This Christmas I had a man, How about you?

World rotation, leaves drifting quarter after quarter, but still not escape the summer away, watching others hugged himself alone scattered. Christmas yet to come, but not far away. So the cold season, as well as slightly warm sunshine from time to time between the outpouring of withered branches, campus fig leaves all turned golden brown, then fall over and over again, piled up on the ground floor another layer, and the remaining branches are few; the snow in the north, is not it the next time and time again? Mind whirling miss that white world, but far away from me, where I was in this city, it seems not snow, so at Christmas, everything still remains.

Evergreen, Evergreen still, withered, still wither a few days ago went to school Jinghu rolled see the lake patch of withered leaves, even be surprised to see the recent feel to them when he was a kind of shimmering covered more than half of the lake, as well as white pink lotus, yellow is now a dilapidated, with the cold wind swaying in the lake, holding a cell phone in his hand beating free to see the scenery, the presence of the notepad, through Mirror Lake, are not casual glance many times, just focus on the foot of the road, in a hurry and, after the three-point line, did not think they went so far as to have curled up lake bottom, left to grow next year’s bloom. That day, the sun seems to be irradiated in the body, warm, but felt a feeling of cold, the wind is right, it seems, people still unconsciously tightened around her clothing . Cold weather, in addition to a reminder of the family could not find people to keep warm.

This year’s Christmas Eve will and Apple? There is not a gift? Can also the sun, either. …… Snow. …… Seem to forget how before Christmas ever, just remember there are warm scarf, cold boxes were loaded up fine apples, but also filled with a warm greeting hearts. We have grown up, probably busy with all sorts of things, others may have to be reminded Christmas is coming this Christmas is also fast, but a lot of things not to delay further, I just have to believe no to it. Do you want to prepare the apples? Every year at Christmas is always a good apple expensive expensive, beautifully packaged as an apple, it was given a pound of the price of apples, but still people in droves. Young season, I would buy all sorts of silly, and then sent to friends, give some hazy goodwill girl. Life now alienated before those young hazy better, become more busy life, we are not young, we have grown mature, and my heart still retained a little vision, it retains little of yore beautiful. That youth is like the silent river, meandering stream length along the fate of the next flow of a ferry, ferry we lingered for a long time, will eventually choose a direction, to continue to go on into the Christmas is approaching, there is a walk through a Christmas festival, will eventually find a good hug with you.

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