Jelq and Hold techniques are something you should do once you do the jelq for at least twenty minutes. This will make your penis and the penis sponge in the entire network heated up and stretched enough to minimize the possibility of injury. This exercise can be enlarged-fattening and lengthen your penis both in a State of weakness and an erection. After doing a wrap of the Heat for five to ten minutes, a new exercise can begin.

Warming Up
First sort your penis until it was erect and strained muscle right your PC to make it as hard as possible. At the time of your maximum erection, loosen the muscles tense and your PC as much as twenty times to develop your penis as much as possible. Then tense your PC muscles as hard as you might then hold it up to your erections become half (half an erection). Now it’s time to Jelq.

Pour your Lube and start with the Jelq method. While doing Jelq, imagine in your mind your penis extends any time you sort towards the head. Did Jelq for twenty minutes continuously without stopping. Once completed, take a break for a minute and keep your penis massages to keep the fixed half an erection. Now we are ready to Jelq and Hold.

Jilq and Hold
Start by doing the Jelq like you’ve done before, doing each sequence with a time interval for two seconds. After about twenty times the Jelq penis to make you go back in the game, doing a Jelq a bit harder than usual. If you do it strong enough, your hand must stop when it reached the head. Then, pull with strong enough to feel a good stretch in your penis, that’s called Jelq and Hold. Repeat as much as twenty times the Jelq Jelq and Hold then using the other hand. Continue this routine over and over again until the total reaches about five hundred times twenty times and Jelq Jelq and Hold. If you feel able to continue to do so without feeling pain, then use your policy to determine when you should be finished.

Cooling Down
At the end of this exercise your penis will feel very exhausted and looks like a “pumped up”. Sort your cock to full erection hard and your PC muscles that pump a few times while you sort to raise your penis to its best potential. Keep and sort out your PC muscle until pumping feels pressure strong enough to ejaculate. Once this is achieved, the sensation of strained right muscle as hard as possible on your PC you can do, cut up all the way for your sperm to come out through your ejakulator channel. Keep it’s insistence to stiffen fuck it up is gone, then repeat again. Do this as much as 5 times for cooling down.

When doing jelqing and Hold, your hand should automatically stop when it reaches the head of your penis. So your hand has stopped, begin to grip a bit stronger when you pull it. It is the right way to do this exercise.

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