Plant ventilation system engineering design

Plant ventilation system engineering is the use of plant temperature difference between the formation of the hot air pressure and outdoor air flow generated when the wind pressure, so that the indoor and outdoor air constantly exchange, the formation of natural ventilation. In the design of the ventilation system of the plant, it is necessary to coordinate the area of ??the inlet and outlet ports reasonably, and the area of ??the air inlet is not less than or greater than the exhaust area. This should be an important technical measure to improve the natural ventilation effect.

In addition, the plant ventilation system works must not be able to stay only in accordance with established construction layout, simply through the ventilation calculation to determine the skylight opening area. It can be said that this is only a negative design. Positive design should be carefully carried out research, repeated trial, modify. Reasonable coordination into the exhaust area, greenhouse ventilation fans with the lowest economic investment, access to the best ventilation effect. Specifically, is in the plant ventilation system engineering design, first of all to meet the needs of ventilation under the premise of seeking to achieve a lower neutral surface position, that is, to focus on the air inlet area set in the lower operating area. In other words, to make the greatest efforts will be blocked in the plant side wall parts of the auxiliary building displacement, for the outlet to give off the valuable lower side of the wall. For some reason it is not moving, you will have its lower overhead, the main plant to take the inlet position. Doing so on the surface may have to spend some more investment, but to improve the quality of the plant compared to the environment is worth it. And even in the economy, and ultimately not much money. Because if the blockage of the plant air intake, resulting in the proportion of F1 and F2 imbalance, the neutral surface position is improved, it is bound to significantly reduce the exhaust pressure caused by a large increase in sunroof area, and raise the skylight spent investment, is likely to be higher than Auxiliary building overhead overhead investment.
To overcome the problem of air intake short circuit. By the Dongguan Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. developed a new generation of plant ventilation equipment, indoor purification of fresh air system using air convection, negative pressure ventilation principle to design, negative pressure fan installed in poor ventilation, normal work, the use of mechanical kinetic energy to fan Operation, the plant stagnant heat, odor, smoke, in the shortest time quickly discharged from the outside, while the outdoor fresh air and indoor exchange, so as to achieve ventilation and cooling to improve the purpose of the workshop environment.

Negative pressure wet curtain ventilation cooling air conditioning system:
The principle is the use of water curtains evaporative cooling, and its products are curtain wall + fan-style negative pressure exhaust and water curtain fan (commonly known as environmental air conditioning). These two types of products are characterized by less investment, purchase costs only need air conditioning 1/4, low operating costs, only air conditioning 1/8, while livestock ventilation fans installation is simple, easy maintenance (factory employees can maintain their own) the most important is Its effect is good, the indoor temperature can generally be reduced to 5-10 degrees, the summer can let the plant workshop temperature remained at within 30 degrees. While maintaining the ventilation state, is currently used in most of the plant cooling method.

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Principle of selection of livestock fan

I produced the livestock fan, also known as negative pressure fan, the following talk about the principle of choice of negative pressure fan.
1. Should understand the domestic production and product quality of negative pressure fan, such as the production of the fan varieties, specifications and a variety of products for special purposes, new product development and promotion, etc., should also take full account of environmental requirements, Selection.
2. According to the negative pressure fan transport gas physical and chemical properties of different, choose different uses of negative pressure fan. Such as the transport of explosives and flammable gases should be selected explosion-proof fan; dust or transport of coal should be selected dust or pulverized coal fan; corrosive gas should be transported to choose anti-corrosion negative pressure fan; Or the transmission of high temperature gas should choose high temperature negative pressure fan and so on.
3. In the negative pressure fan selection performance chart found on more than two kinds of negative pressure fan to choose from, should give priority to select the higher efficiency, smaller machine: a larger range of adjustment, of course, should be compared , Weigh the pros and cons and decide.
4. If the selected negative pressure fan impeller diameter is much larger than the original fan impeller diameter, in order to take advantage of the original motor shaft, bearings and bearings, etc., must be the motor start time, the original parts of the fan strength and shaft The critical speed and so on.
5. When selecting the negative pressure fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, it can not be installed only for the start of the valve. When the high temperature flue gas or air and the choice of centrifugal boiler fan, the start should be used to prevent the cold valve caused by overload operation.
6. For ventilation systems with muffling requirements, first select the ventilator with high efficiency and impeller peripheral speed and make it work at the highest efficiency point. Also, according to the noise and vibration propagation mode of the ventilation system, Muffler and damping measures. Ventilator and motor vibration control measures, generally can be used to cushion the foundation, such as spring shock absorber or rubber shock absorber.

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Why use the evaporative cooling pad, the temperature does not fall down?

Now most of the poultry farming are large-scale, intensive, to this season to solve the biggest problem is to cool, heat stress, this time you need to evaporate the cooling pad to play a role, do not know if you have encountered problems The That is used to evaporate the cooling pad temperature or not down, or cooling effect is not ideal situation? A simple analysis of the reasons for this situation.

The following reasons will affect the cooling effect:
1, greenhouse exhaust fan number is sufficient

Fan power, that is, the maximum amount of exhaust, 1.55 meters of the fan to 560m3 / min, calculate all the fan exhaust volume can be 1 minute to change the air inside the house again. Can not explain your fan installed less.

2, evaporation cooling pad area is sufficient

Calculate how much cross section of your house is, in the calculation of your evaporative cooling pad area to see if it is enough.

3, open time

When the vertical ventilation is still unable to make the flocks down to the appropriate temperature, you can consider opening the evaporative cooling pad.

The use of evaporative cooling pad need to step by step, the first time to open all the time not to open all the time, first open a few seconds, and then look at how long the evaporative cooling pad, and then see whether the temperature of the chicken coop is reduced, the final decision evaporative cooling pad A few minutes to stop a few minutes, so you can ensure that the chicken coop has been in a more appropriate temperature.

4, water curtain water problems

Should be used circulating water, the use of cold water, evaporative cooling pad evaporative cooling pad near the cooling rate is too fast, evaporative cooling pad remote temperature is still high. Evaporation is small, poor temperature. While adding water disinfectant

5, the wind speed through the curtain
Should be 2 meters per second, wind speed too fast, bring out the cooling pad for air cooler of water droplets, it near the wet; wind speed is too slow – poor cooling effect

6, high temperature and humidity weather to open the evaporative cooling pad

High temperature, the humidity of more than 80%, evaporative cooling pad water evaporation is very small, can not cool, but for the increase in the humidity inside the house. Resulting in chicken body sensation temperature rise. Resulting in a large number of deaths near the evaporative cooling pad. At this point, should close the evaporative cooling pad, open the entire fan vertical ventilation, open the door at the same time homes within 2 meters to the roof plus tarpaulin cut off, so that the wind from 2 meters below the chicken wind speed of 2.5 meters per second, even 35 Celsius high temperature, flocks are still relatively comfortable.

7, evaporative cooling pad maintenance

Timely clean up the evaporative cooling pad pool, regular disinfection, evaporation cooling pad should be dry 3-4 times a day to prevent algae growth.

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Application of Cooling System to Mushroom Variety

Hot summer in the mall to see fresh mushrooms, do not think that is transferred from the north over. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Agriculture, the province has now been drained cooling skills, the successful completion of summer low-cost cultivation of mushrooms, and the future of summer mushroom quotations will soon decline with the cost of cultivation and decline.
It is known that mushrooms are hi low temperature crops, summer base can not grow. Provincial Department of Agriculture edible fungus implementation station responsible person told reporters that Fujian to cultivate mushrooms in the summer, the origin of more high mountains in the mountains. But the high altitude cultivation damage is very much, the cost is high, offer can not be free to rise, so many small farmers directly selected summer revocation cultivation. In this way, the province of summer malls on the mushrooms are almost all transferred from the north.
Now, the province of the professor after the study, the use of water curtain fan cooling equipment and equipment skills, to break the southern summer cultivation of mushrooms doubt. The water curtain fan cooling skills is mainly based on natural water transpiration, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle, curtains and fans are not installed in the mushroom culture room or fruiting greenhouses on the double-sided wall, the fan to change the ventilation, so that The air in the room (shed) constitutes a negative pressure, on the one hand, the hot air, the exhaust gas, the dust and the odor in the house, and the more is that the circulating water flows through the water curtain, When passing through the curtain paper, the physical appearance of the evapotranspiration. In this way, cool, fresh, high oxygen content of the air into the indoors and through each of the nook, so that mushrooms mycelia and fruiting body in the “natural” environment in the growth.

“At that time, the cost of this equipment is very low, about 200 yuan per square meter, compared to the million on the refrigerant, cultivate the cost of selling a lot.” Provincial edible fungus implementation station responsible person marked in the province after the extensive implementation of the summer Day Fujian people will be able to eat on the production and sale of fresh mushrooms.

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Can it purify the air?

Through the fan in the evaporative cooler pad with the use of natural humidification cooling the physical process, constantly pumping fresh air to clean the working environment, improve the environmental comfort. Cooling effect is obvious, generally can be reduced to 10-15 ℃. Low cost: the cooling system because the structure is simple, the use of materials is relatively low price so low cost, air conditioning equipment investment is 1 / 30. Mute comfort: air volume, no vibration , Low noise, large cooling capacity. Energy saving and environmental protection; no freon refrigeration enzyme, pollution-free environmentally friendly products, the equivalent of compressor air conditioning operating costs are much lower. Power consumption only need to compressor air conditioning 1 / 20. It is unique ventilation and ventilation effect so that the traditional air conditioning can not match.

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Maintenance and maintenance of curtain cooling system

1, with better water quality. The pH of the circulating water is kept between 6-9 (pure pH of 7). PH value is too high or too low, will damage the curtain; hard water contains calcium carbonate precipitation on the evaporative cooler pads without damage, need to remain in a limited range of sodium chloride (soft water) concentration if more than (or about) 50000ppm, Will precipitate the salt material in the water curtain so that it through the air flow reduced; in the circulating water salt concentration must be within 50000ppm, in the mixed water salt concentration must be within 40000ppm.

2, the appropriate water level. If the water level is too high, the bottom of the air cooling pad will always be soaked in water to become excess water, which will affect the medium’s self-contained water system, shortening its service life.

3, continuous drainage. With the continuous evaporation of water and new water constantly added in the water cycle, salt and minerals are left down, in order to reduce the formation of precipitation and scale, the need for an automatic drainage device, because the drainage rate of evaporation rate of 5% ~ 10%, while the evaporation rate is mainly determined by the hardness of water and air pollution levels, in the general operation of the drainage rate should be under the conditions of the maximum evaporation rate of 20%.

4, reasonable cleaning. If the dust in the air tends to block the passage of air, the normal operation of the system can usually remove these obstacles. If necessary, use low-pressure water vapor jet or light paint, or with electric fans along the curtain of the ripples to remove foreign body and dust. Regularly clean the pool, pump inlet, filter and water pipes, etc., to clear the dirt inside the water circulation system. Remember not to use chemicals such as chlorine or other pungent odor to clean.

5, quarterly shutdown. At the end of each quarter, drain all the water pumps, sinks, water storage rooms, water in the evaporative cooler pads. If there is some water remaining in the system, it will accumulate precipitation and produce algae, and will block the holes in the water pump, the water pipe and the curtain when the next time it is reused. In the curtain paper on the surface covered with a layer of plastic film or cardboard, so as not to dust, oil into the curtains.

Second, when the wet curtain stops using:

1, every day before shutting down, cut off the water after the fan to continue to run for 30 minutes or even longer, so that the curtain completely dry before stopping, this will help prevent the growth of algae, so as to avoid blocking the pump, filter and cloth pipe.

2, to cover the water tank to prevent exposure to sunlight and air into the dust.

3, water self-sufficiency system and other systems isolated.

4., water honeycomb pads for coolers to avoid direct sunlight.

Third, the maintenance and maintenance of negative pressure fan

1, the first month to start the use of the run-in period, can not run for 24 hours, the fan running about 10 hours to stop for more than an hour or more. Fan with overheating protection device, long use or ambient temperature is too high to use, the motor will automatically trip, which is a normal phenomenon, as long as the motor temperature can be used after the normal use.

2, the normal use of not frequently open, turn off the fan.

Four, when the negative pressure fan to stop using

1, clean up the net and the leaves of the foreign body and dust, especially the thread, cloth, plastic bags, etc., to avoid the normal operation of the fan caused damage.

2, do not artificially open the louvres rain protection device, to prevent the forgotten off the blinds encountered under the heavy rain and wet motor and bearings, likely to cause rust.

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Environmental protection and energy conservation equipment companies usher in a new opportunity

Recently, China’s first inductive air pollution control plan – “the main point of regional air pollution control” Twelfth Five-Year Plan “(hereinafter referred to as” plan “) release, which marks the air pollution control operation guidelines are gradually pollution The total amount of control to improve the quality of environmental changes. “Plan” delineated 13 key areas, Shandong is one of the air quality monitoring area.

“Shandong as a large economic province and industrial province, the future of the new items on the intention of supervision will become more stringent, control the emission of the norms will be further progress.” 15, Shandong green low-carbon economy to promote the Secretary-General, Member Liu Jingchun, to bear the economic Herald reporter interview.

Or set the exhaust port monitoring

Herald reporter from the Office of Environmental Protection Department of Shandong Province informed that at the end of an internal meeting, the Office of the relevant person in charge that the next year, Shandong to the atmosphere force.

These years, Shandong has been walking in the forefront of the sewage management, norms strict in the national norms, the company’s sewage discharge monitoring to do a real-time monitoring of each sewage outfall. The people said that in response to the “plan” in the more stringent norms, Shandong in the next year’s atmospheric management, the company’s emissions monitoring will become more stringent.

“It is likely to be the same as monitoring the discharge of sewage, monitoring the company’s emissions from the source, and establishing a real-time monitoring point for each exhaust port.” The person indicated.

Because the layout of the machine, the function of not know (especially the new operator), simply due to operational errors lead to problems, and even lead to mechanical trouble.

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How to choose water conditioning

Dongguan, China’s special economic zones as a city, many new products are in Dongguan this special city blossom. The application of water conditioning is very broad, the most used places are: factories, Internet cafes, supermarkets, stations and other personnel-intensive public places.
So how do we choose the water they need air conditioning equipment? This is the “fall in love” key ah.

Changrun Electromechanical Dongguan Division Since 2010, occupying Dongguan City, as a use of water and air conditioning of the old customer collection area, our promotion is so smooth, many customers are very familiar with water and air conditioning, their own factories or Internet cafes have used this type of Products, but also on how to choose water cooling air conditioning equipment has its own views. Here I will be our customer’s approach and our recommendations together, give you a few suggestions, hoping to help you choose your desired, good water air conditioning:
1) What brand of water and air conditioning is good: In fact, we recommend you look at the water and air conditioning does not have to look at what brand, in addition to our Changrun other than many other manufacturers have begun direct sales, distribution of their products, but water and air conditioning Which is good? This depends on the quality.
1. Shell work: Note the thickness of the shell hardness and workmanship, color, which are visible to the naked eye;
2. Water air-conditioning internal structure, whether neat or messy;
3. wet evaporative cooler pad with or without a heavy odor;
4, whether the matching of the dust network;
2) how to design the plant cooling program? How many sets of water and air conditioning is enough: the number of water air conditioning installed according to the plant area, number of plants, plant span calculation of the number of ventilation can be obtained after the number, not the number of units installed the better, but if the water is not enough To the effect of cooling.

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Water curtain wall cooling installation works

1, the installation of the first check before the fan components are safe, and check the shell, whether the wind caused by deformation or damage to the transport process, or should be repaired to determine the normal use.
2, the installation should be checked before the air inlet and outlet location and installation size is relative.
3, check the frame, whether the deformation of fan blades, fan rotation is flexible, with or without friction, check all fasteners are complete, tighten.
4, the installation of the foundation must first check whether there is sufficient strength and whether the screws meet the fan mounting hole size.
5, the line voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the electrical cooling dust removal engineering motivation.
6, the electrical part of the non-wiring is not free to disassemble, wiring, open the wiring compartment cover, through the lead wire connected to the terminal, connected, cover the screw tightening the gap to less than 0.2MM.
7, check whether the rotating parts collide, fasteners are solid.
8, long-term unused fan re-use, should be re-check again according to the instructions, the appropriate rear can be used.
9, the use of the exhaust fan should always clean the motor dust and other accumulators, so as not to affect the heat.
10, the fan should be checked before starting the fan inside the wheel to prevent the rotation of objects, such as tools.
11, should be checked before the use of the direction of rotation of the leaf blade is evaporative cooler pad manufacturers consistent with the fan.

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Drencher paper pipe dredge and high efficiency

evaporative cooler pads pipe dredge and the high efficiency of evaporative cooler pads, evaporative cooler pads, the use of cooling fan key: 1, curtain air cooler fan and pump circuit should be centralized control, control switch should be installed indoors. Before use, should ensure that the evaporative cooler pads and the pool without debris, clean 1 or 2 times a year; winter when not in use, the pool water net, with plastic sheeting box into the machine in the world’s most economical , The most environmentally friendly cooling system. Operating principle is: in the corrugated wet evaporative cooler pads film surface layer of thin water film, when the room is good, to avoid debris into the machine. 2, to participate in the pool of water should be clean water, to adhere to the evaporative cooler pads cooler pipe dredge and evaporative cooler pads high efficiency.

Such as the lack of evaporative cooler pads water or uneven, to see the pool is not a lack of water (the pool float valve can take the initiative to pay water and water), the pump is not operating and water supply pipes and pump inlet, especially the water pipe The road has blocked the hole, see the water pipe is located in the middle of the evaporative cooler pads. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan is a new era of selection: evaporative cooler pads cooler that is vertical curtain evaporative cooler pads + fan cooling system, is
evaporative cooler pads cooling fan Installation Notes: chiller installed in the window, wall, pipe joints with the window or wall or wall hole. Cooler exports probably higher, not straight blow the human body. Before the installation, first with angle welding bracket, the parameters of the scale, determined by the device on-site conditions. Taking into account the maintenance of dry heat when people were outside the fresh air was the opposite suction fan through the wet film, the air heat is absorbed by the water on the wet film and the water transpiration into the room, constitute a cool humid air, human hair evaporative cooler pads Manufacturers of fresh raw feelings.
Security, should use 40-50 of the angle. evaporative cooler pads cooler from the wall interval should be greater than 30CM, to avoid entering the side of the evaporative cooler pads airflow blocked. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan ventilation methods are usually two kinds of vertical and horizontal, horizontal ventilation over the flow area of ​​large flow, wind speed, the formation of a large area of ​​the simple dead angle, and vertical ventilation flow cross-sectional area is small, wind speed, dead area is small. Conditions in the application of the conditions agreed, probably as far as possible the use of leading longitudinal ventilation.

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