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Bitcoins’ Growth (2009 – 2017)

Exponential growth over the past 8 years and it’s only just beginning

Bitcoin chart

The exchange rate of the Bitcoin has grown from less than $0.0001 to $3000
in less than 8 years and is still going strong. The chart on the left shows the actual
growth since 2009.

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Other coins (Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc) are showing similar trends. The sooner
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LevelMemberSupporterSr. SupporterAssociateSr. AssociateAmbassadorSr. AmbassadorAdvocateSr. Advocate
Required Level 1 referrals035102510025010002500

Daily bonus (all coins)

Your designation depends on your number of Level 1 Referrals. The more you have
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DesignationReq. L1 ReferralsDaily Bonus
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Choosing Your Keywords Carefully

When creating an SEO website, keywords are one of the most important parts to creating a site that ranks high on the search engine. The keyword is what the web crawlers attach on to and use to show your business on the search engines. Although keywords are the most important component to any SEO website it is the one that is most often neglected or used in the wrong manner. There a few things that you can do to make your keywords work and stand out.

1. Your target audience
Who will your target audience be? Think about your website and the type of people you wish to attract. Also you will need to decide what the primary purpose of your website will be. Both of these will come in handy when creating your keywords in your SEO. They will also become one of the most important factors to consider.

2. Make a list
Write down a few words that you think people might type into a search engine. Make sure these words relate to your business. Be creative when you are making your list. The more keywords you come up with the better off you will be when you begin to create your SEO website. There is software that is available that will aide you in creating your keyword list. Also when you are creating your keyword list think back to rule number one and consider your audience and the purpose of your site.

3. Think about the pages
Think about the pages that you will be using in your SEO site. Each page will need its own distinct three to four word title or phrase that is related to your site. As you create your page titles you will need to include the title of your site as well somewhere in the tag.

4. Using your keywords
Your keywords need to be used throughout each page of your site. These keywords need to be put in sensible places to prevent a black hat SEO. A black hat SEO is unethical and can get you banned from search engines.

5. Be creative
It definitely takes a lot of work to create your keywords but well worth it in the long run. The better your keywords, and the more creative, the better your search results to visitors will be. So being creative is a very important tool.

There are some additional tips that can be used when creating your keywords for your SEO site. First of all yes it is important to be creative but you will also need to be choosy at the same time. Second is to check out your competition. Try not to choose words that might appear to be too competitive and therefore will lower your rankings on the search engines.

Finally if you wish to use any unusual keywords on your SEO site use them sparingly. If it is an unusual word then the possibility of it being searched is very low. If you remember to be creative and persistent you will have a great SEO site in no time.

How to Earn Money

Total Earnings

Your Credits:

$ 313.41


$ 50.20


$ 20.00


$ 0.00


$ 0.00


$ 383.61

Paid to your account

$ 293.01

Remaining Credit

$ 20.40

One Year Overview:




2013-10-01 08:27:31

Place 23 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.16

2013-11-18 16:19:02

Place 1 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.77

2013-11-18 16:19:02

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.11

2013-12-04 15:23:26

Place 2 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.74

2013-12-04 15:23:27

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.25

2014-01-23 16:28:15

Place 4 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.66

2014-01-23 16:28:16

Random Credits Reward

$ 20.91

2014-02-19 16:19:52

Place 10 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.46

2014-02-19 16:19:53

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.43

2014-03-19 16:17:44

Place 13 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.37

2014-03-19 16:17:45

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.25

2014-04-16 14:52:10

Place 12 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.40

2014-04-16 14:52:10

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.67

2014-05-14 15:14:32

Place 2 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.74

2014-05-14 15:14:33

Random Credits Reward

$ 21.25

2014-06-17 09:08:26

payout to ????????

$ 293.01

2014-07-11 16:25:47

Place 12 in Top Total Credits

$ 20.40

Your earnings are transfered to your PayPal account each tuesday after a 3 weeks holding period. Make sure you entered your paypal account id in your profile details.

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