How to Maximize Toshiba pa3399u-2bas Battery Life on Windows 10

A laptop battery heats up as you use the tool; that’s normal. But it overheats, however, as you overuse your Toshiba laptop. You should back off a bit and your Toshiba Satellite Laptop Battery — along with the rest of  laptop will last longer.

Set your display to turn off when not in use

Windows 10 can be configured to turn off your display when the PC is not in use for a set amount of time. You can also set it to cut network connections when asleep and on battery power. This will keep your battery going in the long run.

Enable and configure battery saver mode

Windows 10 has a built-in battery saver tool that can help you get a few more minutes out of your battery. You can enable the battery saver through the Windows 10 Action Center.

Change or create your own laptop battery power plan

Windows 10 has several default power plans to choose from, including one that saves Toshiba pa3399u-2bas notebook battery.

Choose which apps can run on Toshiba laptop battery power

If there are apps that you seldom use when on battery power, you can prohibit them from running in the background when your PC isn’t plugged in.

Optimize your laptop battery for video playback

If you’re trying desperately to see how your movie ends and you see the battery draining away quickly, you can change some settings that will optimize Asus A41-X550 laptop battery life for watching videos.

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