2012 Spring Auction oil market return Realism

Opened in the upcoming 2012 Spring Auction, there is a very interesting phenomenon that many auction companies regarded oil paintings and sculptures in this section focus on realistic oil paintings.

In fact, in last year’s art auction market, realist painting plates often born expensive, a lot of realistic painting of artists such as Chen Yifei, Wang Yidong’s works have created a new record. It also makes a lot of collectors market quite optimistic realist painting.

As early as 2005, with Chen Yifei, Wang Yidong, Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun as the representative of Chinese realistic painting artist works on board the auction platform, and it created a lot of success, surprising. Since then, the realist painting of the market climbing higher and higher, until 2007, individual artists have been among the ten million yuan, “the club.” However, with the rise of the contemporary art market, crowding out some market share realist painting, plus the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis, realist painting Salvador Dali Prints For Sale, the market from 2008 to 2009 entered a period of adjustment.
71301In 2010, the realist painting of the market rose again. In Beijing Poly autumn auction in 2010, the Chinese contemporary art plates to obtain a total turnover of 440 million yuan, in which part of the turnover of realist painting occupies half share of the entire field. Cold Army “Portrait of like – Ronaldinho” to 31.36 million yuan set a record deal he works; the important work of Ai Xuan, “Holy Mountain” depicts 20.72 million yuan to create a new high auction artists; Wang Yidong’s new work ” Chun Xi Yu Ping ditch “in Poly autumn auction Night to 14.56 million yuan turnover.

Some people think that in 2010 the resumption of fighting in the oil market once again spawned a people’s enthusiasm for realism, “return to realism” in this year is no longer simply a slogan, but rather is driven by the market. After a meteoric rise in 2005 and 2008 after adjusting shock, realistic painting gradually entering the market value of rational stage, a variety of different levels and different levels of realistic painting are easy to find buyers, and those who became famous in the history of art painter works is to become the object of collectors eager to compete, not only that, some contemporary realist accomplished painters also created price.
71302As is expected, in 2011, surging, realistic paintings continue to rise in support of a large number of investment-oriented funds, the price record is a series cracked. China Guardian launched as Chen Yifei’s important work, “Mountain Wind”, with regard to 81.65 million yuan hit a world record auction of Chinese oil paintings. Chen Yifei other works in the Guardian, Cheap fine art Prints at a price of around 40 million yuan turnover. He has strong thunder, another realist painting on behalf of Wang Yidong, which works price also continued to grow in 2011, in Beijing’s auction, Wang Yidong’s “bride” sold for more than 2,000 yuan at high prices.

Why can recast brilliant realist painting after going through ups and downs Industry insiders believe that the following main reasons:? First, realist painting aesthetic sentiment of most people, tastes, the objective is to reduce the threshold for those who appreciate the art of understanding, public I can understand; secondly, realistic oil production of more complex and longer duration, not like some of the paintings could be simple to complete, there are technical indicators and technical content of the painting, its price will have a reference for the coefficient. China has entered the market of most realistic painting OF alive, to identify the authenticity provide a strong witnesses. In addition, compared to other contemporary realist painting works of art, it has been more than ten years of market accumulation, it can not be too much of the decline, compared to the current contemporary art to be much more stable. Of course, it has been a long time since the market accumulation, appreciation of space is limited, so investment should be long-term investment realist painting.

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