Water curtain wall cooling installation works

1, the installation of the first check before the fan components are safe, and check the shell, whether the wind caused by deformation or damage to the transport process, or should be repaired to determine the normal use.
2, the installation should be checked before the air inlet and outlet location and installation size is relative.
3, check the frame, whether the deformation of fan blades, fan rotation is flexible, with or without friction, check all fasteners are complete, tighten.
4, the installation of the foundation must first check whether there is sufficient strength and whether the screws meet the fan mounting hole size.
5, the line voltage must be consistent with the rated voltage of the electrical cooling dust removal engineering motivation.
6, the electrical part of the non-wiring is not free to disassemble, wiring, open the wiring compartment cover, through the lead wire connected to the terminal, connected, cover the screw tightening the gap to less than 0.2MM.
7, check whether the rotating parts collide, fasteners are solid.
8, long-term unused fan re-use, should be re-check again according to the instructions, the appropriate rear can be used.
9, the use of the exhaust fan should always clean the motor dust and other accumulators, so as not to affect the heat.
10, the fan should be checked before starting the fan inside the wheel to prevent the rotation of objects, such as tools.
11, should be checked before the use of the direction of rotation of the leaf blade is evaporative cooler pad manufacturers consistent with the fan.

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