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According to my blog also need well preserved and is filled with quality content. In addition to putting forward the article, look and design blog also must be taken into account. If there is not a drop in house guests, we will be more happy if it looks charming, Beautiful, comfortable, beautiful and healthy? (Sweet Ciamis). Do not differ greatly, it was happening on the blog visitors who wanted it that way. I tried to give you a little trick to blog recently we created earlier can be seen comfortably and enjoy your stay by visitors.

  • Replacing Templates

The first search site template providers used to be one of them at Try you select and download a template that you like and save it in your hard disk. In this case I chose template Revolution Church. Then extract the file, and then look for the file formats such as xml. Then, upload the template to the menu Design > Edit Templates.

  • Displays a clock in the Blog

Clocklink provides a picture of the hours that will adorn the pages of this blog ( there are many gadgets provide a unique and funny. Click on the Gallery to the left of the screen.

  1. You can choose the hour according to the category. I decided to choose the Free Ad to be shown on the blog. Click on the image below view HTML Tag.
  2. some of the rules will appear, to continue click “Accept”.
  3. Do the adjustments that will adorn the blog page of the image. You are allowed to choose the color, size, and time zone. To select Indonesia time GMT + 07: 00, then in the time zone options click. Adjust the size of the clock gadget as you wish. Already? Now at the bottom of the sorotlah the whole HTML code and then click copy. For example as below: <script src=””></script type=”text/javascript” language=”JavaScript”>obj=new Object;obj.clockfile=”free002-black.swf”;obj.TimeZone and so on.
  4. Copy that code into Notepad.
  5. To put the HTML code above to your blog pages, you must install the HTML/Javascript gadget. If it does not exist, click the “add a gadget”. The add a Gadget window will appear, and then click the Javascript.
  6. The content of the HTML title, e.g. Hours. then copy the script earlier in Notepad and paste it in a blank box that appears, click the Save button.

The widget can now be viewed on the blog page.

  • MP3 Player

Techknowl is one of this gadget provider ( .html. There is no two player options available, we take the first choice because it is more simple and easy. Do I like the addition of the above: jam

  1. Highlight all the HTML codes that are available, right click and copy.
  2. Add a new HTML/Javascript gadget on the blog page as a step was.
  3. Then paste the code into a blog page. After you have copied, click the Save button.
  • Add a Facebook Badge

Next is the interesting widgets Facebook badge. If you want it … first one login to

  1. Click on the menu on the top right next to the profile screen.
  2. Locate and click the button “add a badge to your site”/Add Badges to your site which is located in the bottom left of the screen your friends list.
  3. Before it is added to the blog, you can edit the badges being displayed, by clicking “edit this badge”/Edit this badge.
  4. Click Save
  5. If he felt it was appropriate, click the button to add it to a Blogger blog.
  6. Select blog page you want to add the widget. You can change the title of the widget.
  7. Click the “Add a gadget”.
  8. Click the “Preview” and see the blog page.

Take a look at the results we have blogs display modification:))

  • Learn SEO

I thank the author, an awful lot of science that I got about my SEO that makes it easy to continue and improve this guide. After last Blog Customization we have been doing is not complete it if our blogs do not or rarely visited by other people. There are several ways to increase visitors, but here we will be using the SEO techniques.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO?
You may have heard about it. So what exactly is it?

X : What we must do to create a Blog that is hospitable to our visitors?
Cc: We do change the layout and design of the blog so elegant look to the eyes.
X : What should we do to make friendly with Blog Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing?
Cc: This is where we have to do SEO.

Unlike WordPress and other blogging platforms, Blogger automatically do some SEO work to make the job easier for us. There are still a few ways in which we can do it.

The following is a collection of tips on SEO for you, dear ^ x ^

1) Don’t put too many posts on the site.
If we put too much content on the Homepage, it leads to duplicate content. Means more and more pages on our blog will have the same content. If the last post Our page and site have the same content?

2) Send Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
I hope you know about Google Webmaster Tools. This tools allows webmasters to provide better information and detail from their site to Google. This will be very helpful in SEO which we need. Webmaster Tools allows us to submit sitemap blog so Google Gets a better idea of the structure of the blog. Robots.txt File blogger automatically determines the url sitemap [blog feed you], but it would be better if We manually add sitemap url to GWT.

WordPress and other blogging platform has some of the same Sitemap Generator plugin. If you’re using blogger we can use the atom.XML feed as a sitemap blog.

Note:  If you have been off the Blog Feed and then activate it by going to Settings and change the Feed Site > Allow Blog Feeds into a Short or Full (don’t set to None)
Until the here used to be Yes … for the next step I will inform you on upcoming article …

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