Your Testikel is an organ that is very vital and important in your body, and without it you become an extinct species. Keep it always in the best condition will not only give you a harder erection, passion, sex and the amount of ejaculate is higher, but it will also give you a number of healthy sperm and a chance to get the child. The key of the function and health of the proper testikel is a better blood circulation to your testikel. This exercise describes how to improve blood circulation to your testikel at a higher level to improve all functions and overall health. Let’s get started.

Before doing anything, do Wrap your testikel heat for about 5 minutes. When finished, pour a little a lot of baby oil into the Palm of your hand and sweep evenly onto the skin your testikel. Make sure the liquid is actually had his smearing.

Start the sort all your testikel surfaces, but not directly on the ball testikelnya. It was the sort of two-ball movement with your testikel pumping using the thumb and your fingers. Sort the base (the part near the anus), and pull down (like pinching) while you sort. Do this for 3 minutes.

Use your hands and fingers are stretchable and your testikel handheld on the roots and slowly pull down (as if you would like to revoke it) pull you back, loosen, then pull again as above, and so on for 3 minutes.

Give a little bit of pressure on the ball while his sort out your testikel. Take the second ball to the receiving pressure and testikel sequence. If you have trouble imagining how do this, imagine the movement when you put the two marbles are on the table and your fingers in a State of tangkupkan meeting on it, then move your hand menggeser-geser two of the marbles without making it slip out of your hand, catches like that too at your testikel.

Continue all steps above over and over again. This sorting routine should be done for at least 10 minutes each day, preferably in the morning or before bed. 3 times a week you have to stretch the skin with your testikel, feel a comfortable stretch when you pull the Peel. Another good stretching method is such that there is on Power Stretch exercise.

After training exercises of this sort, you should teregangkan testikel and appear to hang further down than usual, in addition also appears larger. This is caused by increasing blood circulation to your testikel by doing the above exercises. You should do this sort and stretch techniques at least 3-4 times a week, but can do exercises every day for optimal results for the health and fertility of your testikel.

Tips :
A good method to actually increase the addition of blood circulation to your testikel when doing these exercises is to heat up a bottle of baby oil for a few minutes in a basin containing hot water and paste it on your penis or your testikel.

A sense of heat will increase the blood flow in addition to also heat absorbed faster.

Warming Heat Wrap

The main purpose of penis enlargement exercises or penis which amplifies the muscle the Corpora Cavernosa to raise and networks as well as the sponge wraps it in order to be filled or the pumping of blood by the ter during the erection. If you start a workout without warming up first, then you are likely experiencing red patches (blood spots) or bruising. Therefore, these exercises should be performed before and after you train your muscles in your penis and your testikel phallus.

To do this, your penis should first limp (not erect) and then hold the head of the penis or the helmet of your penis, but not too tightly as this can cause pain. Next, pull your penis with moderate strength toward the front, so that your penis will experience stretch on the muscle-otonya. Remove the grips or handrails you for ten seconds and repeat ten times in a row. Once in a while when you stretch your penis, penis cycle with circular motions (like I’m whisking cake), ten times to the left, and ten times to the right. This will stretch your penis and can help to the next exercise. After your penis stretched right overall, do a massage-a massage the penis to make it half an erection. You certainly know better how to make your penis erection isn’t it?

The next step, take a rag heat to warm the tissue in your penis and your testikel. Do as follows:

After doing stretching exercises, take the above fabrics with somewhat thicker width and size to be able to absorb more water. Then basahilah the cloth with hot water for a minute or so, peraslah a little to get rid of excess water. Stand and then wrap a washcloth that has been moistened in hot water around the penis and your testikel. This is probably going to make your cock a little skin feels hot and may be your reflex will be surprised and tried to let go of the rag, but keep to survive, because of the heat it gradually will disappear by itself. Now, sit down or other substitute for sitting with your feet stepped on the floor so you feel relaxed. Let this hot cloth wrap your testikel and penis for approximately 2 minutes and do exercise your penis compress as much as five times. Compressing is done with the purpose of improving and making the blood stays in the penis, and make the blood vessels become larger and flexible. The aim is that the results of the next exercise can be more optimally.

Another way to keep your blood vessels become larger and filled by blood flow, is by way of watering your penis with warm water of the shower. How, after doing a stretch, fill the bath tub with hot water to taste only, so you can take a dip inside. Go into the bath tub and stretch as well as sort of your penis, pull and rotate-putarkan in hot water or under the guyuran hot water. Do for about ten to fifteen minutes.

If you use a Heat Wrap techniques, in order to wrap the unbroken heat, provide two strands of fabric to be used and as well as a tray contains hot water. Please use one of the fabric to the other, and compresses an unused soaked in hot water for the preparation of the next heat wrap.This can make the heat on your penis and sustaining steady..

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