How to make Widget Link To me?

  • First make the Logo smaller than your blog, who can easily go to any blog sidebars. It should be small and beautiful: P
  • Now upload this picture somewhere [You can use blogger to upload the logo if You want or You can select multiple services like tinypic.com].
  • Now look at the url of the image that has been uploaded
  • Ok now you type the following code into a text File

<p> If you liked this blog, provide a link back to me <br/>
This is what You will see </p>
<div style=”text-align: center;”>
<a style=”border:0px;text-decoration:none;” href=”URL_Blog_Kamu”
<img alt=”Your_Blog_Title” style=”border: 0px;”
<textarea rows=”3″ cols=”30″>
&lt;a href=”URL_Blog_Kamu” title=”Your_Blog_Title” style=”text-
&lt;img src=”Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog” alt=”Your_Blog_Title”
style=”border:0″ /&gt;

Optionally use the Widget installer to add this link to your blogger blog.

<form action=”http://beta.blogger.com/add-widget” method=”post”
<input style=”display: none;” value=”My Favourite Site”
<textarea style=”display: none;” name=”widget.content”>
&lt;a href=”URL_Blog_Kamu” title=”Your_Blog_Title” style=”text-
&lt;img src=”Url_of_a_Small_logo_of_your_blog” alt=”Your_Blog_Title”
style=”border:0″ /&gt;
<input style=”border:0px;”
src=”http://www.blogger.com/img/add/add2blogger_lg.gif” value=”Link To
Your_Blog_Title” name=”go” type=”image”/>

  • Replace all of the code In Judul_Blog_Kamu with the title of your blog
  • Replace all URL_Blog_Kamu with the url of your blog.
  • Replace all occurrences of URL_Logo_Kecil_dari_Blog_Kamu with the url of the logo that has been uploaded by.
  • Now You are ready to code!
  • Copy out the code that has been modified from the text editor.
  • Now go to Blogger > Layout page
  • Select add a gadget and select HTML/Javascript
  • Inside the widget and paste the code that has been modified and saved.

Now you have a link to me widget on his blog. If You want to test the link add a button using Blogger, then try adding a widget to your own blog [You can remove it after testing!]. With some small modifications to your code, You can change the link text from image links.

  1. You Submit blog to the directory. -One of them is in Dmoz
  2. I will not add the widget archive. If I do it I will display it on the page.
  • X: Why?
  • Cc: The Widget archive has so many links in it. As I said too many links on a page, not friendly with search engines.
  1. Do not add additional ROBOTS meta tag. Some people try to add tags like <meta name=’ robots’ ……=””> Auto Blogger doing some SEO for it. .. Do not overwrite it. Do you know? Each blogger had a robots.txt file. Of course I will not edit it.
  2. When constructing link back using your main keyword as the anchor text. <a href=””””>Anchor Text</a> -> just to explain what is Anchor Text. I’m using a free Software Download as Anchor Text
  3. Use Alt tags for images. When you use image alt tags added to try. For example <img src=”imageurl”/> can be replaced as <imgsrc=”imageurl” alt=” A little alternative to image description “/>
  4. Focus on what you have written. Always try to write some unique and interesting content. You can’t expect to be at the top of search engines with a blog post copy and paste.

These are a few that I remember. I’ll tell you if I find it again. After you finish listening to the material that maybe you have little attraction to try it. It could just be a new hobby is blogging lucrative spots for you, besides having a new-friends, we can also have a new experience:) In addition, many also yg has made blogging as a side job, with earnings yg klo suffice for everyday spending:D Join the community forum or bloggers to be far more understanding, because out there is still a lot of science should you know yg perbloggeran:P Salurkanlah back to others, because by means of it anyway … the ability of thy bonus reward will be growing again … hahaha:D


If the article is worthwhile according to you …. I am glad to have helped you in this simple learning. However, it would be more than happy if you would be willing to help spread this article

I realize there are still many flaws in this article. I am so open to receive suggestions, criticisms and testimonials to this article. I would expect, hopefully you can afford better than me. Finally, thank you for reading this article, if there is a less pleasing words less PC that I apologise Yes.
Good luck and success!

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