This exercise is designed to strengthen and harden your erections, the other will also give you the power and control, increase the volume of ejaculate. Remember, these exercises are only intended for Advanced clients who have trained themselves for at least a month with the introduction of the exercises. To do this exercise you need to have the PC muscles which are already trained, because if not then you will stop because the ejaculate. This exercise teaches you about control, and gives you the ability to choose when you want to ejaculate, ejaculation or not at all. When you reach the climax, your power drained and you become tired. If you reach a climax before your partner, it can be disappointing to both of you. This exercise helps you to build your control and power against the urging of ejaculation, you can experience what these days is often referred to as the “Male Multiple Orgasm”. And of course it’ll impress your partner if they are unfamiliar with the syndrome of “Sorry, I already came” that many experienced by the men. The benefits of this exercise has gone beyond general limits on “a strong penis” and give a new definition on the ability of the penis.

Gain an erection, and urutlah condition continues until an erection as hard as possible are able to do. I need help for that? You certainly answered no, because I know for sure the men often do so at the time of their puberitas.

Once you achieve the hardest erection State, strained right muscle as hard as possible on your PC you can do and urutlah your cock at the same time. When your PC muscles straining, you should have seen the erection you are filled with the blood of many more on the rod and the head of your penis, and it feels even harder. These circumstances teach a thing to you; the more your PC muscles are trained, the harder the erection.

Do it again, only continue with a suspenseful and relax your PC up to your erections become little muscles relax. Sort through a hard erection again, then strained right muscle and hold it to your PC to make your erections harder again. Hold a State like this, and begin to sort out to keep his erection hard. So you feel as if your PC muscles are weakened, loosen your PC muscles but keep sorting. Strained right muscle your PC and hold again. Do this until you feel will reach orgasm.

Controlling Ejaculation
So the feeling of reaching orgasm is becoming increasingly strong, strained right muscle your PC as strong as possible as you can afford, breathe in deeply through your mouth. Imagine your sperm retroactively went back inside while you keep your PC muscles right gripped tighter and tighter again. Do continue, sort your penis until you feel pressure to ejaculate already events can not be right again. Once you are sure that you will climax, strained right muscle as hard as possible your PC while you breathe deeply through your mouth. Continue to progressively tighten the muscles of your PC, don’t give up, hold the insistence of ejaculation. Imagine your sperm flows behind the back entrance, to the insistence that diminished and continue your PC muscles tight right until finally urging it to disappear altogether.

Do exercise control of ejaculation is as much as 10 times, make sure you do not ejaculate during exercise. If you ejaculate, then you have to train your PC muscles more than that now.

Change Your Life
Once ejaculation control exercises smoothly you do after 10-20 sets, do this exercise as much as possible to train your PC muscles to resist. An erection your penis right and strained muscle right your PC several times while you sort out his erection to guarantee you hard enough. Once you achieve powerful erections, Squeeze gently on the stem is your penis, just under the head. Strained muscle right now, your PC is as strong as possible until the throbbing, then ease off. When your PC muscles straining, you should be able to feel your cock throbbing. Continue over and over again until your erections become limp. Erection right again, and repeat as above, repeated over and over. Do this until your PC muscles are really exhausted and unable to thrilling her. When you have finished, you will know that you have received the PC muscle exercises first class because normally he would be shaking and felt quite tired. You must do this exercise every day, or at LEAST 4 times a week. Do it every day not only form a habit that’s better, but it also makes you feel more fit and potentially.

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