Sharp’s IGZO screen technology for personal and business computing

 Sharp’s IGZO screen technology on their 32-inch PNK322B monitor is an amazing screen, in this case running on Windows. It’s a touchscreen too, in fact ten simultaneous fingers capable on Windows 8. It works with a stylus as well. Sharp does not own IGZO technology but is the first to license it in new monitors, laptops, tablets and phones.

Sharp PNK322B 32 inch ultra resolution ten finger touchcreen and stylus monitor

Sharp PNK322B 32 inch ultra resolution ten finger touchcreen and stylus monitor

With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the equivalent of four Full HD screens, it’s basically a 4K, Ultra HDTV squeezed down to 32 inches.

The Apple Store also sells a less expensive version without touch screen, the Sharp 32″ PN-K321 – 4K Ultra HD LED Monitor, $3,849 which comes with two built-in speakers.

Because the very same ultra-resolution Sharp IGZO screen technology is also available on the new Dell XPS 15 laptop starting at $1,899.99 compared to Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina display starting at $2,049. It’s also used on the iPad mini retina and iPad Air, but not that crazy 4K resolution.

Dell XPS 15 with eye-popping 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolutionDell XPS 15 with eye-popping 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolutionLet’s talk about the Dell XPS 15 which is sharper at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels compared to the MacBook Pro 15 at 2880-by-1800 pixels with similar IPS screen quality. But it comes with many more customization options such as a combo 1TB hard drive and SSD, or a Samsung 500 GB SSD. Both are armed to the teeth with Intel 4th gen i7 technology. They weigh in within a couple of grams 2.01 kg for the XPS versus 2.06 kg for the MacBook Pro and have a classy tier one look with attention to detail.

Dell XPS 15 can surpass $4,000 with options, features a nice feeling medium hard rubber finish around the keyboard and wrist rest area and a sensitive multi finger touchpad. It comes with Windows 8.1, a must upgrade from Windows 8, as applications recognize the ultra-screen resolution and you can easily change settings to see larger icons that retain their sharpness.

Some apps still have some catching up to look their best on these high resolutions. Internet Explorer works great with sharp graphics compared to Chrome browser, as it recognizes the sharper screen, as does Office 365. But Photoshop still shows tiny icons on this big screen. Still, images look drop-dead gorgeous.

IGZO, short for indium gallium zinc oxide, technology lights up its pixels more efficiently requiring less power, about 50 per cent less, and a thinner format. This gives another advantage to the XPS 15 as its Dell Xps m1530 Battery lasts 10 per cent longer than the MacBook Pro.

The iPad mini retina also uses IGZO screen technology, as does the newest iPad Air, both thinner and longer lasting on batteries, but with a lower display score that more traditional display technologies like LTPS, used for years on iPhones.

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