How to Get the Most Out of Your Batteries

  1. Minimize the chance of battery leakage by not mixing battery types in the same device.
  • Using alkaline and carbon batteries in the same device will degrade the performance of both batteries.
  1. Dispose of them when necessary. Alkaline batteries are not considered to be hazardous waste and do not need any special disposal methods.
  2. When battery powered equipment fails to operate, remove the batteries immediately.
  3. Always replace batteries in complete sets if a piece of equipment uses more than one battery
  • Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable.
  1. Use caution when handling the batteries. Handling hot or warm batteries should be avoided
  2. Don’t incinerate, crush, puncture or mutilate batteries.
  3. Remember that Used or damaged batteries should not be stored with new batteries.
  4. Wear eye protection and gloves when handling batteries that show signs of leakage, bulging, swelling or deformity.
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