Change oil painting is determined by its function

Western oil painting of the 15th century to mature. Renaissance made humanism thought, marked the beginning of commercial development of modern society. Scientific progress anatomy, perspective school year there. The emergence of Leonardo da Vinci such intellectuals painter, a model with real people painting religious paintings, oil paintings formed the basic shape, so painting is part of varieties of modern society.
1Western painting as the most important goal of the true realistic system is to be decided by the then society. The church needs the artist depicts the performance of religious history painting in the church building, the royal family, aristocrats need for their portrait of the artist, and therefore realistic painting function is to be shipped and development. Western aesthetics is extracted from real modeling system out. After the seventeenth century, Rembrandt painting changed the classical style, portraits have become more secular, ordinary citizens also need to start to appreciate art, thomas mcknight prints therefore diverse styles of painting emerged. You can say that painting from the traditional to the modern evolution of the function itself decide when it turned from the use of functional appreciation function, realism is not the only style of painting.
2And I think that painting features a watershed change is the emergence of Impressionism. Impressionist painter painted landscapes with external light, the effect is real, the screen appears hazy effect, adored by the masses. Art work is no longer so strict as classical art, but colorful, very nice. Nineteenth century modern factors emerged from Cezanne painting, with the development of industrial society, modernism have also produced a variety of genres. While authoring, artists pursue more flat, freehand and brilliant colors, to the decorative beauty and abstract beauty. After the gallery appears, art was as commodities trading. Commercial prosperity more to promote the diversity of artistic styles. A variety of different styles of art Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, etc. are booming up. So, to say Modernism is a product of the entire industrial society.
prints_1Abstract art is in the early 20th century. Kandinsky was first discovered abstract beauty artists, abstract art is widely popular after World War II, the 1950s reached a climax. Arts Centre from Paris to the United States. World War II brought disaster to human beings, people mentally repression, pain how to express it? Expression of traditional painting forms have certain difficulties, and abstract art is not limited, easy performance, so popular that period in the whole world of abstract art had a tremendous influence, we say that society forward again promoting New Art forms of development. andy warhol prints for sale also on the status of the function of art and society from another point of view and needs There is always a link.

All in all, this painting realistic paintings depend on the development of functional changes in society and then gradually evolved into a variety of styles of art. The beauty of the works of different styles from realistic is extracted out of the system, so to say the United States is the source of abstract painting has realistic foundation.

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