Pursonic i7 pro robot vacuum cleaner features and battery life

A Pursonic i7 pro robot vacuum cleaner sound like the ultimate dream technology for your home.┬áBut before you throw out your old vacuum cleaner in favour of a dust-zapping robot, watch AussieBatt vacuum battery expert’s guide and read on to find out what to look out for.

Robot vacuum cleaners range from the very simple ones that will adopt a trial-and-error approach to finding their way around your floors, to high-end robots with Nasa-inspired navigation and remote control.

Robot vacuum cleaner technical features

Cleaning modes: Generally speaking, the more you spend, the more choice of cleaning modes you’ll get. For example, the has everything from auto mode, where you can programme it to automatically move around a space once or until it runs out of YX-Ni-MH-022144 vacuum cleaner battery, to spot clean, where it will focus on a particular area of your choice.

Sensor technology: Most robot vacuums use some sort of smart sensor technology to help them negotiate their way around your home. For example, the has three sensors and a digital camera to stop itself from falling down stairs or colliding with furniture.

Pursonic i7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Battery┬álife: Most robot vacs come with a docking station that they will automatically return to when they need recharging, but some cheaper models need to be plugged in – which could mean you come home to a half-cleaned living room. Make sure you also check how long the robot takes to recharge before you can send it off on another mission, as we’ve found that this can vary between models.

Remote control: Some robots include remote controls so that you can direct the vacuum from the comfort of your sofa, while others – such as the Neato BotVac – can be controlled via an app on your phone. You can manually schedule most robot vacuums to clean at a set time, but if you want the flexibility of remote control, look for a model with smart functionality for the ultimate in automated home cleaning.

Brush type: The brushes on your robot vac will determine how well it cleans and whether it can reach any tight spots. The has a brush bar with beaters to lift dirt to the surface and suck it up, while recent models from Samsung and iRobot have included full-width turbo brush bars, which can mean better floor coverage. Sweeper brushes – spindly little brushes that rotate on the edge of the vac – may look futile, but can be handy for directing dirt into the path of the vacuum.

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