Huawei launches MediaPad M2 tablet pc with Touch ID

Today, CES 2016 is opened, and in the show, there are many new products displayed including Huawei. In this CES 2016, Huawei launches its new tablet, MediaPad M2.

This unit looks quite similar as MediaPad 10FHD, its body is made of metal, and unit size is 239.8*172.75*7.35mm. MediaPad M2 owns one 10 inch IPS screen, and screen resolution is 1920*1200 pixels, CPU is Kirin 930 octa core processor, its has two editions, one is 2GB RAM+16GB storage, and 3GB RAM+64GB storage. Its front camera is 5M pixels, rear camera is 13M pixels, and owns four Harman Kardon speakers, battery capacity is 6660Mah, operation system is Android 5.1 OS.

Huawei MediaPad M2

This MediaPad M2 is also the first tablet pc with Touch ID function from Huawei, and package includes one M-pen.

Regarding its price, 2GB+16GB+Wifi edition is about 350 US dollars, 2GB+16GB+LTE edition is about 400 US dollars, 3GB+64GB+Wifi edition is about 420 US dollars, 3GB+64GB+LTE edition is about 470 US dollars,

This MediaPad M2 will be for sale in first quarter of this year.

iPad Air 3 may roll out 1st half of 2016

Today, news from, new iPad Air 3 may roll out in first half of 2016. New iPad Air 3 may not come with 3D Touch function. The may reason is the supply chain of Apple has some problem. In the Sept, Apple launched its new smartphone, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. One main function of new iPhone is the 3D Touch.

iPad Air 3

3D Touch is one new pressure detection technology. Users can accomplish Peek and PoP operation to visit shortcut menu and preview the content of Apps. said new iPhone 7 may also come with 3D Touch function which is similar as iPhone 6S. iPhone 7 will also roll out in July 2016,

Hampoo launches its first dash cam

Yesterday afternoon, in China, Hampoo launches its first dash cam named Kuzo. Hampoo is one tablet pc solution provider. But as tablet pc market is going slower, so Hampoo starts to enter other industrial. This time, it chooses dash cam.

Hampoo Kuzo dash cam

Now, people care more and more about driving security, so dash cam becomes more and more popular in worldwide, but the competition is also very high, and most of dash cam in market are quite similar, similar looks, similar features etc.

Most dash cameras adopt Amberalla, Novatek, Allwinner, Sunplus or Mediatek solutions. Hampoo Kuzo is the first dash cam adopting Intel SOC.

We can see the above picture of Kuzo dash cam. This unit does not have screen, the benefit is to avoid any interruption by screen, and it can reduce the size and weight of dash cam.

Except the basic function, like video recording, parking monitor, G sensor, motion detection etc, this Kuzo dash cam has one 128GB built in storage. It adopts the Intel SoFia 3G-R SOC, this processor is widely adopted by smartphones, and supports 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM etc. Now many dash cam can only support Wifi and GPS function.

Cheap Samsung tablet pc for low end market

Now, tablet pc market is not good, but Samsung is still keeping on developing new tablet pc. Recently, people disclosed one new Samsung tablet pc named Galaxy Tab E 8.0. Its model number is SM-T377V. This is one 8 inch tablet pc. From its configuration, we can see it is mostly for medium and low end market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0

This Galaxy Tab E 8.0 is the upgrading edition of Galaxy Tab 4 8.0. It owns one 8 inch IPS screen, resolution is 1280*800 pixels. CPU is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad core processor, frequency is 1.2GHz. RAM is 1.5GB, and storage is 16GB. Its rear camera is 5M pixels. Information of front camera is unknown for now, it should be 2M pixels. This unit can support Bluetooth 4.0 and 4G LTE network. Battery capacity is 5000Mah. Unit size is 126*221*8.9mm

Front its configuration, we can not find any highlights, but it will be for sale very soon.

new generation of LG processor

Though the first generation of LG processor does not have good market respond, LG still wants to develop its own processor for smartphones. Recently, some information about new generation LG processor was disclosed. It is one octa core SOC with Intel XMM7360 base band which allows LG processor supporting LTE Cat 10 standard.

This LG NUCLUN 2 SOC adopts four ARM Cortex A72, frequency is 2.1GHz, and four ARM Cortex A53, frequency is 1.5GHz. But there is no information about its GPU, it should be from Mali or PowerVR. One interesting point is this SOC has integrated Intel XMM7360 base band. As information we have, this base band will be adopted by iPhone 7 as well.

LG processor

Regarding base band, till now, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Samsung 8890 are leader, they can support Cat 12 and Cat 13 standard. But Huawei Kirin 950 can only support up to Cat 6 standard.

This LG NUCLUN 2 may be based on TSMC 16nm process and Intel 14nm process. News from Korea, LG has already made agreement with Intel. Its new processor will be supplied by Intel, in meanwhile, Intel will also join the development and design of this new SOC.

Fujitsu launches new transformer book

As the good sales of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, now many tablet pc suppliers have started to launch their own similar products. Recently, Fujitsu launched one similar tablet pc, model number is R726.

Fujitsu is one 12 inch transformer book with keyboard. It adopts alloy body material. Its thickness is 10mm, total weight is 790g. As it is very light, it becomes one of the most portable 2 in 1 tablet pc.

Fujits R726

Of course, its performance is also very good. It has several editions, lower edition owns dual core quad threads CPU, Skylake Core I3-6100U processor. Top edition has Core I5-6200U. Except that, all editions owns 4GB RAM, and storage is up to 512GB.

There is one ADSL connector, one USB 3.0 host, and one Mini Display port. In meanwhile, this unit can support 802.11ac Wifi, and NFC function.

More important, the battery life of this R726 can be as long as 12 hours. Till now, its price is unknown, as estimation, it will be for sale next Feb.

Huawei P8 Max with 6.8 inch screen rolls out

This April, Huawei announced its new smartphone in London, P8 and P8 Max. At end of June, both units are for sale in worldwide. But as the high price, about 600 US dollars, its shipment volume is not very good. So recently, Huawei launched new P8 Max smartphone. Its price is nearly 160 US dollars cheaper, but configuration is the same.

Huawei P8 Max

The design of P8 Max is nearly the same as Huawei P8, but screen size is bigger, 6.8 inch. Screen resolution is 1080P. Its CPU is the Kirin 930 octa core processor. RAM is 3GB, storage is 32GB. There are dual cameras built in. The front camera is 5M pixels, and rear camera is 13M pixels. Battery capacity is 4360Mah. But compared with old P8 Max, this new edition has only silver color available.

New Huawei P8 Max is already for sale online.

Octa core is meaningless for smartphones

Recently, Qualcomm launched its new SOC, Snapdragon 820. This processor is one quad core CPU. Now, market is full of octa core smart phone, this Snapdragon 820 seems to be fallen behind. But is it really?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm said, octa core is meaningless for users, it is only the marketing strategy, and in future, Qualcomm will focus on developing CPU with less cores. This Snapdragon 820 is adopting 64 bit Kryo cores, and latest Adreno 520 GPU. In meanwhile, it comes with Hexagon 680 DSP, Spectra camera module. 4G LTE modem.

Qualcomm said, compared with Snapdragon 810, the power consumption of this Snapdragon 820 is 30%, and performance is much higher. The Kryo is the first customized 64 bit core from Qualcomm. Its single thread performance is nearly 300% of ARM Cortex A57.

Qualcomm said the amount of cores will not depend performance, most important thing is Strea. Of course, we hope Qualcomm can verify its points by detail.

Configuration information of XiaoMi MiPad 2

This morning, the configuration information of new XiaoMi tablet pc is disclosed online. This new tablet pc is called MiPad 2. Regarding performance, its single core is scored only 985, and multiple core is scored 3268. Compared with the first generation MiPad, its performance is not boosted too much. The single core performance of first generation MiPad is over 1000, and multi core is over 3200.

So why the performance of this new MiPad 2 is not high as usual. The main reason is processor. XiaoMi MiPad 2 adopts Intel Atom X5 Z8500 quad core processor. Frequency is 2.24GHz. This processor is based on 14nm process technology, and integrates 8th Gen Intel HD Graphics GPU. It can support 8GB RAM and 2K resolution screen at max. As its low cost, this processor is mainly for medium end market.

Except that, XiaoMi MiPad 2 owns 2GB RAM. Nowadays, many tablets pc start to adopt 4GB or 8GB RAM, the RAM of MiPad 2 is too small now. Of course, maybe it has different edition with bigger RAM.

XiaoMi MiPad 2

The news said operation system of XiaoMi MiPad 2 is Android 5.1, but consider its processor is based on X86 architecture, so it may also support Windows operation system.

From the above information, we can see the performance of new MiPad 2 will not be too high, especially when running Windows 10 OS.


Shipment volume of XiaoMi RedMi 2A exceeds 11 million pieces

As news from Leadcore, the shipment volume of XiaoMi RedMi 2A has already been over 11 million pieces.

This XiaoMi RedMi 2A smart phone was launched on April this year, and developed by XiaoMi and Leadcore together. As its high performance, and good users experience, its sales is very good in market. After that, XiaoMi launched new edition RedMi 2A, and sales is also very high.

XiaoMi RedMi 2A

So why RedMi 2A is so welcome, one main reason is the LC1860 SOC solution from Leadcore. And Leadcore becomes the first 4G LTE SOC provider in China whose sales volume exceeds 10 million pieces. This LC1860 has very powerful computing and communication capacity, its performance is much better than other SOC with similar price in market.

As adopting the latest and advanced SDR radio technology, this LC1860 can be not only used for smartphones, but also other 4G LTE smart end devices. Now, in market, there are many 4G LTE SOC, but few of them are made in China, this LC1860 may be a good start. Except smartphone market, LC1860 is also adopted in car entertainment, trunking communication, satellite communication etc.