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Choosing Your Keywords Carefully

When creating an SEO website, keywords are one of the most important parts to creating a site that ranks high on the search engine. The keyword is what the web crawlers attach on to and use to show your business on the search engines. Although keywords are the most important component to any SEO website it is the one that is most often neglected or used in the wrong manner. There a few things that you can do to make your keywords work and stand out.

1. Your target audience
Who will your target audience be? Think about your website and the type of people you wish to attract. Also you will need to decide what the primary purpose of your website will be. Both of these will come in handy when creating your keywords in your SEO. They will also become one of the most important factors to consider.

2. Make a list
Write down a few words that you think people might type into a search engine. Make sure these words relate to your business. Be creative when you are making your list. The more keywords you come up with the better off you will be when you begin to create your SEO website. There is software that is available that will aide you in creating your keyword list. Also when you are creating your keyword list think back to rule number one and consider your audience and the purpose of your site.

3. Think about the pages
Think about the pages that you will be using in your SEO site. Each page will need its own distinct three to four word title or phrase that is related to your site. As you create your page titles you will need to include the title of your site as well somewhere in the tag.

4. Using your keywords
Your keywords need to be used throughout each page of your site. These keywords need to be put in sensible places to prevent a black hat SEO. A black hat SEO is unethical and can get you banned from search engines.

5. Be creative
It definitely takes a lot of work to create your keywords but well worth it in the long run. The better your keywords, and the more creative, the better your search results to visitors will be. So being creative is a very important tool.

There are some additional tips that can be used when creating your keywords for your SEO site. First of all yes it is important to be creative but you will also need to be choosy at the same time. Second is to check out your competition. Try not to choose words that might appear to be too competitive and therefore will lower your rankings on the search engines.

Finally if you wish to use any unusual keywords on your SEO site use them sparingly. If it is an unusual word then the possibility of it being searched is very low. If you remember to be creative and persistent you will have a great SEO site in no time.

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Make deepfreeze trial becomes full (hacking Deepfreeze)

  1. Download the first trial in Deepfreeze
  2. Install deepfreeze
  3. After the download NTFS4DOS in

  1. Keep it up so ntfsinst.exe install boot disk NTFS4DOS
  2. Continue to open the ctrl alt shift F6 -> make boot thawed in a position
  3. Restart the computer, and boot wear NTFS4DOS
  4. Wait until the entry on Drive C: \ -> then copy persi0.sys to D: \ Persi0.sys.thawed (boot thawed)
  5. Then get into windows again, continue to create a position in the boot Deepfreeze frozen.
  6. Restart the computer, and boot wear NTFS4DOS
  7. Wait until the entry on Drive C: \ -> then copy persi0.sys to D: \ Persi0.sys.frozen (boot frozen)

This step makes backing up

Persi0.sys.thawed to boot thawed

Persi0.sys.frozen to boot frozen

  1. When you want to eliminate it, just copy the aja, do not forget that the original file

C: \ persi0.sys the delete, continued in the locker

D: \ Persi0.sys.thawed copy c: \ # is to align boot thawed -> after the restart

D: \ Persi0.sys.frozen copy c: \ # is to align the boot frozen -> after the restart

  1. Then you try, copy Persi0.sys.frozen to Drive C, then reboot, entering the windows, keep create a file on Drive C: \  then you restart, if the file is missing then you are successful, on the contrary if want to install the file, first delete the C: \ Persi0.sys.frozen, after which a new copy Persi0.sys.thawed.

Good luck, the author is not responsible for damage to the system your computer

rewritten by luckyy_man #awali #indolinux #indoopenbsd DALnet :))

if less obvious, references

How to become part of the team?

It’s no secret … that the world is ruled by money, ambition, political plots and conspiracies silent. One hundred years ago, protesting the state This will be a meaningful and utopian ideas. In this era of high technology, humans are able to radically change the world order criminal, in which the future of the world is pushed to the rear, and in its place the enrichment of a select few individuals and countries stand. The only thing we need to accomplish our goal is consolidation, confidence in the final result, and for community to understand the magnitude and importance of this project.


Take part in projects around the world, and receive the daily income as a bonus! We are a private international organizations. Our main mission is to expand the boundaries of possibility. Our goal is to create the most powerful supercomputer in the world by combining the power of computation of all the computers (the type of computer used in climate modeling, compute satellite orbit, bio-Mechanik and other areas)

What do we need for a super computer?

We support this project very interesting and unusual so it has a chance to make life on our planet more comfortable and safe. Our main goal is to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, development support for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and genius. It is necessary for us now, our children need it in the future, and the entire planet will be profitable in the future!
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Build a personal branding or personal brand is something that is very important for career advancement. People that his money a lot, have a lot of options to build your personal branding. They can use social media, TV, magazines, newspapers, or film to build his personal brand. Many people forget that a lasting personal branding is the result of personal integrity that is consistent. Build a personal branding through social media requires the principle of prudence, and also the maturity myself in a personal integrity that is consistent. Ignoring the reality of social media, and self ego over seeks a social media reality, will have an impact on the failure of personal branding that you wake up.

Personal branding is your commitment to serving others. Personal branding You must represent Your life values of the original. Personal branding is not a means of self-promotion. Personal branding has nothing to do with self promotion. Private brand or Your personal branding is an asset that you must care in energy consistent integrity and accountability. Personal branding You the original of personal integrity, would be the tools to advance your career, Your accomplishments, and performance on an ongoing basis.

Learn About Personal Branding, Be CEO For Yourselves!

What the heck is the brand or branding?

In his book “The Brand Called You” (2005) Peter Montoya States that Branding is affected. Meanwhile, Personal Brand is our brand. A personal brand is our strength. I try to explain how we can build a personal brand. 1. Personal Brand is about perception and hope

Personal Branding can be interpreted perception or emotion that someone about us. Creating a personal brand means also influence how others perceive us. Personal branding is able to demonstrate privilege and our excellence in a particular field. Personal branding is a reflection of your abilities, your excellence, as well as your reputation. The uniqueness of it being the basic capital to build a strong personal brand. Personal branding is how we are happy with ourselves. Focus on happy in helping others and rest assured you will be building a positive personal brand. Have a personal brand that thumb alone is not enough. Start building your personal brand right now. Of course personal brand building is not easy. The early building personal brand is getting good, isn’t it?

Because we personally was the one who was able to develop and maintain personal branding. All the reputation, image from personal brand is dependent from ourselves. We are the perpetrators, creator, developer, public relation and marketing officer for the personal brand.

So, build your personal brand, then let them say …hey …I know You!

Cara Verifikasi Paypal Dengan Menggunakan Dokumen Pribadi

Berikut ini saya akan menjelaskan tentang bagaimana cara verifikasi akun PayPal Anda dengan menggunakan Dokumen pribadi atau secara manual . Banyak cara untuk verifikasi Paypal diantaranya adalah dengan menggunakan Credit Card, Virtual Credit Card (VCC) dan yang terakhir adalah menggunakan Dokumen Pribadi. Cara seperti ini gratis tapi memerlukan beberapa hari untuk prosesnya.
Untuk bisa mendapatkan status PayPal Verified, Anda hanya membutuhkan dokumen pribadi yang nantinya Anda kirimkan ke pihak Paypal dan disetujui. Dokumen yang bisa digunakan antara lain :
1. Scan ID Card/Fhoto identifycation (KTP/SIM/Paspor) .
2. Scan Adress identifycation/Buku Tabungan .
3. Scan Tagihan Internet Berlanggan.
4. Scan Tagihan Listrik/Air

Namun hanya 2 yang perlu Anda gunakan yaitu, point 1 dan 2, Karena cara inilah yang sudah sangat efektif , saya sudah melakukannya alhasil sampai sekarang akun PayPal saya sudah Verified , untuk keberhasilan proses Verifikasi. Mohon perhatikan juga, bahwa ukuran file tersebut jangan sampai melebihi ukuran 500kb namun gambar tetap harus terlihat jelas, biasanya dengan ukuran 640px sudah cukup baik.

Bila sudah, silahkan Anda kirimkan ke-2 file tersebut dengan format file .JPG ke alamat email dengan subject email “Please verified my Paypal Account”. Proses verifikasi dengan cara ini hanya memakan waktu maksimal 1×48 jam. Jadi, silahkan bersabar untuk menunggu pemberitahuan dari Paypal apakah disetujui atau tidak.

Paypal yg di Verifikasi dengan cara manual

Kenapa Verifikasi Dengan Dokumen Pribadi Saya di TOLAK ?
Penolakan ini biasanya terjadi dikarenakan data-data yang anda kirim tidak sesuai dengan data-data yang ada di akun Paypal anda. Ingat, peraturan di Paypal itu sangat ketat maka anda harus mengikuti semua peraturan yang dibuat.

Nah, agar proses Verifikasi ini berjalan baik sebelum mengirimkan dokumen ke Paypal, pastikan semua data-data yang ada di akun Paypal anda sudah sesuai dengan data-data pada dokumen yang akan Anda kirim. Apabila terdapat perbedaan Nama,Gelar, Alamat, Nomor Rekening, maka yang perlu anda perbaiki adalah data yang ada di akun Paypal Anda, sama kan dengan data yang ada pada dokumen yang Anda kirim. Dan satu hal lagi, pada saat mengirim dokumen anda harus menggunakan alamat email yang sama seperti yang Anda gunakan pada saat mendaftar di Paypal.

Bila cara ini sudah anda lakukan dengan benar, saya yakin dalam waktu 1×48 jam akun Paypal Anda pasti berubah status menjadi “Verified”. Semoga penjelasan ini berguna bagi Anda.

Articles Directory

An article directory is a very popular method for finding backlinks. But unfortunately most of the great moderation article directory requires to be able to mempublish the article there, so You also have to write a quality article anyway. Huh … the tired dech

Four of the above article directories are great for your blog’s SERP position sharply since has quite aged, content and has the trust of Search engines. There are still many articles directory, so clever-clever searching only.

Press Releases

Press Releses are in fact not much different from the Article Directory. Here are a few lists of press releases that you can try.


If you feel the list above is still lacking, okay I’ll share a list of press releases that I have. Please download it here

PDF Direktori

Make a few of your articles into a document, add a table of contents, and added a few links in it. Then save the document in the format of PDF files using or Office 2007. Submit it to various PDF Directory.

Video Website

By uploading your video to the video directory, this can be exploited to insert a link to your site and get a backlink from there. You can create videos using the software already exists on your computer or use an online service like Animoto. Upload your videos in the video directory as follows:















Livestock Backlink

Hm, maybe some of its name tau udah on this technique. The technique could indeed be said to be the cattle because the plug 1 link, then we will get backlinks as many times as the number of pages of the site. Okay, get on with it. web to find < </blog on the site. web to find < </blog on the site.

Once you open the link above, then there will be an awful lot of sites found. Open one by one those sites then search Shoutbox widget in the sidebar. Install link and your comment there. If there is no such widget, it means that the admin did not set it up and instantly switch to another site. Lack of this trick is, when our littlest toe shoutbox comments newer comments, then our position may be lost and automatic backlinks will also disappear. I suggest looking for blogs that are deserted and seldom commented upon.

Actually there is still one this nice model site because our comments will be stored even though already buried by new comments. PHP based Blog Fussion is the answer. But unfortunately I forgot how to find it with Google and hopefully in the future I’ve remember back how to seek it.

”Tips and Tricks”

Part 6

Knowing When To Quit

A Link of the pyramid can never really finish because it will include lots of keywords in it. Instead, the pyramid is only extended to the target site You reached the top of the SERPs and maintain that position. The harder the niche keyword/target, the bigger the pyramid to be made.

Write An Article

The debate has already become popular among internet marketers is the impact of duplicate content infringes on your website. For what it’s debating, because I think the original is better content and content results copas also can we make “good” too. Thus why should we argue with things of that sort, spele waste time only.

Okay, here I am going to a little trick to make article results copas to be “good” in the eyes of search engines and visitor. It uses MS.Word 2007 up and I’m sure you already have it. If not please search first.

First, look for two or more articles from article directory or Google Search. Try the articles you find still one theme. For example, you make an article about “making doughnuts”. Then we recommend the article you are looking for is still about making doughnuts like “how to make Donuts”, “what is a donut”, “riding the donuts with sugar” etc. Copas each article and paste in MS Word 2007 (klo others I do not know, because I use the MS Word 2007). Next we’ll use the tool Auto Summary of MS.Word. Oh yes, the function of Auto Summary Tools for yourself is to take a basic discussion of the readings.

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“Building The Pyramids”

Part 5

Now that we’ve got the keyword potential, it’s time to decide to build the pyramid.  As I said earlier, we will be working from the Bottom Level. As you can see in the previous chapter, in choosing the long tail keyword should be based on key words in the Middle Level of the pyramid.

We are going back to the example of “acne” has been designed in the previous discussion that is more or less like this:

  1. The Top Level of the pyramid is the keyword “acne”
  2. On the Middle Level of the pyramid on the contents of the keywords “skin resurfaci ng, photo acne scaring, microdermabrasion, acne scars, acne treatments, acne solution, chid acne, back acne, acne cream”
  3. Lower Level of the pyramid we have the long tail keywords that are organized in groups based on key words in the Middle Level of the pyramid.

In the previous discussion, we’ve made a kelompk-group of the long tail of “acne scars”. For this group, we’ve picked “get rid acne scars home remedies, aloe vera gel acne scars, tea tree oil, honey acne scars acne scars, acne benzoyl peroxide vitamin e oil scars, acne scars, acne scars olive oil, salicylic acid acne scars, face mask, acne scars dermatologist acne scar treatment, glycolic acid peel acne scars, acne scars, turmeric cucumber cystic acneturmeric, acne scars, acne mask, turmeric turmeric capsules for acne, herbal remedies and acne scar “.This is a “group acne scars”.

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”Find Keywords Superstar”

Part 4

Link pyramid is indeed very simple, but to make it easier to make, you need a touch of the organization.

As you already know, the primary keyword has a high search rate every month. However, since they are mostly not targeted, as well as top keywords generally have lower conversion rates for sales. However, if we can win this keyword, then the guaranteed traffic there will be in the next few years.

In contrast with the Long-tail keywords. They get a relatively small amount in a ratio of searches each month, but they can be very profitable. Long tail keyword quite meguntungkan because in general visitor that comes with the long tail is the visitor who is ready to buy this type of visitor and very profitable.

Okay, let’s go. As an example we’ll take the keyword “acne” as a main keyword, Let’s imagine that we can link the pyramid with the keyword, “acne”.

Pyramid peak

Obviously, this will be your primary keyword. In this case, the keyword “acne”. Because we will develop the whole pyramid links from keyword “acne”, then the keyword “acne” which will be topped pyramid (Top Level).

The Middle Level of the pyramid

For the Middle Level of the pyramid, we will look for keywords that are related (the derivative) of the keywords on the top of the Pyramid (“acne”). Keywords in this level would be quite competitive.

Now, we are searching for keywords that are more speciffic but not too specific. For example, “acne scars” that its derivatives (acne scar treatments, acne scar treatments, acne cure, acne scar solution, scar back acne scars acne scare, child).

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