How to fast charge your iPhone 8

Apple has launched the iPhone 8, it brings a line of new features and one is its ability to rapidly charge to 50%, but you don’t get a fast charger in the box.

If you bought the iPhone 8 and want the promised fast charging, the standard iPhone 8 package does not come with a fast charger, to get the advertised fast speed you need a new charger. Apple likely did this to keep packaging size smaller and also to make users buy their accessories.

What is PD charging?

There are many fast charging protocols, such as QC3.0, Pump and Apple also have their own for iPhones and iPads, if you have a few different devices, you will need a different charger to fast charge each one. There are some chargers with multi protocol, but not one charger that will fast charge everything.

PD changes all that, it is a universal charging protocol so any brand can use it. It is designed to charge fast and to unite all brands in one fast charging system. It brings the promise of one fast charger for every device.

Fast charging with the new iPhone

If you stick with Apple, the original chargers are $50, a fraction of the price of a new iPhone, but, just like their cables, they are overpriced. Alternatives are available.

Are third party iPhone PD chargers safe?

PD is open to all manufacturers, so the exact same protocol is in other chargers. Provided you grab a genuine PD charger, the performance will be identical. As this is a tech not controlled by apple, these chargers do not need to be MFI certified. However, this is only for PD chargers, you should still check all lighting cables for certification.

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