Tips for Asus a32-n56 laptop battery charging and storage

Different working temperatures, notebook battery usage, screen brightness, and Apps in operation all affect the durability and lifespan of the laptop battery. Today AussieBatt battery experts sahre the introduction of Asus laptop battery features and tips for maintaining the notebok battery.

Asus A32-N56 Laptop Battery Maintenance Tips

Asus A32-M50 laptop battery

1.The Asus notebook battery typically has a lifespan of between 300 and 500 cycles under normal use and operating conditions. Using the Notebook in a higher or lower ambient temperature affects the total number of cycles in the battery life.

2. In order to extend the Asus a32-n56 laptop battery lifetime, please avoid frequently plugging and unplugging the power adapter.

3. The Asus laptop battery should be stored at a dry environment with temperature ranging from 10℃ to 30℃. You must take into account that internal temperature of Notebook  is higher than the outside. Any temperature out of this range would decrease battery performance. Operating the battery at a higher temperature increases the risk of a battery explosion

4. Do not store the Asus laptop battery pack in a damp/humid or cold environment.  Moisture or a cold environment might speed up the discharge rate. The chemical ingredients inside the battery might degrade when it exposed to low temperatures. On the other hand, there’s risk of explosion when exposed to extremely high temperatures.

5. Do not place your Notebook or battery pack near a radiator, fireplace, stove, or any source of heat. Temperatures over 60℃ (140℉) might cause the Asus A42-G73 battery pack to explode, to leak chemical fluids, or to cause athe fire.

6. Before you turn on the device and activate again when it has been set aside for a long period, we suggest you first charge it by the Asus original laptop power adapter for more than 3 hours.

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