This exercise is intended ONLY for those of you who have been practicing and doing all the exercises in the “Introduction” topic of this course. This exercise is done with quite intense and if you’ve never rehearsed with exercises in the “Introduction”, chances are you have a greater risk with the advent of spots of blood (blood spots) on your penis.

Warming Up
As usual, a warm-up is indispensable before you do this exercise until you get the results and the convenience of more significant. Do Wrap the heat for five minutes, then pat dry with a soft towel.

By using your choice of lubricant (such as baby oil), urutl of the penis using the fingers of your hands until you reach the condition of half an erection. After reaching conditions half erection, start doing the Jelq. Then proceed with the Arabic Jelq methods for fifteen minutes, concentrate properly on the lengthening and stretching the penis phenomenon you whenever you sort. Note the head of your penis enlarged every time you sort, konsentrasilah on the blood that fills every space in your penis. Do this continuously without stopping.

After fifteen minutes have elapsed, do Kegels exercise fifty times to heat your PC muscles, hold the grip that last for ten seconds.

Now you are ready to exercise Power Jelq.

Power Jelq Exercises:
When you are finished doing the warming up, rub your penis using your choice of lubricant until it can guarantee a long workout can be done relentlessly without smearing your penis again with lubricant. Now, as discussed in the introduction of the Arabic Jelq Methods, the right way to do the Jelq is any sequence from the base to the bottom of the head of the penis is one second intervals with one hand before you continue with the other hand. With the Power Jelq, each order shall be for three seconds and followed a strong Kegel? handling for any order of ten times. This exercise is very simple and should be performed at least five times per week for at least thirty minutes continuously.

The following is an example of the Power Jelq exercise is simple:

  1. Heating with a hot Wrap for five minutes and one practice session Length Xtender for ten minutes.
  2. Make your penis into a half-erection and start an Arabic Jelq exercises for fifteen minutes to really expand your penile tissues and to prepare a Power Jelq exercises.
  3. Next, dampen it again with your lubrication. Now you are ready to start an exercise Power Jelq.
  4. Start like when you do the Jelq, but this time it did used to be a Kegel? and notice how much blood instantly fill your penis when you are straining your PC.
  5. As soon as you see the addition of blood when you do the Kegel?, do the Jelq by gently for about three seconds to reach the bottom of the head of the penis.
  6. When you do the Jelq is slowly, you’re supposed to feel a sense of tingling in the head of your penis. Think this might be amused is a phenomenon of the blood vessels that are turned on by blood as you do the Jelq
  7. Do three seconds jelqing slowly by as much as nine times and do a Kegel?. Then follow immediately with a Jelq. Feel the sensation when you reach the bottom of the head of your penis. Continue for thirty minutes.

Remember that, nine times a strong Jelq then continued with the once powerful Jelq & Kegel?. Follow this pattern continuously for thirty minutes. Do Wrap the heat for five minutes to end your workout.

Because this exercise is very intensive and is a critical part in the aspect of enlargement in this manual, then it’s reasonable for some men experiencing red bruises, spots of blood, or purple dots on their penis. If such signs appear on your penis, don’t worry, because it is quite normal and not harmful. If there is pain on the signs, it is quite wise if stopped for a few days and let your penis heal. Keep in mind that a proper warm-up before involving yourself in an intensive exercise will cut off the possibility of a painful bruise of the exercises in this program. Repeat this exercise instructions read continuously and make sure you do all exercises correctly. In addition, doing just one of these exercises are not going to give you the results that you strive for. You must train your willpower and a complete workout involving right and you have to use this exercise every day. My male colleagues spent one and a half hours per day for these exercises. Some of you say that you do not have enough time to do it. I say it was crap, and I assure you, on average, the men spent more than 3 hours per day on things that do not really matter, like watching football, television, play games or prolonged sleeping. You must decide what your time is better spent.
Continue with exercises Power Stretch …

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