Guide To Making A Free Blog

Gmail account creation

The requirement to establish a blog, we are required to have a Gmail account. Actually the other email account can like Ymail. Well, since Gmail and one Owner that is Google. Inc., certainly this equation has the advantages compared to a different account.

Open a browser (Google Chrome is recommended) type on the address bar and click Create An Account. Then we will be faced with on the page that contains the form and requires that fill the identity that submitted the type it on the columns.

First Name: enter your first name

Last Name: enter your last name

Desired Login Name: enter a unique name that you shall remember used to access email

Choose a password: fill with passwords that are difficult to be guessed by others (recommended password combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are more than 8 characters)

Re-enter password: Retype Password

Security question: If you forget the Gmail password will be asked for the answer to a security question which have been filled for the sake of restoring your account.

Answer: the answer to your security question

Recovery email: this e-mail address is used to authenticate your account to deal with the problem or forget a password. If you do not have an alternate e-mail address, you empty this column.

Location: the State you live in now

Word Verifications: type the characters you see in the image

The last click on the button “I accept. Create my account “If you have agreed to the Terms of Service above and the Privacy Policy and Policy Program.

We’re almost done, we just need to verify your account before we can start using. Verification options there are two kinds, namely through:

  1. Text Message (Google will send you a text message (SMS) containing a verification code to your mobile phone.)
  2. Voice Call (Google will make voice calls automatically to telponmu with verification code.)

Here we choose option 1, because it is more simple. The contents of the Country with your country now and fill in the phone number with the number handphonemu. Then click the button “Send verification code”.

Then, fill in the fields with the number sent by google to your mobile phone.

Congratulations! We managed to create a Gmail account! There were some quick tricks to help make you more comfortable.

Well, after last managed to make email, we simply type in the browser address bar at You require login to email first before being confronted on a page as above. To create a blog, click the create your blogs. (In this tutorial, use the old blogger interface, but his pace is not much different with the new blogger interface).

Second, give a name for your blog. For example, I use Blogger as Copyright works of the blog title (title of the blog will appear in the blog that you publish, on the dashboard, and in profile) and give the blog address or URL as well as the examples I use Copyrighted work of Blogger and click check availability, if your blog address is not available try another address to enter a blog address is available (the URL you choose will be used by visitors to access the blog).

Finally, select the appropriate template your taste. I take for example an easy pick, because I think it looks simple.

This template is the beginning and not permanent, if there is no corresponding to the taste, you can replace it later. I recommend the download templatenya in (rather than the promotion of ya ..)

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