Korean contemporary fine art debut in Jinan

January 12 to 15, Jinan, Jinan dry joint Painting Feng Garden Design Co., Ltd. will hold the “Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition” Art Museum in Jinan. Kim Sang-hoon show, Cui success, Kim, and good at English, Hong Tiancheng, Cho Hyo However, Hong Tiansheng and other ten Korean People’s Artist and Meritorious Artist of nearly 80 creative boutique, mainly Korean painting and oil painting.
painting03The exhibition also showcased Korea has a distinct characteristic of the modern era theme painting, showing the spirit of the Korean nation and ethnic style. Korean painting by Chinese influence, but also to accept the influence of Russian painting, the beauty of the French Impressionists doping in rich European style, the style fresh and timeless, simple realism, provides us with a new appreciation of the angle, works with high artistic aesthetic value and future appreciation.

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