How to conserve Dell KM973 Laptop Battery Power

Ways to maximize Dell KM973 Laptop Battery Life

There are actions you can take to make your battery last longer during each charge cycle and live longer over many cycles. Dellalways recommends following the instructions for charging and storage that came with the battery. Reliable & huge laptop batteries onine shop offer additional suggestions to help you get the most from your portable power supply.

Manage Dell KM973 Laptop Battery more effectively in Windows

Make sure your Dell studio laptop battery gives the power you need, when you need it. Power Options in your Control Panel allow you to adjust the power management features.

Conserving Dell studio 1737 laptop battery life steps

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum readable level. Use the function keys on the top of your keyboard to adjust the brightness.
  • Remove peripherals when not in use. External hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zip drives, PC cards, and other peripheral devices can draw power from your Dell KM973 Laptop Battery even when they are not in active use.¬†Disconnect them when you have finished using them.
  • Turn off the Wireless On-Off button when it is not in use. If your Dell Laptop Battery has one, press the Wireless On-Off button so that the light turns off.
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