Victorian fairy tale conventions

Every Christmas, normally elegant Victorian extravagance are the incarnation of a dream-like fairy tale city. Colorful neon lights lit the provincial capitol and roads on both sides of trees, Christmas Ferris wheel slowly turning Centennial Square, Christmas carriage through the streets, people holding steaming beverage stroll in the bustling district, immersed in the respective happiness.

Castle from the harbor to the farm, along with colorful Santa Claus Lantern Parade Castle farm team, all the way to party! Colorful floats led the mighty versatile guard of honor before all the way through the brightly lit streets, through the provincial parliament building and Chinatown, they will be lit throughout Victoria. After the team is fanatical crowd, we put on Christmas dress features, swarmed the streets to join the carnival, forget cheered, and finally to the Castle Farm. Here, steak, seafood, fish, potato, foie gras, numerous food is the best reward.
1449479695286Remember the fairy tale will escape the gingerbread man? LauraPoint Inn in Victoria, Canada gingerbread delicious and fun exhibition in November to be held in January next year, artists unrestrained imagination never disappointed before, and even had a giant gingerbread house and details of the super-reduction Millennium Falcon makes this jaw-dropping works, people can not help but look forward to this year’s exhibition spark of inspiration burst out how it? If you are willing to become a gingerbread-site registration artists can also personally experience the fun of making, the fragrant gingerbread man in the hand, while eating, make Christmas even more sweet warmth.

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