Water curtain wall cooling installation works

1, the installation of the first check before the fan components are safe, and check the shell, whether the wind caused by deformation or damage to the transport process, or should be repaired to determine the normal use.
2, the installation should be checked before the air inlet and outlet location and installation size is relative.
3, check the frame, whether the deformation of fan blades, fan rotation is flexible, with or without friction, check all fasteners are complete, tighten.
4, the installation of the foundation must first check whether there is sufficient strength and whether the screws meet the fan mounting hole size.
5, the line voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the electrical cooling dust removal engineering motivation.
6, the electrical part of the non-wiring is not free to disassemble, wiring, open the wiring compartment cover, through the lead wire connected to the terminal, connected, cover the screw tightening the gap to less than 0.2MM.
7, check whether the rotating parts collide, fasteners are solid.
8, long-term unused fan re-use, should be re-check again according to the instructions, the appropriate rear can be used.
9, the use of the exhaust fan should always clean the motor dust and other accumulators, so as not to affect the heat.
10, the fan should be checked before starting the fan inside the wheel to prevent the rotation of objects, such as tools.
11, should be checked before the use of the direction of rotation of the leaf blade is evaporative cooler pad manufacturers consistent with the fan.

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Drencher paper pipe dredge and high efficiency

evaporative cooler pads pipe dredge and the high efficiency of evaporative cooler pads, evaporative cooler pads, the use of cooling fan key: 1, curtain air cooler fan and pump circuit should be centralized control, control switch should be installed indoors. Before use, should ensure that the evaporative cooler pads and the pool without debris, clean 1 or 2 times a year; winter when not in use, the pool water net, with plastic sheeting box into the machine in the world’s most economical , The most environmentally friendly cooling system. Operating principle is: in the corrugated wet evaporative cooler pads film surface layer of thin water film, when the room is good, to avoid debris into the machine. 2, to participate in the pool of water should be clean water, to adhere to the evaporative cooler pads cooler pipe dredge and evaporative cooler pads high efficiency.

Such as the lack of evaporative cooler pads water or uneven, to see the pool is not a lack of water (the pool float valve can take the initiative to pay water and water), the pump is not operating and water supply pipes and pump inlet, especially the water pipe The road has blocked the hole, see the water pipe is located in the middle of the evaporative cooler pads. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan is a new era of selection: evaporative cooler pads cooler that is vertical curtain evaporative cooler pads + fan cooling system, is
evaporative cooler pads cooling fan Installation Notes: chiller installed in the window, wall, pipe joints with the window or wall or wall hole. Cooler exports probably higher, not straight blow the human body. Before the installation, first with angle welding bracket, the parameters of the scale, determined by the device on-site conditions. Taking into account the maintenance of dry heat when people were outside the fresh air was the opposite suction fan through the wet film, the air heat is absorbed by the water on the wet film and the water transpiration into the room, constitute a cool humid air, human hair evaporative cooler pads Manufacturers of fresh raw feelings.
Security, should use 40-50 of the angle. evaporative cooler pads cooler from the wall interval should be greater than 30CM, to avoid entering the side of the evaporative cooler pads airflow blocked. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan ventilation methods are usually two kinds of vertical and horizontal, horizontal ventilation over the flow area of ​​large flow, wind speed, the formation of a large area of ​​the simple dead angle, and vertical ventilation flow cross-sectional area is small, wind speed, dead area is small. Conditions in the application of the conditions agreed, probably as far as possible the use of leading longitudinal ventilation.

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Standing in the traditional and development of the fork in the road

On the contrary, most of the young people on Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other foreign sections of these sought after to keep warm, always a grand celebration. In comparison, the traditional festival New Year, Ching Ming Festival, Tanabata Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals can be used to describe the cold. People’s attention to them is declining, but in the present society rolled up a “Chinese people had a Western festival” frenzy. Just think, the Chinese had a Western holiday, a few foreigners had Chinese Festival?

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This Christmas I had a man, How about you?

World rotation, leaves drifting quarter after quarter, but still not escape the summer away, watching others hugged himself alone scattered. Christmas yet to come, but not far away. So the cold season, as well as slightly warm sunshine from time to time between the outpouring of withered branches, campus fig leaves all turned golden brown, then fall over and over again, piled up on the ground floor another layer, and the remaining branches are few; the snow in the north, is not it the next time and time again? Mind whirling miss that white world, but far away from me, where I was in this city, it seems not snow, so at Christmas, everything still remains.

Evergreen, Evergreen still, withered, still wither a few days ago went to school Jinghu rolled see the lake patch of withered leaves, even be surprised to see the recent feel to them when he was a kind of shimmering covered more than half of the lake, as well as white pink lotus, yellow is now a dilapidated, with the cold wind swaying in the lake, holding a cell phone in his hand beating free to see the scenery, the presence of the notepad, through Mirror Lake, are not casual glance many times, just focus on the foot of the road, in a hurry and, after the three-point line, did not think they went so far as to have curled up lake bottom, left to grow next year’s bloom. That day, the sun seems to be irradiated in the body, warm, but felt a feeling of cold, the wind is right, it seems, people still unconsciously tightened around her clothing . Cold weather, in addition to a reminder of the family could not find people to keep warm.

This year’s Christmas Eve will and Apple? There is not a gift? Can also the sun, either. …… Snow. …… Seem to forget how before Christmas ever, just remember there are warm scarf, cold boxes were loaded up fine apples, but also filled with a warm greeting hearts. We have grown up, probably busy with all sorts of things, others may have to be reminded Christmas is coming this Christmas is also fast, but a lot of things not to delay further, I just have to believe no to it. Do you want to prepare the apples? Every year at Christmas is always a good apple expensive expensive, beautifully packaged as an apple, it was given a pound of the price of apples, but still people in droves. Young season, I would buy all sorts of silly, and then sent to friends, give some hazy goodwill girl. Life now alienated before those young hazy better, become more busy life, we are not young, we have grown mature, and my heart still retained a little vision, it retains little of yore beautiful. That youth is like the silent river, meandering stream length along the fate of the next flow of a ferry, ferry we lingered for a long time, will eventually choose a direction, to continue to go on into the Christmas is approaching, there is a walk through a Christmas festival, will eventually find a good hug with you.

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ORIGINS Natural Christmas atmosphere

ORIGINS either component or packaging, has always been pure and natural. This year Wyatt source of wood (ORIGINS) introduced a combination of a variety of Christmas will still continue down this style. However, in simple color packaging under, but you can feel a deep sense of festive atmosphere, is not like being in a warm, sweet Christmas Eve?

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Christmas secular etiquette

In Europe, where entered in December, people begin to prepare for Christmas. There are three things that must be done:

First window dressing, bedroom. In addition to an indoor Christmas lights outside the plug, with the birth of Jesus Christmas related symbols arrangement, “Advent Circle”, manger, is essential; the whole decoration in color, with red, green and white color tone, this is a three-color European Christmas colors, each color has a specific symbolic meaning. At the same time, but also cleaning some chimney to meet Santa Claus.

The second thing to prepare enough food for Christmas, because supermarkets during the holiday season does not open the door.

Third we want to buy Christmas gifts, each member of the family first row of a list of friends and relatives, according to the list each person’s different hobbies, go to the supermarket or specialty Christmas market purchases planned gifts. And do not do it, even children, too, money can be an adult, but to buy gifts at their own discretion.

He said ready to end, then Christmas is near. Family unit Christmas ceremony will be held on December 24 in the evening. The main ceremony for the program:

The first, the family chorus “I wish you a Merry Christmas,” a visitor, then, both sides chorus.

Second, eat Christmas dinner. The so-called “feast”, but slightly generous than usual, you can eat usually do not eat turkey or pork. Other dining usually the same, which is Western etiquette etiquette. However, meal after meal of wine shall be wine (red wine symbolizes the blood of Christ).

The third, made a single song, everyone singing “A Christmas Carol.” From people familiar with the “Silent Night” to the “Jingle Bells,” “Oh, Christmas Tree”, generally more than a dozen first column, under the Christmas tree everyone around indefinitely sing, but also singing and dancing.

Fourth, exchange gifts. Gifts from the general order of the first to send elders juniors, juniors and seniors return to send. If any family members who invited a friend to come home for Christmas, the owner will advance to a friend with a gift. As a guest of a friend, also a gift to the owner retaliate.

Fifth, listen to the message of Christmas. Christmas congratulatory speech the president has with the mayor, as well as in Italy before the Pope, midnight they bless the festival to the public through television and Christians, bless the New Year.

Sixth, blessing and exchanged kisses.

Seventh, activities separately. Children will be bought in advance of Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace, and then expect the mood to sleep with the hope that the 25th early in the morning to see Santa Claus in a sock gift; young begun carnival night, or go to church Square Watch Christmas play, or go to their peers Christmas party; adults especially Protestant and Catholic believers, went to church to attend midnight mass.

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enjoy Celine Christmas time

CELINE will make your Christmas holiday different, for this well-designed product will debut in CELINE dress shop, including a series of exquisite and attractive gift, and every woman dream of jewelry. Bittersweet ostrich ultimate luxury, rich CELINE classic imagery of key chains, luxury shawls and light ballet diva loafers, exquisite workmanship stunner in various forms exude temptation, and rich colors: white, purple or gold. Diversification of product price level, easy to pick.

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Stradivarius 2016 Christmas series

More and more people know how to enjoy life is not going to give up any one can release moment of joy, all kinds of holidays is the best reason. The upcoming Christmas season for us, although a Exotic holiday, but still does not interfere with young people partying. Most of our traditional festivals and different family habits, is to Christmas and friends happy moment. Stradivarius girls work together to create a new image, it launched a Christmas holiday campaign.

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Victorian fairy tale conventions

Every Christmas, normally elegant Victorian extravagance are the incarnation of a dream-like fairy tale city. Colorful neon lights lit the provincial capitol and roads on both sides of trees, Christmas Ferris wheel slowly turning Centennial Square, Christmas carriage through the streets, people holding steaming beverage stroll in the bustling district, immersed in the respective happiness.

Castle from the harbor to the farm, along with colorful Santa Claus Lantern Parade Castle farm team, all the way to party! Colorful floats led the mighty versatile guard of honor before all the way through the brightly lit streets, through the provincial parliament building and Chinatown, they will be lit throughout Victoria. After the team is fanatical crowd, we put on Christmas dress features, swarmed the streets to join the carnival, forget cheered, and finally to the Castle Farm. Here, steak, seafood, fish, potato, foie gras, numerous food is the best reward.
1449479695286Remember the fairy tale will escape the gingerbread man? LauraPoint Inn in Victoria, Canada gingerbread delicious and fun exhibition in November to be held in January next year, artists unrestrained imagination never disappointed before, and even had a giant gingerbread house and details of the super-reduction Millennium Falcon makes this jaw-dropping works, people can not help but look forward to this year’s exhibition spark of inspiration burst out how it? If you are willing to become a gingerbread-site registration artists can also personally experience the fun of making, the fragrant gingerbread man in the hand, while eating, make Christmas even more sweet warmth.

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Denver Museum received the donation of 22 Impressionist paintings

Denver Art Museum today announced the message from the longtime former chairman Frederick C. Hamilton 22 pieces of Impressionist paintings bequeathed. A news conference that this would make the museum’s Impressionist collection became the best one of the West:

“Gifts including a painting from Van Gogh,” Edge of a Wheat Field with Poppies “, this is the first piece of the Van Gogh museum work. Four impressionist master Claude Monet’s works, including” Path in the Wheat Fields at the Pourville, 1882 “and” The Houses in the Snow, Norway “, shows a broad peak output of Monet’s artistic career. Three pieces of Eugène Boudin work, it is the artists first entered Collection , including the “Beach in Trouville, 1881″, there is also the first to enter the collections of the works of Paul Cezanne. Others include Edouard Manet, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, as well as contemporaries American painter William Merritt Chase and Childe Hassam. ”
6203Hamilton is one of the trustees and the board ruled museum for many years, served as a vanguard in this year’s fund-raising and expansion, such as Hamilton Hall Annex – these works will be handed over to the museum after his death. In the “Wall Street Journal,” the article can read, $ 100 million total value of the works, including a piece of Caillebotte’s paintings michel delacroix prints.

But before the news, last week, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will receive a value from Keith and Catherine Sachs Sax couple (Keith and Katherine Sachs) of $ 70 million of the 97 contemporary art. Friday, Baldwin College Museum of Art announced:

“[Museum] won the well-known collectors Dorothy and Herbert (Herb) Vogel 320 works from – this gift will greatly enhance the museum’s contemporary art collection contains nearly 70 artists, including Robert Barry, Lucio Pozzi, Edda. Renouf, Julian Schnabel, James Siena, Pat Steir [The following is her work “Small White Waterfall with Pink Splashes”], as well as Richard Tuttle, Dorothy Vogel Baldwin College Museum of Art for their favorites following the 1992 gift the biggest after the National Gallery of Art Washington Du made the donation.
6206Works on paper make up the main part of the gift, and there are some photographs Richard Long, Michael Lucero ceramic art arts and plum Merrill Wagner sculptures. peter max prints works from the mid-20th century to the early 21st century, this gift Baldwin gifts will showcase the history of Vogel Collection – BUY Giuseppe Napoli and Hank Virgona works from the early Herbert Vogel, the couple in the past Buy works, such as Richard Tuttle and Lucio Potts works. ?

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