The Introduction Of The Length Extender
This exercise is very effective and is a practice which is the way it works is similar to a regular ballast method which naturally by eliminating the weaknesses of the method that could possibly endanger the ballast of your penis

Way Of Working
This exercise is called the Length Xtender, these exercises can stretch your penis making it longer by engaging method “membetot penis” that lasted for more than about five to twenty minutes from beginning to the end. When you do this exercise, so this exercise will stretch the chain is located in the middle of a penis shape “similar vein”, this exercise forces the veins to stretch longer naturally after a few months of practice in the discipline. Although this exercise will lengthen your penis, but it doesn’t mean your penis will become larger, it is necessary to other exercises so that in addition to the length of your penis, also has a large ring. For optimal results both on the length and size of the second exercise, do the Length Xtender and Arabic Jelq Methods when you practice. This will not only enhance a better blood circulation to your penis, but it will also form the quicker your penis in length and magnitude. Remember, when these exercises are done at the same time in a single session, within a few months the addition of about 2 cm more is not surprising.

Efficiency Of Stretching
To achieve maximal exercise in hail stretching ototo your penis, it’s good if you know in advance how to work your penis. When you have an erection, the spaces contained in the penis will enlarge filled by. These spaces are inside the tissue of the penis, also better known as the Corpora Cavernosa. When you stretch your penis, it means you stretch an entire part of your penis, including the area that is filled with the blood. So when this area stretched right up to a certain length, then the penis will be increasingly elongated either in a State of weakness and an erection. This is simple logic, and all the people who say that your penis can not be raised does not understand the simple logic behind penis enlargement method. What most people don’t understand is that your penis is part of your body that are easiest to elongate and enlarged due to the simple fact of how it works as above. Its purpose is to enlarge! Your erection is in size because of the spaces in your penis has a certain size. With naturally train your blood to fill space-the space, or by stretching it longer, penis enlargement is very possible with little effort.
For that next follow the instructions below to learn how the most right on in this exercise:

  1. The first sit down with a relaxing and comfortable, and make sure that your penis in a State of weakness and then genggamlah on the head of your penis, don’t be too tight to strangle her until the cause of the pain or discomfort, make the grips as comfortable as possible.
  2. Then pull your penis until slowly and feel a strong enough strain on the central part and the base of your penis. This strain resistant to ten counts and repeat three times.
  3. Now at at your penis (by holding the base) into your thighs around fifty times, don’t hit it too hard, the blow just to make the blood to flow back to your penis after you squeeze it out.
  4. Next, grab your penis again as above, but this time stretch far to your left until you feel a good stretch on the right hand side and at the base of your penis. Hold this position for a count of ten times and repeat as much as approximately three times.
  5. At your penis again as much as fifty times to make the blood flow again.
  6. Next, stretch to the right with the same count and end with hit him.

At the end of this exercise should you be feeling your cock really teregangkan and ready for jelqing. Just a note, the beginner should do the practice sessions for a month before proceeding to the next exercise. Following further training:

Advanced Sessions:

Similar to the method above only in 30 count three times in a stretch, plus:

  1. Stretch your penis with the hands on part of the head.
  2. So stretched right, start by turning your penis in a circular motion to the left. His swing, but don’t spin in a circular motion. You should feel a good stretch of the entire area and the base of your penis. Cycle for 30 times round, rest for a few seconds, and repeat as many as 3 times again.
  3. Then them your penis into your thighs by as much as 50 times more to make the blood flow again.
  4. Do the same round again, only this time to the right.

Finish this exercise with the sort of your penis by up to a half-erection and follow with a thirty minute session Arabic endlessly. When finished, do the wrap Heat for ten minutes. After that your penis is supposed to look like a ‘ pumped ‘. Within a few months of disciplined workouts every day, an estimated erection you will become harder, as hard as the stem pipeline, and increase the length of about two to four centimeters. Here are a few tips that you need to remember about this exercise.

TIPS #1 :
The result of the above exercises will probably cause some effects on your penis as there are red spots on the head of your penis, and maybe also a little bit of pain because of the increase in blood vessels. But you do not worry, as this is something that is perfectly normal and will disappear around the first few weeks of practice. To help prevent the pain or freckles, warm-up with a hot Wrap for 10 minutes prior to your session Length Xtender.

TIPS #2 :
By using a bit of baby powder on your hands when doing the Length Xtender, it could do a better grip and penis and make grips are not easily detached.

TIPS #3 :
Many men have difficulty keeping an erection (limp) for doing the Length Xtender. This is normal and can be overcome easily. Whenever you experience erections, pausing to lost his erection, and then continue the exercise. If you are experiencing great difficulties because of your inability to maintain erection during exercise so as not to let the phenomenon, the blood flowing while performing the exercise.

Continue to the introduction of the Arabic Jelq too, but make sure you also read the part to Nutritional & Health!

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