Christmas secular etiquette

In Europe, where entered in December, people begin to prepare for Christmas. There are three things that must be done:

First window dressing, bedroom. In addition to an indoor Christmas lights outside the plug, with the birth of Jesus Christmas related symbols arrangement, “Advent Circle”, manger, is essential; the whole decoration in color, with red, green and white color tone, this is a three-color European Christmas colors, each color has a specific symbolic meaning. At the same time, but also cleaning some chimney to meet Santa Claus.

The second thing to prepare enough food for Christmas, because supermarkets during the holiday season does not open the door.

Third we want to buy Christmas gifts, each member of the family first row of a list of friends and relatives, according to the list each person’s different hobbies, go to the supermarket or specialty Christmas market purchases planned gifts. And do not do it, even children, too, money can be an adult, but to buy gifts at their own discretion.

He said ready to end, then Christmas is near. Family unit Christmas ceremony will be held on December 24 in the evening. The main ceremony for the program:

The first, the family chorus “I wish you a Merry Christmas,” a visitor, then, both sides chorus.

Second, eat Christmas dinner. The so-called “feast”, but slightly generous than usual, you can eat usually do not eat turkey or pork. Other dining usually the same, which is Western etiquette etiquette. However, meal after meal of wine shall be wine (red wine symbolizes the blood of Christ).

The third, made a single song, everyone singing “A Christmas Carol.” From people familiar with the “Silent Night” to the “Jingle Bells,” “Oh, Christmas Tree”, generally more than a dozen first column, under the Christmas tree everyone around indefinitely sing, but also singing and dancing.

Fourth, exchange gifts. Gifts from the general order of the first to send elders juniors, juniors and seniors return to send. If any family members who invited a friend to come home for Christmas, the owner will advance to a friend with a gift. As a guest of a friend, also a gift to the owner retaliate.

Fifth, listen to the message of Christmas. Christmas congratulatory speech the president has with the mayor, as well as in Italy before the Pope, midnight they bless the festival to the public through television and Christians, bless the New Year.

Sixth, blessing and exchanged kisses.

Seventh, activities separately. Children will be bought in advance of Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace, and then expect the mood to sleep with the hope that the 25th early in the morning to see Santa Claus in a sock gift; young begun carnival night, or go to church Square Watch Christmas play, or go to their peers Christmas party; adults especially Protestant and Catholic believers, went to church to attend midnight mass.

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