quite an eye opener, seems silly I know, but is it that hard to earn commission from traffic exchange? for me it was anyway. I knew that some people were earning some healthy commission every month from these traffic exchange and I wanted to learn too.

Here are a several tips that I’ve learned during my journey on how to earn commission from traffic exchange programs.

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