Power Stretch is a form other than the Length Xtender, but more complex. The reason for this exercise is able to make men more dependent testikel to the bottom of the penis. Why is it so, because many men feel confident because they’re too testikel attaches to the penis and cause their penis looks smaller. This makes their already small penis look smaller again.

Initial Steps
As always, do a hot Wrap on your testikel and penis for five minutes and pat dry with a soft towel. The skin of the penis and stretch your testikel gently for a few minutes until all the dots “lined up” will be flexing and easier to stretched. Grasp around the base where your testikel sticking with the penis. Press slowly until testikel join interested when the area is inside the docking between your hands (testikel should be above your hand and the docking between inside of your hand). Hold (as will pinch) and slowly pull the skin tissue and the docking between sections. You will probably feel a little uncomfortable in the sense your testikel and lower abdomen. At the moment it is a State where you have to stop pulling. Rest briefly, then pull it again, several times over the next few minutes. This will make your testikel chain elongate and can increase the blood flow to it, as well as increasing the size and volume of ejaculate.
Next, break and sorting your testikel and area including (halfway between two testikel) for a few minutes to keep the blood flowing and the remain limber up her skin.

Now, the second ball testikel handheld/phallus you (when I just call ‘ it means ‘ second testikel balls testikel) with a powerful yet comfortable grip and not painful. Use the other hand and grab your penis is just under the head as in the Length Xtender. Now, pull down the hand grasping your testikel and upward to the other hand grasping your penis. You should feel a good stretch in the section connecting testikel to your penis. Hold the State for ten counts. Rest for a few seconds and repeat five more times. Rest for a few minutes and sort your testikel. With them your penis slowly into the thigh to make the blood flow again.


  • Start with exercises like stretching, warming up and the skin.
  • Testikel handheld and your penis as above and begin to stretch. Stop when you feel a stretch of a good stretch and hold for twenty seconds.
  • After twenty minutes passed, relax for a few seconds, then grab your cock and testikel again.
  • Stretch again, but this time by pulling your testikel towards the left and to the right of your penis. Feel a good stretch and hold for twenty seconds.
  • Breaks for ten seconds.
  • Stretch again, but this time by pulling your testikel towards right and your penis towards the left. Feel a good stretch and hold for twenty seconds.
  • Longer breaks for ten seconds.
  • Stretch again, only this time by pulling your testikel down and your penis upwards. Feel a good stretch and hold for thirty seconds round off with the fluffy Heat for five minutes.

Many men do this exercise every day for thirty minutes. You can decide for yourself how much time is enough for you. This exercise can lengthen your penis both in a State of weakness as well as erection and will make your testikel hang further down again. Listen to your body and don’t squeeze or pull too hard and cause pain or discomfort. Always do a Heat Wrap to heat and end the practice. This will help to prevent accidents due to excessive exercise.
Continue with your Workout Length Extender …

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