ASUS B31N1536 replacement battery

ASUS B31N1536 replacement battery for ASUS TP201SA TP201SA-3K UK battery shop, buy cheap B31N1536 battery , B31N1536 battery with low price and high quality!Compatible Part Numbers:
Compatible Model Numbers:

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Use Charge – Use – Discharge – Switch off – Charge Philosophy

Always charge your new laptop’s battery completely and then unplug the AC power charger. Then switch on the laptop and use it, till the complete battery power is exhausted.

When the ASUS B31N1536 battery power is 0;  your laptop will automatically switch off or hibernate. Now plug the AC power back and charge the laptop as usual. Do not use the laptop while it is charging, let the charge accumulate completely till you see the charging LED go dull.

Using Laptop on Desk ? Remove the ASUS B31N1536 Battery and Use Direct AC Power Instead

If you are using the laptop on an office desk and won’t be moving it to a different position for a while, consider removing the battery from the laptop and use direct AC Power. This will ensure that the ASUS B31N1536 battery will not receive or release any power and hence will not be damaged after a few days.

Avoid Overheating

Temperature is another factor which decides the life of your laptop’s battery. You can avoid overheating of laptop by

  • Using cooling pads
  • Placing the laptop over a book such that the laptop’s fan can release the inner heat to the surrounding.
  • Don’t place the laptop on bed or soft areas, which can clog the fan and the temperature release areas.
  • Switch off the computer when not in use.
  • Extend your RAM.
  • Do not use the laptop on extreme temperature conditions e.g using it in open sunlight, workshop etc.
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