Remember that you can make your penis becomes larger and hard with this exercise. Don’t ever try to enlarge your penis by using drugs or other things unseen, because who knows it will give negative impact to you.

The Arabic Jelq Methods, Power Jelq, Jelq & Hold:
Believe that by doing this exercise you can make your penis longer becomes you, unlike anything you’ve ever come across before. Jelq methods succeed do so because when you flushed your penis, you’re forcing the blood to enter into the cavity inside the cavity muscle-Corpora Cavernosa which are usually limited in size. However if you are milking the penis in a sustainable way, then the cavity-cavity inside your penis will be stretched larger and larger, breaking down the walls of the cells in the Corpora Cavernosa muscle (erectile tissue). Along with the exercises you have done continuously, then the cavity-ronggaotot your penis will become larger and stronger. In a period not too long, you will feel the difference quite significantly to the size or ketegangannya when an erection, so in a period of three or four months of exercises every day, the result was inconceivable.
Your erections will be hard like a piece of pipe, penis size fatter, longer, and increasing blood circulation from this exercise will no doubt be improved sensation thus achieved a maximum satisfaction.

For a little over six to twelve months of continuous training, should you experience increased the size of the penis length of at least 6 inches. What I mean by exercise every day is jelqing for at least thirty minutes continuously without stopping.

Length Xtender and Power Stretch:
Exercise length extender will stretch networks on your penis, which resemble the sinews (tendons), making it longer good when erect and limp. Exercise Length Xtender. This exercise is done by stretching the penis to your liking, stop the circulation back to the head of your penis. Exercise length extender can be done every day, at least three times a week to help with the process of enlargement. Power Stretch is also a muscle flexing exercises your penis in a way that is almost the same, but it also imposes a handheld-pull techniques on testikel to stretch and soften the skin tissue that connects testikel to the penis. This exercise is believed can boost testosterone hormone levels and sperm count in the scrotal.

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