This exercise is quite simple and will really help you in doing other exercises besides also primarily on controlling ejaculation.

Now, try lying down on the floor with the position of terlentang. You can give the pedestal on the floor with a carpet or blanket or whatever you feel comfortable lying down on it, as long as it does not change the base kedataran lay you like for example the kapok mattress is usually bumpy and not flat.

Lay perfectly to your body, don’t let any part of the body that is elevated, because you have to really relax.

Put both your arms beside your body and start breathing with regular and deeply. Do it slowly, breathe deep breaths and diapers right also slowly.

Now, in order to let you do the “belly breathing”. Meaning that when you draw a deep breath, then the air will enter the cavity of your belly and make it bulging filled the air. If you’re not sure, you can put one of your hands over his stomach, and note whether your hands slightly raised with insistence on your stomach when breathed. You can breathe through your nose or mouth, which one do you think is more easy. If you are sure you can do abdominal breathing, now do it slowly, in intervals of at least 5 seconds for each attraction and gusts of breath. Do with casual and relaxed for 5 minutes.

Next, get up and stand up, keep doing abdominal breathing slowly and relaxed. Then start running in place, initially slowly and gradually getting faster and faster until you no longer able to run because your breath is already gasping.

So this condition is reached, slowly right your running speed, the longer the increasingly slow and eventually stop. At that time you would no longer perform abdominal breathing, but on the contrary do chest breathing.

Now, let your thoughts, do abdominal breathing. In the same way, slowly and in intervals of at least 5 seconds. You may have difficulty because of the insistence on the condition that you are experiencing wheezing, but don’t give up, let your mind and keep trying to do abdominal breathing slowly, deeply and relaxed.

After the condition of your breath is already running normal and relaxed for 5 minutes, start running in place again in a way as above. Only this time really does let you perform abdominal breathing even if you run any tight se.

It was not easy, but try and try so you can do abdominal breathing as long as possible. The one thing holding you back to do abdominal breathing is a condition when you’re wheezing, the condition is due to a lack of oxygen in your lungs so that forces you to breathe quickly to the chest.

So in fact this exercise also trains you to improve your breathing stamina. You must do this breathing exercises at least 4 times a week, but exercise per day is highly recommended.

You will find that this breathing technique will greatly help you in other exercises, as well as in the control of ejaculation when you fuck.

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