Drencher paper pipe dredge and high efficiency

evaporative cooler pads pipe dredge and the high efficiency of evaporative cooler pads, evaporative cooler pads, the use of cooling fan key: 1, curtain air cooler fan and pump circuit should be centralized control, control switch should be installed indoors. Before use, should ensure that the evaporative cooler pads and the pool without debris, clean 1 or 2 times a year; winter when not in use, the pool water net, with plastic sheeting box into the machine in the world’s most economical , The most environmentally friendly cooling system. Operating principle is: in the corrugated wet evaporative cooler pads film surface layer of thin water film, when the room is good, to avoid debris into the machine. 2, to participate in the pool of water should be clean water, to adhere to the evaporative cooler pads cooler pipe dredge and evaporative cooler pads high efficiency.

Such as the lack of evaporative cooler pads water or uneven, to see the pool is not a lack of water (the pool float valve can take the initiative to pay water and water), the pump is not operating and water supply pipes and pump inlet, especially the water pipe The road has blocked the hole, see the water pipe is located in the middle of the evaporative cooler pads. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan is a new era of selection: evaporative cooler pads cooler that is vertical curtain evaporative cooler pads + fan cooling system, is
evaporative cooler pads cooling fan Installation Notes: chiller installed in the window, wall, pipe joints with the window or wall or wall hole. Cooler exports probably higher, not straight blow the human body. Before the installation, first with angle welding bracket, the parameters of the scale, determined by the device on-site conditions. Taking into account the maintenance of dry heat when people were outside the fresh air was the opposite suction fan through the wet film, the air heat is absorbed by the water on the wet film and the water transpiration into the room, constitute a cool humid air, human hair evaporative cooler pads Manufacturers of fresh raw feelings.
Security, should use 40-50 of the angle. evaporative cooler pads cooler from the wall interval should be greater than 30CM, to avoid entering the side of the evaporative cooler pads airflow blocked. evaporative cooler pads cooling fan ventilation methods are usually two kinds of vertical and horizontal, horizontal ventilation over the flow area of ​​large flow, wind speed, the formation of a large area of ​​the simple dead angle, and vertical ventilation flow cross-sectional area is small, wind speed, dead area is small. Conditions in the application of the conditions agreed, probably as far as possible the use of leading longitudinal ventilation.

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